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12 DIY Baby Blankets for Your Precious Bundle of Joy 

To every parent, their baby is the most precious thing on the planet. Naturally, we want them to feel warm and comfortable, but we also want them to have some memories of the time they likely won’t remember as adults. Making a blanket for your newborn therefore isn’t just a functional thing to do, it also has a big emotional component! Check out these 12 DIY baby blankets and decide which one will become you little one’s favorite blanky!

1. Minky Baby Blanket 


Minky is the go-to material for baby blankets due to its softness. It’s easy to work with, so sewing the blanket together will be a total breeze, especially if you follow Suzy Quilts‘s instructions. The end result will be a cozy blanket that you’ll almost want to keep for yourself!

2. Chic Baby Blanket 


Babies sure don’t care about trendy things, but mommas do! Sew the chicest blanket for your little bundle of joy and get not only a great blanket, but also a stunning backdrop for all your baby pictures (we know you take a hundred a day!). Online Fabric Store has all the details!

3. Turquoise Baby Blanket


The color palette of your nursery is very important and you surely want a blanket that fits well with it! Turquoise is a great and versatile color that has a peaceful pastel look and works amazingly with both brighter and darker interiors, because of its vibrant colorfulness! Visit Loganberry to get the details!

4. One Hour Quilt 


Moms are true rockstars! Having a newborn is not for the faint-hearted and we totally understand that your time is limited! We wanted to help out, so we found a quilt that you can make in one hour! When your baby is sleeping, take a trip to See Katie Sew and by the time the baby wakes up, he or she will have an adorable new quilt!

5. 10 Minute Baby Blanket 


Don’t have an hour? Challenge accepted! How about this incredibly simple but outstandingly cute baby blanket by Little House Living? This project is a godsend! You will only need 10 minutes to make it, but the baby will get to keep it forever!

6. Minky and Cotton Baby Blanket 


Pair up minky and cotton for an incredibly soft baby blanket that will keep your little one warm and cozy when they sleep. We love the green-and-gray color combination that Creative House came up with! The contrast between a bright mint green and an almost silvery gray feels very noble!

7. Swaddle Blanket 


Is there anything cuter than a swaddled baby that looks like the most adorable loaf you’ve ever seen? No, there isn’t! Even though all of the attention will be on your tiny one’s adorable face, the swaddle blanket must still look the part. See our favorite at Coral + Co!

8. Receiving Blanket 


Ella Claire‘s receiving blankets are very light and are ideal for babies born in the summer, when it can quickly get too hot under a regular blanket! If you want to go the extra mile for any of your friends who have just become moms, these will be the perfect gift!

9. Tag Blanket 


As your baby starts to move around and becomes eager to touch things, a tag blanket will really make them happy! It’s super simple to make and offers so much tactile fun to your baby (and a couple of minutes of peace to you)! Check out how to make it at Wholefully!

10. Self-Binding Baby Blanket 


No need to stress over finding the perfect self-binding baby blanket! Thanks to Diary of a Quilter, you can make it yourself! Wrap your baby into the best blanket possible, which is the one that contains the secret ingredient of unconditional love!

11. Space Themed Baby Blanket 


A galactic baby blanket for your little star child! Sew What Alicia‘s space blanket is easily one of the fluffiest we’ve ever seen and if you love all things outer space, this blanket will surely make you a happy parent! It’s also a great addition to a space themed nursery!

12. Stamped Baby Blanket 


A classic white baby blanket needs some simple decoration! The feathers are a great motive to capture the lightness of this blanket and they also have the free-spirit theme so many parents resonate with! Make this adorable chic blanket with a little help from A Mama in Love!