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10 Super Fashionable Ways to Repurpose a Men’s Shirt

The classic men’s shirt might look plain and ordinary, but every girlfriend in the world knows how comfortable the fabric is and how fashionable you can look in it if you style it just right. A simple shirt can be refashioned into a variety of different pieces, each more unique than the other. Check out this roundup of 10 fashionable ways to repurpose a men’s shirt and prepare to be amazed!

1. Ruffled Sleeves


The style of ruffled sleeves is known to be very upscale and feminine, which makes it a true challenge when you’re planning to refashion an oversized shirt you stole from your boo! Follow the steps of the transformation at Cotton + Curls and impress with a seriously elegant ruffled sleeves top!

2. A Tunic 


A tunic is that wonderful piece that feels very comfortable and breezy in warm days and simultaneously looks put-together and orderly. We can’t imagine anything better than wearing a gorgeous tunic made from the light fabric of a men’s shirt! Get the tutorial at Thriftanista in the City.

3. Kid’s Dress 


Little girls love to dress up in daddy’s big shirts because they can wear them as long dresses! If you want to give your kiddo a special surprise and a dress that she won’t have to share with anyone, Delia Creates has a superb tutorial for a kid’s shirt dress!

4. Ruffled Cami 


Refashioning a men’s shirt doesn’t have to be complicated at all; you can simply add some ruffles to it and see the magical transformation almost in an instant! We love this sleeveless idea from Sharon Sews that you can wear independently on a hot day or under a jacket when the chilly breeze blows!

5. Shirred Top 


The shirred fashion is one that totally adds a seductive element to your daily outfits. Instead of scouring the shops for a new top that you’ll wear on a date, you can simply check in with Brassy Apple and find out how to turn a plain men’s shirt into a super cute shirred top!

6. Long Dress


We all love those days when we get to ditch the pants, put on a long dress, pair it with some heels and hit the town with our best friends! This feeling can only be made better if you are wearing a dress you designed and made yourself. Cut Out + Keep can offer great inspiration!

7. Bomber Jacket 


After the hot months of summer, fall brings colder temperatures and we find ourselves diving deep into our closets to find a suitable jacket. If you’re sifting through a pile men’s shirts without having much luck of finding a jacket, check out Laura Pifer‘s epic idea for a DIY bomber jacket!

8. Flannel Vest 


Warm vests are the must-have of the cold season. When you greet the sun each morning with a cup of coffee in your hands outside on your porch, the vest will keep you warm and cozy. Visit Scratch and Stitch to find out the tips and tricks of turning a men’s shirt into a flannel vest!

9. Lace Top 


You love to feel the fabric of a shirt on your skin, but you definitely have some opinions regarding the design. The giant sleeves are not your taste and the oversized style doesn’t feel very chic. Carissa Knit heard your pleas and turned the men’s shirt into a stunning top decorated with lace!

10. Wrap Top 


When you first bought that giant shirt in the men’s section of the store, you didn’t think you’ll ever consider it the most fashionable piece in your closet. This tutorial by A Pair & A Spare is on a mission to change that! Cut the shirt apart and sew it back together into a one-shoulder wrap top!