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One of a Kind: DIY Salt and Pepper Shakers

Rainy days are usually the culprits for our outbursts of random creativity. You start walking around the house, carefully examining which piece you can upgrade or replace or make from scratch. Usually it results in a fun and unique crafting project that you’d normally never think of. Example? DIY salt and pepper shakers! They may not be the fanciest DIY project you’ve ever done but they will be the one that proves to be the most useful, as you cook with them every single day!

Chalkboard Shaker 


Give the regular spice shakers an upgrade with a little chalkboard tape that you can use as a label! They will instantly get a chic and fun look, one you can keep as it is or customize it by writing something witty on the chalk label! Find the tutorial at I Spy DIY!

Painted Mason Jar Shakers 


Get creative with your Mason jars and turn them into salt and pepper shakers! You’re going to need some paint to give them a beautiful rustic look and they’ll fit right into your marvelous bright kitchen! As something that can never be missing on a dinner table, these shakers by Landeelu are truly charming!

Plain Mason Jar Shakers 


If painted mason jars aren’t your style, you can absolutely leave them plain. Transparent jars won’t even need a label because you’ll clearly be able to tell them apart! All you need to do is make a few tiny holes into the jar lid and thanks to The 36th Avenue, the whole process takes just a couple of minutes!

Science Flask Shakers 


Are you bit of a science buff? Celebrate your love for the art of science by taking two little science flasks and repurposing them as salt and pepper shakers! Every time you cook your favorite meals you’ll be able to pretend that you’re actually experimenting in a lab! The Art of Doing Stuff can be your science partner!

Mini Mason Jar Shakers 


We’re still not over the usability of Mason jars! Far From Normal will show you how to make Mason jar shakers that are super tiny – check the spoon for comparison! You can paint them to a color of choice, though a chalk white color is always a classic, and then label them with the holes you’ll make in the lid!

Snowman Shakers 


When winter rolls into town, these shakers will be such a unique item to set on the table! Seasonal home decor can really help you get into the spirit of the particular season, but when even the smallest items are aligned with the time of the year, you become the coolest homeowner! Debbie Doo’s has the tutorial for these little snowman shakers!

Corona Shakers 


Don’t throw your Corona bottles away – you can turn them into innovative salt and pepper shakers that will easily entertain any guest that comes to the house and perhaps inspire them to make the same! You’ll find the simple instructions at Instructables!

Copper Shaker 


If metallic home decor is your current obsession, we’ve found the perfect piece for you to not only display in your home but also use on a daily basis! These copper salt and pepper shakers by Brit + Co have a distinct and glistening look that truly sets them apart from any other shaker on the market!

Gold Shakers 


When your kitchen has a luminous and glamorous interior, you can’t get away with having old and outdated salt and pepper shakers! They need to fit into the kitchen just as well and these stunning gold shakers by Cupcakes and Cashmere feel like a great choice, especially if you can’t stop obsessing over gold decorations!

Vintage Shakers 


Here’s some vintage love for those who don’t feel a connection to modern salt and pepper shakers and truly just want an upgraded version of good old classic shakers! The pastel turquoise color gives them a retro look and the wooden shabbiness screams vintage! Find out how you can make them yourself at I Should Be Mopping The Floor!