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Wonderful DIY Wire Crochet Jewelry [Free Pattern]

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Those happy to spend many hours crocheting away are always looking for new designs and patterns to try out, which challenge their creativity and hone their awesome skills. Well, if you fancy yourself as a pretty good expert when it comes to crocheting with yarn, then this next project will not be too hard at all.

Turning that glittering metal wire into gorgeous and show-stopping jewelry with these wire-crochet ideas and patterns will make perfect gifts for your little princess at home.

Wire Crochet Earrings

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VIEW IN GALLERYdiy wire crochet earings

Note: The copper wire leaf earrings above will cost you $7, from Craftsy

VIEW IN GALLERYgolden DIY wire crochet earings

Craft by YooLa Design

Wire Crocheting: What You’ll Need

  • 24 guage silver plated wire
  • 18-20 beads (that can be threaded onto the wire)
  • Toggle clasp
  • 2 jump rings
  • Pair of wire cutters/pliers
  • 4mm / Size D crochet hook

We stumbled across this lovely tutorial along with pattern on Lovely Little Life and you can head over to get a detailed step-by-step photo guide along with some additional tips that will help you get around the tough corners!

Crochet Rings & Bracelets

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VIEW IN GALLERYwire crochet ring

Now, once you have the bracelet all done, it surely will motivate you to craft some matching earrings a necklace and additional pieces that go along with your new wire bracelet. Then browse through this cool guide from CraftStylish for more inspiration and patterns.

The materials that you need would be more or less the same as in case of the wire bracelet and we suggest you start off with inexpensive wire to get some practice before switching over to the real deal. And once you done feel free to show off your work and share your experience by leaving a reply or two below!

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY wire crochet bracelet

VIEW IN GALLERYwire crochet bracelet