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10 DIY Raised Garden Beds To Improve Your Garden

In the world of labels that are just trying to confuse us – organic, eco, bio, certified etc. – the only thing you can really trust are the vegetables that you grow yourself; they don’t need labels, because you know exactly how they were grown! On this note, if you have your own garden or are at least thinking about it, it really pays off to invest in some raised garden beds. Not only do they look neat and orderly, they also prevent snails and insects from attacking your produce!

Here are 10 DIY raised garden beds that you can make today!

1. Garden Bed With A Removable Cover

VIEW IN GALLERYGarden Bed With A Removable Cover

This garden bed, found at Apartment Therapy, has so many benefits! It comes with a removable cover that turns it into a little greenhouse when you need it. And when the weather is nice and warm, just open it up and let those plants do their photosynthesis thing!

2. Garden Bed From Branches

VIEW IN GALLERYGarden Bed From Branches

It’s time to pick up some firm branches and logs (maybe help the neighbors clean out their backyard or go on a productive stroll through the woods) and make a unique garden bed! Just follow the how-to at Instructables and soon you’ll be richer for a natural garden bed!

3. Corrugated Metal Garden Beds

VIEW IN GALLERYCorrugated Metal Garden Beds

Who said gardening can’t be chic? Just look at these garden beds! You can’t deny that the corrugated metal gives them a modern touch. Plus, the entire garden looks super organized! If you like what you see, and surely you do, visit My Crazy Good Life to read the details.

4. 4-legged Garden Bed

VIEW IN GALLERY4-legged Garden Bed

Enough with the snails eating your lettuce! How do they manage to climb up onto everything? It’s time to rebel! Wisconsin Mommy will show you how to quickly build a garden bed that’s completely raised from the ground – good luck to snails trying to conquer this one!

5. Cobblestone Garden Bed

VIEW IN GALLERYCobblestone Garden Bed

Stop saying one day to your ideas! If others can have it, so can you! Here’s a chance for you to make your very own cobblestone garden bed that is the stuff of dreams! Pet Scribbles guides you through the entire process!

6. Practical Garden Bed

VIEW IN GALLERYPractical Garden Bed

This garden bed by Sea, Field and Tribe is very practical and absolutely perfect for those who want to grow something, but don’t have much space. You can relocate it, you can place it absolutely anywhere and you won’t even know it’s there until your greens start growing!

7. Garden Bed With A Pest Gate

VIEW IN GALLERYGarden Bed With A Pest Gate

Not only will Vegetable Gardener teach you how to make a raised garden bed, they will also show you how to attach a removable pest gate as well! This way your vegetables will be protected from all sorts of animals, both curious and  hungry!

8. Wide Garden Bed


If you have a lot of space, this is the project you’ll want to give a try! These garden beds are so wide, you can really plant a whole variety of veggies and spices into them! Head over to eHow and follow the tutorial!

9. Garden Beds With Frame

VIEW IN GALLERYGarden Beds With Frame

A simple, minimalistic look, spiced up with a little frame! You can leave them as they are, or you can paint them with some bright spring colors! Either way, visit Chris Loves Julia to read the details!

10. Garden Bed With Benches

VIEW IN GALLERYGarden Bed With Benches

A garden bed with benches is the thing we’ve all been needing! You can use the benches to rest, sit your little kids up or just put garden tools on them so you always keep them at hand. This garden bed by Bonnie Plants really is as useful as it is beautiful.