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Creating A Romantic Atmosphere With DIY Lanterns

Nothing gives our garden a magical feeling quite like lanterns. They really set the ambient and are very romantic. They’re perfect for dinner parties with friends and date nights with your chosen one. Lanterns are not just a simple décor element, they are an experience. If you’d like to have this romantic, beautiful garden experience yourself, make a DIY lantern! Need inspiration? We’re happy to help! Here are some amazing DIY lanterns to fall in love with!

Firefly Lanterns

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These hanging firefly lanterns are as unique as they are enchanting. We know you can’t tell, but they are ridiculously simple to make; Blah Blah Magazine will tell you how!  Once you’ve made them, you can hang them over your garden table and enjoy the magical moments with your closest ones!

Fairy Lanterns

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These lanterns are perfect for a living room or a sacred space. They will bring something so charming to your home, you’ll wonder how you went without them for so long! Bees DIY shares the instructions with all the daydreamers, but spoiler alert: no fairy dust needed!

Vase Lantern

VIEW IN GALLERYvase lantern

Can you tell how few supplies you need to make this lantern?! Its simplicity will help you create a cozy atmosphere even on the chilly evenings! If you can already visualize yourself adding it to your garden, It’s Toile Good has all the details you’ll need.

Rustic Lantern

VIEW IN GALLERYrustic lanterns

If you’re a lover of all things rustic, you need this lantern in your collection! According to Prodigal Pieces, it only costs 8$ so it’s perfect if you’re trying to make something on a budget! You can place it in your back yard, inside the house as part of the interior, or on your doorstep to make it more welcoming!

Jute String Lanterns

VIEW IN GALLERYjute string lanterns

All you need for this project is some jute string and a mason jar of choice! Once you have that, you’re good to go! Just follow the video tutorial at Love Create Celebrate and soon your garden will be richer for one of these lovely lanterns! Once again, mason jars save the day!

Hemp Lanterns

VIEW IN GALLERYhemp lanterns

Capture the romantic energy with these hemp lanterns! They may look fragile at the first glance, but the hemp rope is not to be underestimated! It’s a great choice for outdoor lighting and almost blends in with the natural surroundings. Head over to Splash Of Something and see the making-of!

Solar Lanterns

VIEW IN GALLERYsolar lanterns

These solar lanterns are an excellent pick for anyone who is looking to spice up the ambient with some modern lighting. Keep them uni-colored for a cleaner look, or choose different colors for more dynamic! The choice is yours! Everyday Dishes has the instructions you’ll need!

Tin Can Lanterns

VIEW IN GALLERYtin can lanterns

Crafting is an amazing way to bond with your kids! Here’s the perfect project to help you do just that! While making these tin can lanterns, your little ones can really let their imagination run wild; between the colors and the beads, the possibilities are endless! Check out Kids Craft Room for instructions!

Lemonade Lanterns

VIEW IN GALLERYlemonade lanterns

According to our queen Beyoncé, this is the year of the lemonade. If you haven’t been sipping any lemonade lately, you better start. And if you have, here are some captivating lanterns to go with it! Visit TinyPrints for inside scoop!

Paper Lanterns

VIEW IN GALLERYpaper lanterns

This idea by Design Sponge is so cute and simple! Who knew that a few paper bags can be turned into such sweet lanterns! If complicated DIY projects scare you away, give this one a try and be amazed by its simplicity!

Are you ready for some enchantment in your garden? Which lantern will help you create the romantic atmosphere?