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Pimp Your Bike: DIY Bike Makeovers

Have you been waiting the whole winter for the glorious day when you finally get to ride your bike out in the sun again? We can definitely relate to that! Biking season is fully open and if you’re still waiting around to find that perfect bike, maybe you need to roll up your sleeves and make it yourself! Here are some epic DIY bike makeovers to inspire you!

1. Modern Spray Painted Bike 


Vintage bikes have undeniable charm, but sometimes a modern design knocks on the door and you simply have to answer it! This monochrome spray painted bike is the perfect choice for riding around the city and you can get all the details at Pneumatic Addict!

2. Floral Beach Cruiser 


There’s something so romantic and dreamy about riding a bike on sandy beaches that seem endless. We all need vitamin sea sometimes! To make this experience even more charming, decorate your bike with some blooming florals, as you can see at Style Me Pretty!

3. Bike Streamers 


Your bike is still working its magic after all these years, but you find yourself wishing you could decorate it with something colorful and dynamic, something that would give it a whole new spirit. We’ve got two words for you – bike streamers! Learn all about them at Rookie.

4. Mint Painted Bike 


A uncolored bike in a pastel mint color has a super retro vibe that’s going to appeal to those of you who love to feel a bit nostalgic. You don’t have to search above and beyond for a bike that fits your vision – all you have to do is upgrade an old bike by following the instructions at A Beautiful Mess!

5. Bike Porter Crate 


Bikes are often underestimated but the truth is that they are a truly awesome vehicle. They are good for the planet, good for your health and you can make them extra functional by giving them some added storage space. Start with Design Sponge‘s vintage porter crate!

6. Floral Bike Basket 


The most common bike storage is usually the basket in the front where you can transport your groceries or your cute little puppy. This basket is an essential part of your bike, so it’s important to give it a meaningful look. We love this tutorial for a floral bike basket by The Merrythought!

7. Spray Painted Yellow Bike 


Spring is a time of color and if you want your transportation to be aligned with the seasons, feel free to spray paint it on a vibrant color to make it more welcoming and noticeable! In Honor of Design used yellow, but you can use any color you resonate with – even though we have to admit yellow has a very uplifting undertone!

8. Bike Pannier Bags 


Another storage option for your bike that is also going to majorly contribute to its whole style are these chic pannier bags in a gentle rosy color that we found at Lovely Indeed. They are perfect for storing your essentials when you’re spending a day at the beach!

9. Vintage Bike Makeover 


Sometimes a vintage bike simply steals your heart and you don’t wish for anything more modern at all. There are many ways to capture the old-fashioned essence of a city bike and Simple Easy Creative is going to take you on a ride (pun intended, obviously) through a wonderful vintage bike makeover!

10. Dalmatian Bike 


What’s the point of painting your own bike if you can’t get a little creative? Think about the most eccentric design you have ever came up with and dare to pursue it! If it’s at least half as cool as Hopeful Wandering‘s dalmatian bike, you are on a very good path!

11. Mod Podge Fabric Bike 


Crafting is a way of life for many of us, which means we always have a big pile of fabric scraps on hand. With a little bit of Mod Podge and the how-to at Brit + Co, your fabric scraps can play a crucial role in a super colorful and unique bike makeover!

12. Woven Bike Basket 


Every basket that you add to your bike needs to look the part and match the bike’s style. Sometimes wooden or wire baskets don’t really fit with a bike that has a strong colorful presence. We love how Kittenhood made a softly colored woven storage basket that perfectly matches the pastel pink bike!