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15 Ways to Upcycle Brooms and Broom Handles with Fun Flair!

Recently, we cleaned out our garage and discovered that we actually had no less than six damaged, broken, or worn out brooms sitting in one corner… but no functional broom that could actually help us sweep up the crafting mess we’d just made with our kids in the kitchen. That’s how we found ourselves online late at night researching different ways to make new DIY brooms and also upcycle the pieces of the old brooms we already had!

Just in case you’re as intrigued by the idea of creating awesome upcycled projects from your old brooms and broom handles as we were, here are 15 of the coolest ideaswe’ve come across so far in our search for ways to repurpose these into practical things.

1. DIY paper bag broom


Do you have an old wooden broom handle that you’d like to keep using but you know that the head of the broom is simply way too olds and worn to be of any use at all to you? Well, if you’re mostly looking for an idea that’s fun rather than a full fixer-upper for the broom, then we’d suggest taking a look at how Ribbons and Glue made an awesome, vintage looking novelty broom using stripped paper bags! We think this would look very rustic chic indeed leaned in one corner of your old fashioned looking kitchen.

2. DIY upcycled cinnamon broom


Did we really catch your attention when we started talking old fashioned decorative brooms? Well, you might not necessarily use your old broom pieces for this project after all, but we can fully understand wanting to make fall inspired or Halloween appropriate broom after finding the real thing in a larger size in your garage like we did! We love the way Ribbons and Glue made this lovely cinnamon broom from a stick handle, twigs, a couple long cinnamon sticks and strips of spare material, and we also completely adore the way they hung it on their door like a wreath.

3. Broom handle and funnel planter


Do you live in a lovely old home that has always had a rustic chic or sort of farmhouse inspired feel about it that you love making DIY decor projects to build up and foster? In that case, we have a feeling this fantastic standing planter, made from an upcycled broom handle and a large repurposed funnel, is the perfect project for you, particularly if you’re also a gardening enthusiast! See how it’s done in more detail on Sylvia’s Daughter.

4. Broom made from a hockey stick


Are you so intrigued by the entire concept of broom related crafting in general that now you’re actually curious about what kinds of cool brooms that are a little bit novelty and a little bit practical you can make for yourself? Well, if you come from a household of sports enthusiasts, then we think perhaps this awesome DIY broom made from an old hockey stick might just be right up your alley! Find out how you can make one of your very own on Uncommon Goods.

5. Push broom desk organizer


Have you actually found a series of old push brooms in your garage, shed, or old barn and, even though they’re not really something you need anymore or perhaps they have broken handles, it would just break your heart to get rid of something so vintage and authentically rustic? In that case, we absolutely think you should take a look at how Good Housekeeping gave the wooden frames on their old push broom heads a coat of bright paint, flipped them upside down, and turned them into desk organizers! Stick your pens, pencils, and paint brushes right in between the bristles.

6. Halloween pencil broom favours


By this point, we’re so far down the black hole of Internet crafting tutorials that we’re getting excited about basically any craft that mentions, makes, or is themed after brooms. We just think it’s such a cool idea to get creative about regular old household items! That’s why we’ve definitely bookmarked this cute Halloween party favours idea from Exploring Domesticity that shows you how to turn cute novelty pencils into miniature witches’ brooms.

7. Upcycled pallet broom closet


Even though you came here to look at upcycled broom projects or ways to make brooms yourself, did we really catch your eye when we started talking earlier on about ways to make a storage space for your brooms so you don’t end up like us, with six ruined ones forgotten and unused in the garage? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how 1001 Pallets created this fantastic broom cupboard that looks the part in a rustic home and is made from repurpose palletes, so you’re still on that upcycling game like you wanted even though you’re no longer making something with the brooms themselves with this tutorial.

8. Pretzel broomstick party snacks


Are you the kind of DIY enthusiast whose skills have actually always lied in the kitchen rather than the crafting room, but you find yourself getting excited about making food versions of a lot of the things other people like to make using DIY supplies? Then we have a feeling you just might be the perfect person to give these hilarious snack brooms a try! How Tuesday teaches you how to make them from pretzels and crunchy angel hair noodles. We love that they show you how to make delicious dips to accompany them too!

9. Broom handle to washi tape organizer


If you’re going to use your DIY skills to make something yourself, would you rather come full circle and make something that will help you organize your supplies if at all possible? Well, if you’re the kind of crafter who uses lots of different things that come on rolls or spools, then you’re in luck with those old broom handles you found after all! Check out how Pillar Box Blue created a stand for washi tape, ribbons, or spools of string to slide onto by cutting an old broom handle into sections and mounting the pieces on another piece of wood before staining the whole thing and painting the ends for a bit of style.

10. Harry Potter quidditch brooms


Has all this talk about brooms really just got you thinking about your very favourite novel and film series and now you can’t help wondering whether other crafters have created broom themed crafts that have to do with Harry Potter as well? Then we think you’re going to adore this miniature quidditch broom craft outlined step by step on Epbot very much indeed! We love that they even show you how to make the small details of the fancy sports brooms described in the books.

11. DIY sparkle broom


Are you still feeling quite intrigued by these decorative broom ideas but your personal sense of style and homemade decor is a little more sparkly and flashy than what you’ve seen so far so you’ve been holding out on making a decision until you find something a little more sparkly? Then we’re happy to announce that your wait is finally over! Check out how The Rehomesteaders created this fantastic, woodland witchy looking sparkle broom using branches and rhinestones.

12. Miniature doll broom and dustpan


If your household in real life could use a broom and dustpan, it only makes sense that your kids’ dolls’ houses could use those things too, right? Our kids are such practical little players that they want just about anything they see in our house or out in the real world in miniature so that their dolls can do all the daily things they see us doing in real life. That’s why we were so happy to come across this fantastic DIY doll broom and dust pan tutorial featured on N&L DIY!