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Get Creative With Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces

Do you happen to have some old jigsaw puzzle pieces that have long lost its counterparts? Or maybe even boxes of old puzzles nobody ever touches anymore? Well, we might have some ideas how you can upcycle them and put them to a great, creative use! Check out these lovely puzzle pieces crafts and find your inspiration!

Puzzle Piece Letter Art

VIEW IN GALLERYPuzzle Piece Letter Art

Craft those puzzle pieces into a letter of your choosing, perhaps an initial of your name or maybe your child’s name – they will surely enjoy crafting this together with you! You can even put the end result on the door of their room, to decorate the entrance into their magical living space. Visit Hometalk for instructions!

Puzzle Piece Frame

VIEW IN GALLERYPuzzle Piece Frame

Why not use the puzzles to create this lovely frame?! Not only is it absolutely stunning and cute to look at, it’s also very versatile, as you can use it as an ornament, too! Buggy And Buddy shares the how-to!

Puzzle Coaster


Coasters are epic. End of debate. They save us the cleaning and make our coffee tables look a little less messy! Make a coaster from your old jigsaw puzzle pieces and be proud of what you’ve created every time you sip on your favorite drink. And yes, you can definitely brag to your friends about it! But before that, see how RedTedArt made it happen!

Best Friends Necklace

VIEW IN GALLERYBest Friends Necklace

Just like The Beatles have taught us, we all get by with a little help from our friends. Show your friends how perfectly they fit with you by creating these amazing necklaces that will always serve as a reminder of your strong bond! Find the tutorial at Grosgrain!

Puzzle Photo Keyrings

VIEW IN GALLERYPuzzle Photo Keyrings

Keychains are that little item that we almost always have on us, so why not make it really personal and just overall filled with cuteness?? Me And My Shadow tells you how! Pick a picture of your favorite person (or people), grab yourself some puzzle pieces and in a few short steps, a personalized keyring will be all yours!

Puzzle Fridge Magnets

VIEW IN GALLERYPuzzle Fridge Magnets

This idea is perfect if you have little children! Make fridge magnets out of puzzle pieces and have fun while your littlest ones try to put it together! When learning is fun, we’re on board! Serenity Now will tell you how to make these!

Puzzle Piece Earrings

VIEW IN GALLERYPuzzle Piece Earrings

Everybody loves jewelry, but there is something extra special about handmade jewelry pieces! They are personal, delicate and totally unique. Cut Out + Keep made these lovely earrings from puzzle pieces and we think they look like loads of fun!!

Puzzle Gift Tags


We are gift-givers all year long, because someone always has a birthday or an anniversary or is getting married or having a baby shower. Tagging the gifts can be a boring and repetitive process, so why not bring some creativity into it and make the gift tags out of puzzles and chalkboard paint? This idea will especially be useful at Christmas, like Domestically Blissful used it, but until then, you have 11 months of birthdays ahead of you!

In light of spring cleaning being just around the corner: out with the old [puzzles], in with the new [décor]!