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Creative Ways to Decorate Your Smart Gadgets Using Washi Tape

Washi tape is one of the easiest decor solutions around. Sure, it might sound a little weird to try and decorate things with tape, but we doubt you’ll think so once you see how many adorable colors and patterns are available! It’s particularly useful when it comes to your tech-gadgets because it’s removable. Rather than ruining your keyboard or iPad with permanent things like paint or glue, try one of these 15 temporary but awesomely cute washi tape decor techniques to spice things up a little!

1. Stripe some letters

VIEW IN GALLERYStripe some letters

7th House on the Left suggests adding cute striped washi tape on just a few keys of the keyboard. This gives it a little bit of flair without distracting you from the typing at hand.

2. Leveled pattern strips

VIEW IN GALLERYCool leveled pattern strips

We love this idea from Superziper of creating a multi-leveled look with differently coloured and patterned washi tape along one edge of your laptop surface. Tearing the ends and leaving them ripped-looking creates an artistically unfinished effect rather than a polished, streamlined one.

3. Different patterns on different keys, but with a colour scheme

VIEW IN GALLERYDifferent patterns on different keys, but with a colour scheme

Eclectically vintage suggests covering just the letters and leaving the rest of your keys plain and easy to see. We love that this particular design involves a colour scheme and a pattern repetition so that it’s eclectic but not completely random.

4. Every colour and every key

VIEW IN GALLERYEvery colour and every key

On the other hand, random is great too! If organized patterns and colour schemes aren’t your thing, why not just wing it? Stick washi tape you like anywhere you feel fit, just like Wedgie Net did!

5. Ruler notch iPhone

VIEW IN GALLERYRuler notch iPhone

Some washi tape comes in easily recognizable prints, like this tape that features the notches of a ruler. Why not incorporate that into your technology decor? People wouldn’t expect to see that pattern on the back of your iPhone, but Craft and Creativity shows you how neat it looks anyways!

6. Patterned horizontal stripes

VIEW IN GALLERYPatterned horizontal stripes

Nileey Sphere suggests finding washi tape in colours that complement and interestingly contrast the colour of your actual case is a great way to make things awesomely visual rather than plain! Consider sticking down some simple horizontal stripes.

7. Subtle ipad polka dots

VIEW IN GALLERYSubtle ipad polka dots

Are you hoping to add a little bit of detail to your tech without making it completely obnoxious? Simple polka dots along the edge of your iPad make it a little more interesting without rendering it unfit for the office. Check it out on Agusy Ornet.

8. Floral iPad case stripes

VIEW IN GALLERYFloral ipad case stripes

If you’re like to spice up your iPad without sticking anything to the technology  itself, then why not get creative with the case instead? We how it looks if you fill in the stripes of a folding iPad case with patterned washi tape, just like this customized case from Little Lucy Lu.

9. Washi tape phone adapters

VIEW IN GALLERYWashi tape phone adapters

Washi tape might be deocrative, but it’s also a great organizer at the same time! If you’re living in a household where everyone has the exact same phone charger, use a bit of colourful tape to mark whose is whose, just like on these adapters from Pencil Shavings Studio.

10. Adapter and cord organization

VIEW IN GALLERYAdapter and cord organization

Take your dual purpose washi tape decor and organization to the next level by sticking it to part of the cord too! You’ll be able to recognize which adapter goes with which charging cord without having to follow along the cord to the end. Check out how Shaken Together Life coordinated these ones!

11. Cord labels


Would you rather just have a small detail instead of sticking tape all the way across and around your stuff? I Heart Organizing suggests creating a simple, subtle little tape that you can label. Besides letting you keep things straight, it’ll also add a cute pop of colour to your tech.

12. Cord organizing toilet rolls

VIEW IN GALLERYCord organizing toilet rolls

Our Thrifty Ideas knows that not everyone wants to stick things all over their expensive tablets, computers, and phones. They also know that it’s important to keep all of your different charging cords straight and untangled. Try carefully folding each cord into a toilet paper roll to keep them nicely wrapped! Next, decorate each roll with washi tape so things look cheerful.

13. Stripes and stars phone

VIEW IN GALLERYStripes and stars phone

Clever Pink Pirate says you might as well go all out if you’re going to get create! Grab an awesome patterned tape, like this one covered in stars, and some stripes of other tape colours as well. Layer them so each colour sticks out.

14. Washi tape around the keys

VIEW IN GALLERYWashi tape around the keys

This post from Pinterest suggests sticking washi tape all around and between the keys instead of on top of them. We absolutely adore the way the keys pop up from within such a bright, busy pattern!

15. Full coverage stripes

VIEW IN GALLERYFull coverage stripes

If you’re going to decorate your laptop, you might as well commit to it! Washi tape is a great way to get crisp, clean lines that stay straight. We love this horizontally striped look from Eva Chung featuring different patterns and colours that go together well but still look exciting.