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Going Coastal with Your Style: DIY Tote Bags for The Beach

Summer is still upon us and the warm weather is only going get nicer and sunnier from here for the next month or so, which makes us infinitely happy! That’s because we’re huge beach people. We can’t think of a better way to spend a summer’s day than relaxing on a beach blanket with friends and family, splashing in the waves and building sand castles. We’re not exactly low maintenance beach people though; we like to take all kinds of things with us. Of course, there are plenty of ways that you can get your things there fore the afternoon, but you can probably guess by now that we’re pretty big fans of making things ourselves whenever we can! That’s why we love the idea of making our own tote bags so much.

Just in case we’ve peaked your interest, here are 15 totally awesome DIY tote ideas that make amazing beach bags!

1. DIY towel bag


If we’re being fully honest, our very favourite DIY projects are always the ones that involve upcycling something. We just get so much satisfaction out of not only making something ourselves, but also making it from something older that we can recycle rather than getting rid of it. That’s why we love this towel tote bag idea from The Melrose Family so much! They show you how to do it with a few simple sewing steps and some straps.

2. Transparent beach bag


Trend alert! Transparent bags are in all the stores right now and we’re more than happy to see that they’re all the rage. As usual, however, we immediately started looking for ways to recreate the look ourselves. This tutorial from Inspiration & Realization is the perfect way to learn how to make a transparent beach bag of your very own!

3. No-sew beach tote with rope handles


Perhaps you’ve already picked out a cool fabric that you’d really like to use but you aren’t sure how to make good, hardy straps that will withstand all your family’s trips to the beach as well as you need them to? Then we suggest taking a look at this cool idea from A Little Glass Box. Their tutorial teaches you both how to make the bag from scratch and how to attach strong rope handles.

4. Mesh screen bag


Are you totally enthralled by the idea of a transparent beach bag, but you don’t really like the look of the plastic ones? In that case, check out this mesh bag from Design Sponge! This tutorial is cool because it actually shows you how to do it with the mesh used for house screen doors, so it’s nice and strong!

5. Triangle painted beach bag


Perhaps you already have a beach bag that you like using but you’d still like to get crafty and at least customize it yourself? Then maybe you’d prefer to make a paint stamped bag just like My Trash and Treasure did here! We love their multi-coloured triangle design because it’s almost as bright and cheerful looking as the beach you’ll be sitting on.

6. Netting bag with metal handles


When you saw the mesh bag, did you fall in love with the concept but you’d rather use a bigger mesh that makes the bag a little easier to fold, pack up, and carry with you just in case you need an extra? In that case, maybe you’d prefer this tutorial from Honestly WTF! They used a wider mesh that’s almost like fishnet and they also show you how to attach trendy metal handles for solid carrying power.

7. DIY flamingo tote


When you think about making something awesome to carry to the beach, does your mind picture something a little more bright, kitschy, and funny to look at? In that case, we have a feeling you’re going to love recreating yourself this hilarious little pink flamingo bag from Inspiration & Realization!

8. Octopus stencil bags


Did the idea of making yourself an animal themed beach bag grab your attention but you’re not sure you’re into having that much pink in one place? Maybe you just prefer sea creatures for a seaside bag instead! In that case, check out how The Creativity Exchange made these funny little customized totes using a stencil. They chose an octopus and we love how they made one version with a positive space stencil and one with a negative one.

9. Kids’ t-shirt tote bag


Are you still enthralled by the idea of making a tote using something you’ve upcycled from elsewhere in your home? Then you’re going to love this tutorial from Earth Friendly Tots! They show you how to create a simply shaped grocery style tote by seaming the bottom opening, widening the neck, and cutting off the sleeves. It’s nice and easy but super useful!

10. Double fabric beach tote


Have you been scrolling through these designs trying to find an idea that’s a little more heavy duty because you come from a very beach loving family and you know it’s going to get a lot of use? Then check out this lined, double layer bag made with two fabrics! Besides being hardy, this awesome DIY tote from Fiskars is reversible, which is just an added bonus!

11. Pom pom straw beach bag


Perhaps you’re still learning a lot about DIY and customization techniques and you’re just looking for a way to jazz up a beach tote you already use quite a lot? Then check out this adorable pom pom and tassel embellishment from The Fox & She! These are made using simple techniques with coloured yarn.

12. Upcycled clothing cut out bags


Did you love the idea of making beach totes out of t-shirts but all the shirts you have available are very plain and you’d prefer at least some kind of detail? In that case, check out how Kaley Ann made these ones using a technique so easy you’ll hardly believe it! They’ve made very small cuts with scissors all across the fabric to create the illusion of mesh without slicing the bag so much that things start falling out.

13. DIY Girlfriend beach bag


Do you love the idea of altering and customizing the beach tote you’re already using but you’d like something a little more colourful and attention grabbing than just an added keychain or simple embellishment? Then follow in Burlap and Crystal‘s lead and get our your paints! They show you how nicely a simple paint blocked section around the bottom of a cute wicker tote can look.

14. DIY painted beach bags


Do you appreciate the painted colour block look we just showed you above but you see a lot more potential for patterns and colour combinations in the idea of taking paint to your favourite beach bag? Then you definitely need to check out these adorable painted bag ideas from Our Boathouse! We’re particularly fond of the idea of painting each little woven piece of the bag a different colour to get a cool almost checkboard effect.

15. DIY sequin beach bag


Maybe you don’t mind the idea of embellishing a bag that already exists so long as there’s a little bit of a sparkle involved? In that case, you’re going to adore This awesome cursive bag made from sequinned strings positioned and sewn to make a cut beach quote. The patches and embroidery wrapped handle are also adorable touches! See the whole idea in more detail on Studio DIY.