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11 DIY Dog Collars For Your Favorite Pooch 

Dogs are a true gift; they are always happy to see us (no matter how grumpy we are!), they make us incredibly happy and above all, they love us unconditionally. They deserve to be treated like the angels they are and you know that a big part of any dog’s style is the collar! It’s time to roll up your sleeves, dearest dog lover, and make some handmade DIY dog collars for your furry best friend.

1. Adjustable Dog Collar 


Adjustable collars are very practical if you are getting a puppy. Because they grow so fast you will need a collar that can grow with them! Here’s a great tutorial by Halifax Dogventures on how to make a collar for your new addition to the family that will always keep him comfortable!

2. Classic Fabric Dog Collar 


The simple and classic dog collars, made out of soft fabric, are exceptionally popular and with a good reason! They are comfortable, easy to take on and off and don’t bother your adventurous pooch as he is running around, chasing squirrels! Visit Team Unruly for more details!

3. Slip Over Bandana Collar 


Behold the coolest dog you’ve ever seen! Do you want your pup to look just as dashing and sassy? Check out Sparkles of Sunshine and learn how to make this bandana that you can slip over any collar you already own and make an upgraded collar fit for your little rebel!

4. Paracord Dog Collar


You have probably already noticed that paracord leashes are currently dominating the canine world! If you find yourself wishing for a matching collar, DIY Projects will help you out! Make a paracord dog collar to match the trendy leash and brand yourselves as the stylish duo!

5. Nautical Dog Collar


Nautical vibes have us dreaming of the coastal breeze and the sound of the waves! Is your furry BFF in love with the beach? Surprise him this nautical collar from DIY With Love and turn him into the trendiest dog in your neighborhood! As a bonus, you will always have a little bit of the coast with you, everywhere you go!     

6. No-Sew Dog Collar Sleeves 


Looking for a quick way to prettify your dog’s collar? Pretty Fluffy has just the thing! Check out some incredible dog collar sleeves that are super easy to make, as they don’t need sewing, and look stunningly elegant! Just don’t blame us if the neighbor’s dog suddenly becomes jealous!

7. Vintage Bow Tie Dog Collar 


Oh goodness, what a dapper little pooch! The outstanding bow tie collar won’t make your dog feel uncomfortable but will rather serve as a regular collar and simultaneously, let’s be honest, a must-have accessory for random photoshoots! (Don’t we all take 100 pictures of our dogs, like, daily?). Visit Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss for the details!

8. Friendship Paracord Dog Collar 


Here’s another paracord collar, brought to you by uPet! This one takes the trendiness to a whole new level; it actually has a matching paracord bracelet, so that you can match your dog on your daily walkies! How cool is that?!

9. Upcycled Belt Dog Collar 


Visiting a thrift store can result in an abundance of cheap and useful items to upcycle – The Sorry Girls totally know that! They found an old belt and turned it into a chic and fashionable dog collar that will undoubtedly make your fur baby shine at the dog park!

10. Formal Dog Collar


Yes, even dogs need to wear formal attire sometimes. Maybe their humans are getting married or they are having a playdate with a pooch that they fancy; either way, they need to look dashing! Thrifted Living has a brilliant tutorial for these formal dog collars!

11. Martingale Collar 


Dogs with really thin necks, such as greyhounds, will absolutely benefit from martingale collars. Not only will they look incredibly lovely with a custom-made collar, they will also  feel much more comfortable by wearing a wider collar! Peek at the how-to at My So Called Crafty Life.

Dogs are the best! Now it’s up to us to surprise our four-legged best friend with a brand new collar!