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Colorful Treats: 15 Delicious Jello Recipes

We have loved and appreciated Jello ever since we were little kids. Between the flavourful fruity tastes, the bright colours, and the awesome things you can mould it into, there’s just something about Jello that’s too cool not to love, if you ask us. Now that we’re older and we make it for our kids, they’re in love with it too! Did you know, though, that there are more recipes than just your classic “Jello in a bowl” that you can use those little powder packets to make?

Just in case you had no idea but now you’re intrigued and would like to try it out, here are 15 of the coolest Jello recipes we’ve come across in our food adventures so far!

1. Easy Jello sugar cookies


We’re not sure which part we like better; the fact that adding Jello to simple sugar cookies makes them taste like fruit or the fact that it makes the dough a fun colour! We adore the idea of splitting your cookie batter into different bowls and adding a different kind of Jello mix to each one. Find out what kind of sugar cookie mixed on Eating On A Dime, where they’ll also give you great advice for portioning your Jello mix.

2. Fruit fluff salad made with Jello


If you’ve never had fruit fluff salad, we’re sorry to tell you that you have really been missing out! As long as you’re a fan of marshmallows, fruit fluff is a dream of sweetness and fruit flavours. Do you often try it, however, and think that the fruit flavour isn’t quite enough when you’re relying on just the fruit you’ve mixed in to stand out in all that marshmallow mix? Then we have a feeling you’ll enjoy the way Crarft-O-Maniac added some Jello mix to amp it up!

3. Jello swirl ice cream


Are you having a huge ice cream craving but the only kind you have at home right now is vanilla and you were really feeling something with a bit more flavour? Then reach into your cupboards and grab a few packs of Jello to swirl right in for some cool colours and fruity tastes. We love the way Bargain Briana chose citrus flavours here, but we’d probably do cherry and blue raspberry!

4. White chocolate blueberry lasagna


This creamy dessert both looks and sounds so incredibly delicious that we’re practically itching to finish this list now because we just can’t wait to try it out! Omg Chocolate Desserts shows you how to make each flavoured layer from the white chocolate topping all the way to the graham cracker crust, complete with a layer that actually contains blueberries. The layer we’re intrigued by, though, is the one where they used blueberry Jello flavouring to really make sure you get both the awesome purple colour of blueberry juice and a little more of your favourite taste so it’s not lost in all the sugar and cream!

 5. Orange creamsicle ice cream cake


Every once in a while we find a completely delicious recipe that’s a heck of a lot easier to make than it looks thanks to the versatility of one particular ingredient. Besides the fact that we adore creamsicle popsicles, that’s exactly why this awesome orange creamsickle ice cream cake dessert caught our eye! Keep Recipes shows you how to use an orange Jello packet to add orange flavouring to both the sponge cake and the top ice cream layer, leaving the creamy vanilla layer in the middle to make sure the flavours that make up a “creaimsicle” stay balanced.

6. Pina colada fluff dessert


We already talked a lot about fruit fluff dessert, but that recipe had you dealing mostly with oranges. What happens if you love the idea of a creamy fluff dessert but you’re just not the biggest fan of orange flavoured sweets? In that case, perhaps you’d prefer this deliciously tropical pina colada recipe instead! Mom on Time Out shows you how to make it with fruit, marshmallows, coconut shavings, and pineapple Jello mix in the fluff to really amp the flavour up.

7. Lime sheet cake


Have you always been a massive lime fan but you find that there really aren’t very many lime flavoured desserts out there besides key lime pie? We know key lime pie has a texture that doesn’t always appeal to everyone, so we’ve actually been on the hunt for more lime desserts too. That’s why we were so happy when we came across this deliciously spongey lime sheet cake from Lil’ Luna! besides real line juice and some zest, they make sure the lime flavour doesn’t get lost in the mixture by blending in some lime Jello mix. The Jello powder also gives the cake that awesome bright green colour!

8. Easy strawberry cream pie


We’ve always been big fans of cream pies but besides coconut, we don’t often find that many cream pies come in fruit flavours. They’re usually things like pumpkin or chocolate. Lemon meringue pie has a similar filling, but you also get that meringue crunch that separates the kind a little bit. Lucky for us, we finally found what we were looking for in the form of this delicious strawberry cream pie from Kraft Recipes! Besides the real fresh strawberry chunks, they’ve also mixed strawberry Jello powder into their cream to make sure it really packs some flavour.

9. Creamy cherry lime mousse


Have you ever tried cherry limeade before? If so, then you already have a small idea of what this delicious mousse dessert might taste like! Besides the two flavours complementing each other wonderfully, this desserts is great because mousse is a friendly snack for people of all ages and it’s also easy to make and enjoyable all year round. Confessions of a Cook Book Queen shows you how to make it especially easy by using cherry and lime Jello packets mixed into your mousse to get the flavour. We love the layered effect they placed it into the jar with!

10. Jello poke cake


Poke cake is one of those family classics that’s always good no matter how you make it or what flavours you choose. That’s part of the reason that we were happy to discover and try this recipe from Lil’ Luna, but the other reason was that we loved the way they used Jello packets to add some colour and flavour all at once! We just think the extra taste you get makes it worth using Jello over food colouring whenever you can. Besides that, they made this cake with raspberry Jello and that’s actually our very favourite kind.

11. Jello sherbet ice cream


We know we already showed you the Jello swirled ice cream idea, but that tutorial was a nice quick one that guided you through the process of adding powder to ice cream you already had. What if you would rather make the frozen treat yourself from scratch? In that case, we have a feeling you might prefer this sherbet recipe from Smart Schoolhouse instead! They show you how to make it happen step by step and they also suggest some awesome flavouring techniques to try out with- you guessed it- different flavours of Jello powder.

12. Easy Jello buttercream frosting


Are you making cupcakes for your kids and, in asking them what kind of icing they want, you got a fruity answer that you weren’t expecting when you bought all the ingredients to make homemade icing in either vanilla or chocolate? In that case, the Jello packs you might already have in your cupboard save the day again! Little Bit Funky shows you how they used those to flavour their icing in fun flavours and give it a super fun colour. We like that both flavour and colour intensity can be controlled by how much or little Jello powder you add!

13. Coloured sweet and salty popcorn


Has your family been just as obsessed with the sweet n’ salty treat trend as ours has? It feels like everything our kids have requested lately has been sweet and salty at once, but so has everything we’ve been craving too! That’s part of the reason this awesome popcorn recipe caught our eye; well, that and its awesome bright colours! Love Bakes Good Cakes shows you how they added some sweet and some cheerful hues to their salty popcorn using Jello packets in all different flavours.

14. Classic strawberry cake


Were you tempted by the raspberry poke cake with showed you but you actually like your sponge cake just a little bit denser and you also prefer strawberry over raspberry whenever possible? In that case, we think you might prefer this deliciously strawberry packed cake recipe from Cooking With K! They used strawberry Jello powder in combination with actual diced strawberries to flavour both the cake and their icing.

15. Dreamsicle Jello shaved ice


Making shaved ice at home is something that we never thought of doing until we found the recipe and the online and now that we’ve discovered it, we just cannot stop! It’s just so simple to make and it’s extra delicious if you put ice cream or whipped cream on top of it as well. How do you flavour the ice, though? Well, we’ve never been big fans of how flavour syrups taste, so we were relieved when we found out that this fruity shaved ice recipe from Sprinkle Some Fun was flavoured with Jello!