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Capturing Color Within DIY Lava Lamps 

If you regularly visit home decor stores you’ve surely stumbled onto unique lava lamps – a glass lamp with colorful liquid inside that floats up and down – a decorative element on its own and a captivating light when it is turned on. As you know, we love a good DIY spin on popular store-bought items so today we’re bringing you DIY lava lamps that you can make along with together with your family and friends!

1. Blue Lava Lamp 


When making a lava lamp the crucial decision is in choosing the colors; which color do you want the floating liquid to be? A blue lava lamp, as seen at S. L. Smith, has a look with much depth and is perfect for the children’s room that is already decorated in many warm tones and could use some colder hues to balance it out.

2. Voss Lava Lamps 


If you love the popular Voss water, don’t throw away the glass bottles! You can turn them into proper lava lamps in just a few short steps and keep them around as the most unique home decor piece. Check out the whole process at The 36th Avenue and stock up on the Voss water!

3. Red Lava Lamp 


The red lava lamp will instantly be noticed! Thanks to its bright color, it carries a fiery and bold energy that can have a positive effect on you whenever you start getting tired or unmotivated. It’s the perfect piece to set onto your work desk! Find out how you can make it at Mashable.

4. Glass Jar Lava Lamp 


If you don’t have tall and slim water bottles at hand, Classic Play will show you how to easily create a lava lamp with a classic jar you surely have in your kitchen! It’s going to make for a wider lamp which is a great thing – the wider your DIY lava lamp, the more color it can hold!

5. Food Coloring Lava Lamp 


There are many tricks on how to create the colorful liquid within the lava lamp and  utilizing food coloring is perhaps the easiest and most affordable of them all! If you closely follow Crafted Sparrow‘s instruction you’ll soon be able to have your own food coloring lava lamp – but don’t forget to shake it to make the colorful bubbles float!

6. Lava Lamp Bags 


For the most unique lava lamp option ditch the bottle altogether and create your lava lamp within a plastic ziplock bag! It’s a really simple alternative that will be adored by kids and adults alike, whether you keep them around as creative decor or give it to your little ones to play with. Play Learn Grow will show you how to make these lava lamp bags!

7. Purple Lava Lamp 


Most lava lamps have a blue or red color and if you like both of them so much you couldn’t possibly choose between them, go with their mix: purple! It captures the best of both individual color shades, it’s bright and bold but also feels cool and calming.  Bitz & Giggles has the tutorial!

8. Glitter Lava Lamp


Crafting with glitter usually results in a glitter explosion all over the house and clothes every single time, but this glitter lava lamp by Mommy Musings will totally be worth it! Use a simple plastic bottle to serve as your lamp, then fill it with food coloring of choice and add as much glitter as you desire!

9. Rainbow Lava Lamp 


Why settle on one color when you can have all of them? Bunnie Claire knows how powerful the entire color palette can be, hence the creation of these rainbow lava lamps! They are very likely to distract you because you won’t be able to stop turning and shaking them to see all of the colors dance with each other!

10. Bubbly Lava Lamp 


No matter how old we get we’ll always think that bubbles are fun! They bring out our inner child and remind us of the playfulness of life itself. If you adore bubbles too and want to have them on display, create this lava lamp that’s full of colorful bubbles by Juggling with Kids!