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Unique Art Projects Made with String

Sometimes the best art projects are the ones you can create with very simple supplies. Working with string, for example, can result in some surprisingly beautiful DIY pieces. People might have to look twice before they realize what the following awesome projects are made of!

1. Live Creatively

VIEW IN GALLERYLive Creatively

(Source: Brit + Co.)

Create motivational art by wrapping string around nails in a wooden board. Place the nails to spell out the words and fill them in with whatever colour string you like best!

2. String letters

VIEW IN GALLERYString letters

(Source: The Blush Chronicles)

Try using the same nail and wrapping technique to create a letter on a blank painting canvass. Brightly coloured embroidery floss make this craft perfect for kids’ bedrooms or nurseries.

3. String states

VIEW IN GALLERYString states

(Source: Semi DIY)

Choose your favourite state, your home state, or the state you live in now and trace its shape out with nails. For a little extra detail, add a heart cut out in the middle. Wrap your string and voila!

4. Heart monitor wall art

VIEW IN GALLERYHeart monitor wall art

(Source: Young Bird)

You can build string art right on your wall! If you don’t want to nail into it, try using tacks instead. Wool or yarn will give you a bulkier effect for a bigger piece that you’d use on a small canvas.

5. String art cake topper

VIEW IN GALLERYString cake topper

(Source: The American Wedding)

Shape some crafting wire however you like at the top and wrap thin coloured string or embroidery floss around it for a cute DIY flair on cakes and cupcakes.

6. Air plant string art

VIEW IN GALLERYAir plant string art

(Source: Brit + Co.)

Air plants are extra easy to care for! They’re basically self-sufficient in well lit spaces as long as you soak them in water about once a week. They also make a great-looking twist on string art! Create geometric shapes and patterns with string art and place little air plants throughout.

7. Ombre string art

VIEW IN GALLERYOmbre string art

(Source: We Are Scout)

Is solidly coloured string art just a touch too bland for you? Try creating a gradient by wrapping with different shades of the same colour!

8. Zodiac sign string art

VIEW IN GALLERYZodiac sign string art

(Source: Brit + Co.)

Are you in love with zodiacs, star signs, and astrology? String art is a great way to incorporate your zodiac into your decor!

9. Swirling letters

VIEW IN GALLERYSwirling letters

(Source: Dear Mckenzie)

Once you’ve gotten the hang of string art, try creating simple words with fancy lettering and colour changes.

10. “Eat” string art

VIEW IN GALLERYEat string art

(Source: Dress This Nest)

String art makes great decor in your kitchen and dining rooms too! The look is especially nice if you use a piece of reclaimed wood as your base.

11. Pinned string art

VIEW IN GALLERYHello string art

(Source: Poppy Haus)

This string are uses thing sewing pins in a canvas rather than nails. Pins let you use more delicate string without having your pattern taken over by bulky anchor points.

12. Holiday string art

VIEW IN GALLERYSkull string art

(Source: A Beautiful Mess)

String art makes pieces that are easy to switch in and out as seasons and holidays come and go. This skull design is perfect for Halloween!

13. Animal string art

VIEW IN GALLERYAnimal string art

(Source: Delightful Deets)

Animal silhouettes make great string art projects! They’re not hard to shape and they suit almost any room.

14. Fence string art

VIEW IN GALLERYFence string art

(Source: Wedding Obsession)

Whether you’re creating a summertime mural to enjoy on the patio during barbecues or making a sentimental backdrop for wedding pictures like this one, creating string art across your wooden fence is no harder than making string wall art.

15. Big wall artVIEW IN GALLERYBig wall art

(Source: Jen Loves Kev)

If you’ve practiced your string art technique and thought of a design that you’re really in love with, commit to it! Use nails and yarn or thick string and create a huge saying or image on your wall for everyone to see.

Have you created other string art projects that you don’t see here? Tell us about how you did them in the comments section or link us to your pictures!