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15 Mouth Watering Ice Cream Sundae Ideas

Nothing cools you down on a hot summer’s day like a big, delicious ice cream sundae. They’re also great for celebrating special occasions and treating yourself! Summer isn’t here quite yet, but it’s never too early to start gathering ideas, right?

Check out these irresistible ice cream sundae ideas that will make your summer day (or any other day, really) a lot sweeter!

1. Peeps sundae


Kleinworth & Co shows you how to make delicious marshmallow peep sundaes for Easter, in case you need a head start on the summer treats!

2. Popcorn crunch sundae

VIEW IN GALLERYPopcorn crunch sundae

If sweet and salty combinations are your favoruite, this popcorn sundae is perfect for you! Get the recipe on Bon Appetit.

3. Pudding cups

VIEW IN GALLERYChocoalte pudding cups

Bakerella shows you how to make delicious little pudding cups to put classic sundaes in!

4. Apple cups


Do you like the unconventional sundae cup idea but you’d rather something healthier than chocolate pudding? Try J Sorelle‘s apple idea!

5. Rice krsipy treat bowls

VIEW IN GALLERYRice krsipy treat bowls

Sundae’s with some crunch to balance out soft serve ice cream are some of the best! Try this rice krispy bowl idea from One Second Scoop.

6. Maple candied bacon sundae

VIEW IN GALLERYmaple candied bacon sundae

Some sundae toppings are such delicacies that the only other thing you need is vanilla ice cream! Sprinkle maple candied bacon over your ice cream like The Clever Carrot did.

7. Brownie cookie bowl

VIEW IN GALLERYBrownie cookie bowl

Half Baked Baker‘s brownie cookie bowl takes the decadence of your ice cream sundae to a whole new level!

8. Peach ice cream with grilled peaches

VIEW IN GALLERYPeach ice cream with grilled peaches

If you’d prefer a little natural sweetness over all the sticky brownies and fudge sauces, try fruit instead! This peach ice cream with grilled peaches from Portuguese Girl Cooks is a delicious alternative.

9. Toasted marshmallow coconut milk sundae

VIEW IN GALLERYToasted marshmallow coconut milk sundae

What about your friends who are lactose intolerant? How Sweet It Is has a delicious recipe that’s perfect for them! Add some chocolate sauce and you’ve got yourself a dairy free sundae.

10. Creamsicle sundae

VIEW IN GALLERYCreamsicle sundae

Recipe Renovator’s tangerine-thyme syrup tastes just like delicious orange cream popsicles!

11. Grilled pineapple with coconut sorbet

VIEW IN GALLERYGrilled pinapple and coconut sorbet

Okay, so technically fruit and sorbet don’t make a sundae, but grilled pineapple and coconut sorbet make a great alternative for your health conscious friends! Get the recipe from Martha Stewart.

12. Roast cherry dark chocolate brownie sundae

VIEW IN GALLERYRoast cherry dark chocolate brownie sundae

If you love cherry chocolates, you’ll absolutely adore this decadent recipe from Closet Cooking!

13. Bourbon caramel sundae

VIEW IN GALLERYBourbon caramel sundae

Sometimes the adults in the room need a sundae just for them! Try Cup of Jo’s delicious bourbon caramel sundae.

14. Orange bowl sundae

VIEW IN GALLERYOrange bowl sundae

Putting your ice cream in a hollowed out orange gives it just a touch of zing! Check the idea out on Smart Schoolhouse.

15. Bacon, pecan, and potato chip sundae

VIEW IN GALLERYbacon pecan potato chip sundae

This supreme sundae from Ask Chef Dennis involves vanilla ice cream topped with sweet and spicy pecans, candied maple bacon, and chocolate dipped sea salt and vinegar chips. Need we say more?