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12 Amazing Floating Headboard Designs

Every once in a while, a decor trend sweeps the DIY world that we just can’t get enough of and, even though it’s the kind of thing that you only really every need to make one or two of, we want to make a million of them in all different designs, colours, and constructions. That’s how we currently feel about floating headboards! Floating headboards are ones that don’t need to be attached to the bed frame like classic standing headboards, but instead are attacked to the wall or stood behind the bed with the mattress and box spring pushed up to meet the headboard. This means you’re way less limited in the things you can make the headboard out of and the custom designs you can create!

Check out these 12 amazing DIY floating headboard designs that are cute, creative, and downright impressive.

1. Upholstered fabric squares

VIEW IN GALLERYUpholstered fabric squares

Instructables suggests choosing a unique patterned fabric that contrasts interestingly with the schemes you already have going on in the room, and then creating an upholstered square effect for your headboard. Their tutorial walks you through the process of creating each square and making sure that things are properly measured, neatly affixed around the edges, and even looking all the way throughout the process.

2. Old picket fence pieces

VIEW IN GALLERYOld picket fence pieces

Have you always been a fan of woodworking and now you’d like to put those skills to use making your own custom headboard design? Well, then we suggest upcycling some good quality used wood while you’re at it, just to really make it the ideal DIY project! Check out how DIY Network made this floating headboard design out of differently coloured and finished picket fence pieces.

3. Ceiling high upholstered headboard

VIEW IN GALLERYCeiling high upholstered headboard

Did you like the sound of a n upholstered headboard when we talked about it above but you’d prefer something a little more grandiose look then those nice, even squares? Then choose an eye catching repetitive pattern and follow HGTV‘s step by step guide for making a floating headboard that goes all the way from the floor, high up the wall, until it almost touches the ceiling.

4. Upcycled window shutters

VIEW IN GALLERYUpcycled window shutters

Did you recently have your outer windows refurbished and now you have old shutters and frames sitting around waiting to be taken to the dump or given a new lease on life with a little bit of DIY magic? Then you’ve got the perfect materials to make this awesomely repurposed window shutter headboard! Check out the whole process in detail on Girl in Air.

5. Wooden door panel headboard

VIEW IN GALLERYWooden door panel headboard

Perhaps it’s not the window shutters you’ve recently had ripped out and redone but rather all the door panels down your hallways? Those are useful for making floating headboards too! Snapguide suggests giving them a vintage look, purposely weathered finish that contributes to a beautifully upcycled rustic chic aesthetic.

6. Painted picture frames

VIEW IN GALLERYPainted picture frames

Perhaps you’ve been hoping to find a floating headboard design that’s a little more abstract to fit the mod, colourful decor scheme you’ve already built in your room? Then gather up all the empty old picture frames you can find, no matter their size or shape, and get out the bright paints! We adore the way The Consignment Emporium arranged these ones in an overlapping fashion on a back board that reaches high on the wall.

7. Open book headboard

VIEW IN GALLERYOpen book headboard

Perhaps you and your partner are total book worms who, during any down time in your lives, can nearly always be found reading a good book in your comfy bed, getting lost in stories and facts? Then this gorgeously artistic open book floating headboard design is more than perfect for you! Design Every Day suggests building it with copies of your very favourite stories opened to chapters or passages that resonated with you the most.

8. Tipi headboard

VIEW IN GALLERYTipi headboard

Are you trying to redo all the bedrooms in your cottage so that each one has a clear theme and aesthetic? Well, Babyology is here to teach you how surprisingly simple it is to built a tipi style headboard in a children’s cot room. We especially love how they paired it with a handmade patchwork blanket that fits the beautifully cultural theme of the freestanding headboard.

9. LED lit floating headboard

VIEW IN GALLERYLED lit floating headboard

Is your favourite type of DIY decor a piece that provides interesting lighting, or at least a subtle glow, to your room in a way that helps the whole room appear warmer and more stylish? Then we think you’ll adore this LED lit floating headboard design by Remove and Replace. White LED lights will give you just enough light to read by or enough of a glow to ward off monsters when your kids come to sleep in your bed after a bad dream.

10. Fancy frame and fabric headboard

VIEW IN GALLERYCool Fancy frame and fabric headboard

Have you often seen outdated or damaged paintings or prints in giant ornate frames and thought how sad it is that the frame isn’t going to better use? Then save it and give it a new lease on life! Bluedogz Design suggests sanding the frame down, giving it a brand new coat of paint, and using it to frame a fun patterned fabric instead of a picture. This gives the illusion of upholstery but with a gorgeously vintage looking framed finish.

11. Branches and lights headboard

VIEW IN GALLERYBranches and lights headboard

Perhaps you really loved the sound of an LED lit headboard but the previous glowing design was a little too streamlined for you? Instead try creating this lovely lit branches design in the place of a classic headboard shape instead! Hanasaurusrex shows you how to install the self lit branches solidly and position them so the lights fan out comfortably behind you when you sit in bed.

12. Canvas artwork headboard

VIEW IN GALLERYCanvas artwork headboard

Have you ever seen giant canvas art that rivals the size of the wall? Well, we think that’s a much more interesting look shining out from behind your bed than a regular old wooden head board! If you can’t find a large print that’s affordable enough for you pre-made, buy a blank one and make your own giant art! It could be a great family project that you’ll love looking on every night. Check the whole idea out on Qumania.