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A Scrumptious Healthy Treat to Enjoy: Seafood Pasta Recipes

If there’s one thing we absolutely love when it comes to dinners and entrees, it’s a satisfying pasta. There are so many different kinds of pasta, however, that sometimes we have trouble deciding on which type we want to make ourselves! Luckily, we’re always had pretty strong favourites when it comes to food so we can at least pick a category of pasta to choose from within, even if we need a little help actually settling on the details. For example, we always know we’ll absolutely adore anything seafood based! Even within the category of “seafood pastas”, however, there are so many different wonderful entrees we could make ourselves that we’re almost overwhelmed.

That’s why we started looking up seafood pasta recipes! We figured if we started a folder of them, we’d have lots of options to choose from that we know we’ll love, no matter which page we pull out that night. Here are the 15 best ones we’ve come across, just in case you love seafood pasta as much as we do!

1. Shrimp pasta alla vodka


No matter what the pasta contains, we’ve always loved a good creamy tomato sauce. That’s why pastas that come served “alla vodka” are so popular in our house! We find this sauce tastes especially good with seafood, so we add shrimp to it a lot. Before we’d perfected our own recipe, however, we got hooked on shrimp pasta alla vodka using this recipe from Simply Recipes!

2. Bloody Mary shrimp pasta salad


Even when you’re making a classic dish like pasta, are you the kind of cook who loves adding any kind of unique twist or flavour combination at any chance you can get? In that case, we have a feeling you’ll be pretty into this Bloody Mary inspired pasta recipe outlined on Wonky Wonderful! They show you how to make a pasta salad tossed with seasoned tomato sauce, little shrimps, celery, and flavourful cherry tomatoes.

3. Italian seafood pasta with clams


If you’ve ever been to Italy (or even just to an authentic Italian restaurant) and tried real, Italian style seafood pasta, then you know it’s got all kinds of delicious seafood rather than just shrimp! Just because you don’t live in Italy or come from an Italian family, however, doesn’t mean you can’t make a pasta that’s just as good. We’d suggest trying this mouth watering seafood pasta from Le Creuset, made from whole shrimp, scallops, pieces of crab, and clams still in their shells! The parsley and halved cherry tomatoes really drive the taste home.

4. Spanish romesco seafood pasta


Just because pasta is so popular doesn’t mean Italian recipes and styles are the only kinds out there! This delicious shrimp and Spanish romesco seafood pasta featured on Foodies Recipe is the perfect example of what we mean! They used angel hair pasta and a lovely, light tasting lemon sauce to complement the delicious seafood taste without overpowering it.

5. Pasta with shrimp, orange, and arugula


Were you intrigued by the idea of making a pasta full of unique flavour combinations but you’d rather have it be a warm entrée, so you’re not really into the pasta salad we showed you earlier on our list? In that case, perhaps this corkscrew pasta with shrimp, orange, and arugula is the best choice for you! The Sisters Kitchen guides you through the process of not just making the meal but also garnishing it with orange rinds and deliciously creamy feta cheese.

6. Pasta pomodoro with shrimp


Pasta pomodoro is another classic Italian recipe that we’re quick to order whenever we have the chance, which is why we were so keen to find a quality recipe that we could make for ourselves at home in between dinners out! Simply Recipes shows you how to make an authentic pomodoro with succulent whole shrimp, angel hair pasta, fragrant basil, and delicious, slightly sweet crushed tomatoes.

7. Rigatoni with shrimp and asparagus


Are you such a huge shrimp lover that you already know a shrimp recipe is absolutely the kind of pasta you’ll decide on, but you’re just having trouble choosing what you accompany those shrimp with? Then here’s another mouth watering recipe for your consideration! Convivium shows you how to make an awesome rigatoni based pasta that, in addition to your beloved shrimp, features perfectly roasted pieces of asparagus.

8. Shrimp alfredo angel hair pasta


As we’re sure you can tell by now, we love a good angel hair pasta, especially if there are delicious little shrimp involved! Besides being a satisfying combination in both texture and taste, there are just so many sauce options for a pasta made with these two things. We’ve already mentioned that creamy sauces are our favourite, so we’re sure it’ll come as no surprise to you that we make this fantastic alfredo sauce recipe featured on Poly Service or our families all the time!

9. Healthy tomato ‘cream’ sauce pasta with roasted shrimp


Have we really made your mouth water with all this talk of delicious cream sauces, but you’re trying to be health conscious at the moment and cream based things are something you’re actually trying to resist or avoid? Well, just because you can’t have cream doesn’t actually have to mean that you must avoid creamy pasta sauces! We’d absolutely suggest checking out this tomato “cream” pasta with roasted shrimp that’s actually made with Greek yogurt instead of cream! Get the full ingredients list and cooking instructions on Well Plated!

10. Seafood udon pasta


Have you always loved eating at Asian fusion restaurants because there are so many delicious combination dinner options and so many of them have pasta? Then we have a feeling you’re going to adore this shrimp udon recipe from Food Foxes just as much! They show you how to combine your udon noodles with oysters still in their shell, calamari rings, octopus, and shrimp! We made this one for ourselves on any night that we don’t have to cook for the kids.

11. Leek, shrimp, and spinach pasta


Even though you adore shrimp, are you also a huge vegetable lover and you think you’d rather make a recipe with a few more veggies than we’ve shown you so far? In that case, we think you might really appreciate this delicious spinach, leek, and shrimp pasta featured on Cash Advance People. You could make this with any type of pasta noodle and it will be just as delicious as long as you accompany it with their marvelous cream sauce no matter what.

12. Shrimp and artichoke pasta


Here’s another awesome veggie and shrimp combination recipe for the vegetable lovers scrolling through our list! Besides the fact that we love and adore artichokes and will eat them at any opportunity, we love that this pasta is doused in a mouth watering pesto sauce in the place of a cream or tomato sauce. Simply Recipes will show you how to make both the pasta and the sauce!

13. Spicy shrimp and clam pasta


We’ve shown you a lot of recipes that include both shrimp and clams so far on our list, but what if your tastes in flavour and spice lean towards things with a little more kick? In that case, this spicy clam and shrimp recipe from Inspired Taste is probably a little more up your alley! They show you how to make the sauce the way they do but you can add more spice if you please.

14. Bucatini with shrimp and roasted tomatoes


Don’t worry, we know we’ve basically already shown you this recipe, but we promise there’s something a little bit different about this one! Rather than just making it with regular spaghetti, linguine, or angel hair pasta, we like this idea from Spinach Tiger for making it with bucatini! It’s like extra thick spaghetti for even more filling satisfaction than the recipes you’ve seen before!

15. Cheese stuffed tortellini salad


We know we said the recipes on this list would all be seafood related dishes and this one actually isn’t, but we kept it on here anyways because in our house, we like to make it into a seafood dish! So Fab Food shows you how to make a delicious cheese stuffed tortellini pasta featuring peppers, onions, and cucumbers, but we promise you it tastes better than ever with some cold shrimp tosses right in!