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Mesmerizing Perfection: 12 Magical Crystal Crafts

Crystals take our breath away. Just looking at them feels magical and special, not to mention that they are also said to have special healing powers. It would be such a shame if we didn’t use these gifts of nature for some crafts! Whether you love their majestic look or want to test their powers, here are 12 magical crystal crafts that will leave you in awe!

1. Amethyst Mirror

VIEW IN GALLERYAmethyst mirror

Amethyst doesn’t leave anyone cold, with its charming purple color that has quite a mesmerizing effect! Adding it to your mirror will do wonders for your daily routine of looking into it. Where self-love meets amethyst-love great things happen! Find out more at Design Love Fest.

2. Crystal Necklace

VIEW IN GALLERYCrystal necklace

Some crystals are so captivating they are not meant to sit at home! If you want to have a crystal with you everywhere you go, this idea by Jenuine Mom is one you’ll want to try! We don’t doubt that it will soon become the most special piece of your jewelry collection.

3. Crystal Planter

VIEW IN GALLERYCrystal planters

Who knows, maybe crystals affect plants as well! Test this theory by making some stunning crystal planters and watch how your greens grows! You’ll find ideas and tutorials at Jojotastic for three different crystal planters, from smallest to largest!

4. Crystal Drawer Knobs

VIEW IN GALLERYCrystal drawer knobs

Your chosen crystal craft can be as easy as changing the drawer knobs to crystal knobs! It’s amazing how a small change like that can instantly make the room feel completely different! Care to try it out in your home? See how BLDG 25 made it happen!

 5. Crystal Magnets

VIEW IN GALLERYCrystal magnets

Magnets go a long way! Since we’re all putting them on our fridge or a magnet board to hold up the takeaway menus and other important notes, they might as well look the part! These crystal magnets a great choice! If you’ve decided to bring some magic into your kitchen, Almost Makes Perfect will show you how to make these magnet beauties!

6. Crystal Jewelry Display

VIEW IN GALLERYCrystal jewelry display

We love putting jewelry on display; it’s a practical and gorgeous way of organizing it! One thing that will make your jewelry display even more mesmerizing? Crystals! Use them to make your display and watch in awe how they draw attention to your precious jewelry pieces! Instructions at Julep!

7. Crystal Topped Box

VIEW IN GALLERYCrystal topped box

Jewelry displays are not everything, sometimes we like to keep our accessories in a box. If you are in need of a jewelry box that will store your precious pieces or serve as a gift box for a friend, this Etsy Blog is where you need to go and be blown away by the most exquisite jewelry box! The secret ingredient? A crystal, of course!

8. Crystal Rings

VIEW IN GALLERYCrystal rings

Once you have that neat crystal box, it is only fitting that you make some crystal rings to store them within! With a variety of crystals to choose from we imagine you’ll soon have your very own crystal ring collection! Swell Mayde will help you with that.

9. Crystal Dreamcatcher

VIEW IN GALLERYCrystal dreamcatcher

Put your crystals in the center of your dreamcatcher and so enhance its powers even more! It is such a precious piece to include into your home if you love yourself some bohemian décor! Vii Dreamcatcher will explain the process!

10. Crystal Cuff


Cuffs are currently the trendiest accessory, but there’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars on golden cuffs when you can make your own that look just the same – perhaps even better! These crystal cuffs are everything we have ever wanted and more! Dream, Create has the how-to!

11. Crystal Photo Display

VIEW IN GALLERYCrystal photo display

One thing is crystal clear: this photo display is the loveliest! It’s amazing what some gold wire and crystals can do! It is so simple and yet the perfect element to add to just about any surface that needs some spicing up. Visit A Beautiful Mess to see how you can make this beautiful crystal photo display!

12. Crystal Bottle Stoppers

VIEW IN GALLERYCrystal bottle stoppers

You can even bring crystal perfection to your beverages! The usual bottle stoppers tend to be quite boring to look at, but we can assure you that these bottle stoppers by Camille Styles are anything but boring! Cheers!

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