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Get Creative With Chalkboard Paint: 12 DIY Chalkboard Projects

Chalkboard paint is frequently featured in our roundups, so it’s long overdue that we give it a roundup of its own! It is one of the most versatile products and can definitely turn any item from boring to unique in a matter of minutes. We have picked out the 12 most fun and useful chalkboard paint projects out there and we’re happy to share them with you!

Find your inspiration with these 12 DIY chalkboard projects!

1. Chalkboard Sign

VIEW IN GALLERYChalkboard Sign

Looking for something to add a bit of a rustic vibe to your home? Try this wooden chalkboard sign! You can use it as a welcome sign to show your guests hospitality, or just fill it with any message you find most suitable for your home. Find the tutorial at eHow!

2. Kid’s Table


Do you always tell your kids not to draw on the table with markers? Here’s a perfect solution, brought to you by And Cute! It’s a chalkboard table that will encourage their creativity but won’t result in a destroyed table!

3. Jar Labels

VIEW IN GALLERYChalkboard Jar Labels

Organization is everything. Without it, jars can get mixed up and then you end up with a mess! Make sure your kitchen organization is on point with some chalkboard jar labels! Find out more at Pumps & Iron!

4. Wine Glasses

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY chalkboard wine glasses

Is there a way to make drinking wine an even better ritual than it already is? Well yes, apparently there is! This chalkboard upgrade of classic wine glasses is to die for! They look so elegant and personal! You’ll be happy to find the how-to at Cambria!

5. Serving Tray


The time has come to live out your Downton Abbey breakfast fantasies, but with a modern twist! Make a big serving tray, but paint it with chalkboard paint! How? Shanty2Chic will tell you! We know it’s pictured on the table, but really, nobody will judge you if you take it to your bed!

6. Coasters

VIEW IN GALLERYChalkboard coasters

Nothing says “I’m a great host” like unique coasters!! The best part about these chalkboard coasters is that you can always change them and make them personalized for every single person that comes into your home! We can’t thank Darby Smart enough!

7. Chalkboard Chest

VIEW IN GALLERYChalkboard Chest

Never get lost in a pile of clothes ever again! This idea is downright brilliant; you’ll always know what goes where, so folding up the laundry will be so much quicker! Visit Refreshingly Chic for more details!

8. Monogram Slate


Monograms are the hottest thing in town! They make for a perfect and personalized décor, but according to Maison de Pax, this one also has the benefit of keeping your child busy if need be! If there ever was an item every parent needs, this is it!

9. Candle Centerpiece

VIEW IN GALLERYCandle Centerpiece

Spice up your everyday table setting by adding some candles to it and using chalkboard paint to create these special candle holders, forming a peaceful and impressive centerpiece. The making-of process is quick and easy, so head over to Heart Love Always and get to work!

10. Cookie Tin

VIEW IN GALLERYChalkboard clad cookie tin

Remember that feeling of disappointment when you found a cookie tin at home, opened it and instead of cookies it was full of sewing materials? Let’s make sure this never happens again! Paint the lid with chalkboard paint, label it and never have a disappointed face in the house again! Infarrantly Creative will show you how!

11. Chalkboard Mug


Are you touchy about your mugs? Or maybe you just wish they weren’t so plain? Dress them up in some chalkboard paint, then either decorate them at will or clearly mark your mug, so no one makes a mistake! See tutorial at Wit & Whistle.

12. Chalkboard Refrigerator

VIEW IN GALLERYChalkboard Refrigerator

Well, why the hell not?! Chalkboard paint will give your refrigerator a neat and organized look, making it reflect on the entire kitchen! Check out The Kurtz Corner to see how it’s done!

When a cashier asks you why you need so many cans of chalkboard paint, be sure to let them know about this roundup!!