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Home Decorating Trend You Will Love: Best DIY Rustic Decor Ideas

Even if you’re not actually living in the country, a cabin in the woods, or old family farmlands, adopting a rustic home decor aesthetic has become something of a trend, and we can’t say we blame people! There’s something so comforting and wonderfully re-purposed about decorating your home with pieces that look natural and naturally weathered. We’ve been incorporating more and more rustic decor in our own home lately too, which is why we’ve always got our eyes peeled for DIY inspiration.

Just in case you love the idea of making fantastically rustic influenced home decor pieces just as much as we do, if not more, here are best ideas that we’ve come across so far in our search!

1. Rustic barn door headboards


If you’ve got access to some genuinely repurposed farm pieces to upcycle, then you’ve got just about everything you need to make a beautifully rustic home decor scheme happen! One of the best ideas we’ve ever seen with actual old farm pieces is this barn door that Old World Garden Farms upcycled into a stunningly lightly weathered headboard for their bed.

2.  Anthropologie inspired handle wrapping


Are you actually looking for smaller details rather than very large projects because you’re currently on a budget and starting towards your desired aesthetic with baby steps? In that case, perhaps you’d be better off with something like this cupboard door handle wrapping project from House Revivals for now! All you need is a bit of hemp or jute string.

3. Rustic wooden mail sorter


Is the wood you got from the old farmhouse or barn actually more pieced rather than being a whole barn door, but you’re still intent on using it? Well, this lovely upcycled wood mail sorter tutorial outlined step by step on Fox Hollow Cottage might come in handy then! It’s actually even simple enough for complete woodworking amateurs to try their hand at as a beginner project.

4. DIY wood planked wall


If you’re going to commit to a rustic aesthetic in your home and decor scheme, would you rather take on a bit more of a challenge and make a slightly more permanent change? Then we have a feeling you’ll appreciate just how much of a statement this stunning repurposed wooden wall makes! Thrifty Decor Chick walks you through the process of making it happen.

5. Blanket ladder


Were you actually aiming for a piece that falls somewhere between the permanent statements and the little fine details? Well, if you live in a chilly place where people spend a lot of the winter curled up on blankets on the couch, then maybe you’ll get a kick out of the way Refresh, Restyle used a rustic looking wooden ladder propped against a wall as a blanket rack!

6. Rustic farmhouse entryway


If you’re going to give your home a specific aesthetic, you might as well commit to it immediately upon greeting your guests at the door so they get a full sense of your style and how welcoming your house is, right? That’s why we loved this tutorial from Cherished Bliss that shows you all kinds of ideas, tips, and tricks for turning your front entryway into a homey, rustic haven.

7. Footboard towel rack


Part of the reason we’ve always loved rustic aesthetics so much in any home or public place is that there’s such an emphasis on repurposing and upcycling, which is our very favourite kind of project. That’s why we loved this adorable tutorial from Finding Home that shows you how to turn the footboard of a bed into a cute entryway coat rack and decor shelf!

8. DIY farmhouse coffee table


Maybe you’ve actually been scrolling through our list and hoping to come across something that you can use reclaimed farmhouse wood for but that you can actually build from scratch yourself, since you’re quite handy indeed? In that case, we’re pleased to direct your attention to this lovely rustic wooden coffee table that you’ll find fully outlined on Love Grows Wild.

9. Rustic wooden pumpkin planter


Not all rustic decor has to be fall themed, of course, but we will totally admit that there is something about weathered wood and reclaimed things that inexplicably makes us think of fall. That’s probably why we loved these stunning pumpkin shaped rustic planters so much! See how they’re done (or bookmark the tutorial for closer to the season) on The Frugal Homemaker.

10. Step ladder side table


Have you actually really loved all of these rustic ladder ideas you’ve seen around but you’re just not sure you have need of a blanket rack like we showed you earlier on our list? In that case, maybe you’d get more use out of a weathered ladder bedside table! We’re pretty obsessed with the way Junkers United leaned there’s and then added extra solid wood on the rungs to make better surfaces to set things on.

11. Upcycled vintage inspired chandelier


Just because you’re going for a rustic upcycled aesthetic doesn’t mean you can’t have a little bit of glam here and there! Similarly, it also doesn’t mean that everything you repurpose has to be made of weathered wood! That’s why we fell so in love with this fantastic vintage chandelier that has been transformed with a coat of paint to make it more like a mod colour pop piece that contrasts wonderfully with the rest of your farmhouse inspired things. See how it’s done in more detail on Mountain Modern Life.

12. DIY farmhouse message board


Have you actually already created quite a number of clearly rustic statement pieces in your home and now smaller decor details are specifically what you’re looking for? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Seeking Lavender Lane made this fantastic message board from wood, chicken wire, and some clips to put papers in.

13.  DIY chicken wire light fixture


Speaking of chicken wire, are you actually a big fan of the way it looks when it’s used in decor but you’d like to use it for a slightly more notable piece in your house than just a message board that guests might not see? Then we think you might really appreciate the way The Inspired Hive created a hanging pendant light that features a “shade” bent carefully and evenly from the very wire you’ve been admiring elsewhere.

14. DIY rustic pallet coffee table


Just in case you’re still quite enamoured with the idea of making a rustic wooden coffee table of your very own but you’re slightly new to woodworking, here’s a version that starts with a pallet so you have some kind of pre-formed shape to build on! We love the way The Wonder Forest outlines it so easily, giving you a design that’s beautifully weathered and gets you a magazine shelf.

15. DIY rustic wooden headboard


Did we actually really catch your attention with the rustic barn door headboard we showed you earlier but you just don’t have the opportunity to get your hands on a whole reclaimed door? Then grab what reclaimed wood you can get and make the next best thing by taking a look at how Andrea’s Notebook made this fantastic headboard right from start to finish!