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15 Adorable Crocheted Christmas Stocking Patterns

One of our very favourite Christmas traditions is hanging Christmas stockings. We love the idea of filling each person’s giant sock with little trinkets and personalized gifts, and we also love reading in and finding out what’s in our own! Besides that, stockings are a great opportunity to get decorative and crafty all at once. The neater your stocking looks, the more it’ll contribute to your Christmas decor! We absolutely adore making our home look as festive as possible. When it comes to DIY stockings, however, there’s one crafting technique that, for us, takes the lead in terms of favourites.

Check out these 15 beautiful crochet Christmas stocking patterns that will make your space look warm and festive and make your family members’ faces light up on Christmas morning!

1. Fabulously Festive stocking

VIEW IN GALLERYFabulously Festive stockings

No matter what colours you do your stripes in, the lovely little scallops and waves in this stocking pattern will make them look amazing! We love the little crocheted holly detail on the cuff and we’re also glad to see that the stocking as a loop so you can hand them up wherever you please! (by Gleeful Things)

2. Gracious stocking

VIEW IN GALLERYGracious stocking

Are you looking for a design that’s a little more classic and looks closer to something you’d see in a TV show or movie or in a magazine? Then we think you’ll like this design a little more than one that’s very colourful! Granted, you could make the foot and the heel and toe of this design in whatever bright colours you please, but it’s pretty lovely in traditional Christmas colours, if you ask us. (by Red Heart)

3. Kaleidoscope stocking

VIEW IN GALLERYKaleidoscope stocking

Perhaps your version of a perfect stocking is one that actually doesn’t look traditional at all? If you’re the kind of person who loves bright colours and eye catching designs, then this crochet pattern and colour scheme design are the perfect option for you. We’re completely in love with the little pom poms all around the top of the cuff. (by 3 Squeezes)

4. Cabled stocking

VIEW IN GALLERYCabled stocking

Are you a little bit more experience in your crochet techniques and looking for something that will put them to use? Perhaps you’re still quite new but you’re looking for something to learn now that’s a little more challenging than the basics? Well, if you ask us, it sounds like it’s time to start cabling! This gorgeous cabled stocking pattern looks classic, traditional, and absolutely lovely by the time it’s done. Make sure to do it in a light or bright colour, as darker hues don’t show details and patterns quite as well. If you’re going to put all that work in, of course you want people to see it! (by Red Heart)

5. Granny square stocking

VIEW IN GALLERYGranny square stocking

Usually granny squares are made for things like baby blankets and afghans, but we love using traditional techniques for new projects! Creating each little square separately and then joining them together around the border is a fun process that will keep you busy in the evenings while you watch TV or catch up with your family. Granny square projects are also great for teaching new corcheters because they’ll feel very accomplished every time they finish a simple square. Finally, they’re great for teaming up on a project with someone else! We love the adorable patchwork effect the finished product has. (by Family Circle)

6. Classy zig zag stocking

VIEW IN GALLERYClassy zig zag stocking

Do you love a little bit of visual detail but you’re not looking for anything too fancy? Try this absolutely adorable zig zag pattern! Besides how great it looks in shape, we really like the idea of being able to choose multiple colours to create a scheme. Both brights and neutrals will look great and the overall effect will be nice and textured. (by Make My day Creative)

7. Dog paws stocking

 VIEW IN GALLERYDog paws stocking

If you’re going to make stockings for the family this year, remember to make one for every member of the family- even the four-legged ones! we’re absolutely in loved with this crocheted paw print stocking, which could actually be made for families with any paw-having pet if you leave out the adorable bone embellishment. (by Red Heart)

8. Snowman sock stocking

VIEW IN GALLERYSnowman sock stocking

Do you love the idea of doing some colour work in your stocking? Then try this simple little snowman pattern! The base, cuff, heel, and toe are all rather simple, and the snowman is actually a lot easier than you’d think to make, but keep in mind that you will have to count stitches and watch your rows when it comes to adding details. The finished product is so cute, however, that it’s totally worth it! (by Yarnspirations)

9. Heirloom stockings

VIEW IN GALLERYHeirloom stockings

We’re pretty sure these stockings have the word “heirloom” in the name because they’re so darn cute and classic that, if you make them from quality yarn, they’ll stay in your family for generations to come. That’s the greatest thing about hand crocheted gifts! Your kids will enjoy them this year, but in the future it might be your grandchildren pulling teats and toys out of the toes. We’re in love with the cute little Christmas tree details on the side! (by Maggie’s Crochet)

10. Elf sized stocking ornament

VIEW IN GALLERYElf sized stocking ornament

Are you a huge fan of stockings but your kids are actually all grown up and your Christmas celebrations are going to be a small, adult family affair this year? Well, that’s no excuse to give up on stockings all together! Instead of crocheting a big stocking that will go unfilled, try creating an adorable little stocking ornament for your Christmas tree. We love the concept of calling them “elf stockings” because it gives us the most hilarious mental image of tiny Santa’s elves wearing them as socks! (by Fav Crafts)

11. Fuzzy topped mini stockings

VIEW IN GALLERYFuzzy topped mini stockings

Do you like the idea of making mini stockings but you’d rather add a little bit more flair to your design? Then we definitely think you’ll appreciate the use of fun fur yarn here! We love the way the fringy texture lines the edge of the cuff all the way around the top. Talk about opening up new possibilities for colour combinations! (by Craftsy)

12. Crocheted and cross stitched stockings

VIEW IN GALLERYCrocheted and cross stitched stockings

Don’t you just adore crafts that let you combine more than one of your crafting skills to make the same awesome DIY project? That’s what it takes to make these gorgeous, vintage looking stockings! Once you’ve crocheted the stocking itself, you’ll actually switch techniques and start cross stitching in order to add the picture on the front. Whoever you gift these stockings too will be head over heels for the gorgeous details you’ve added. (by Yarnspirations)

13. Crocheted baby stocking

VIEW IN GALLERYCrocheted baby stocking

We understand that this name might be a little bit misleading. When we first clicked on the “baby stocking” pattern, we suspected that it would lead us to a crochet pattern for a stocking that was small enough for a baby to wear or enjoy. To our surprise, we were met with the instructions for crocheting a stocking so big that the baby actually fits inside! Imagine all of the adorable Christmas portraits you can take. It’ll also keep Baby warm and toasty on chilly holiday mornings! (by Red Heart)

14. Lacy stocking

 VIEW IN GALLERYLace crochet stocking

Perhaps you’re looking for a stocking pattern that’s a little more pretty and intricate than some of the more classic or novelty patterns you’ve seen on our list so far? In that case, a lace stocking design is definitely what you need! There are few finished projects that will ever look quite as gorgeous as crocheted lace, nor be quite as rewarding when you’re finally done. This one’s for crochet enthusiasts who are a little more experienced! (by Fav Crafts)

15. Striped stocking

VIEW IN GALLERYStriped stockings

Perhaps you’re a big fan of colour blocking and you’re plain and simply looking for some fun, bright, easy stripes? Then you’ll love this awesome effect that, depending on which colours you choose for your stripes, can look totally traditional and Christmas-y or totally wild and rainbow. We really like the cute Fleur de Lise detail around the cuff, but if you’re experienced enough to read design charts, you can embellish that part however you please! (by Fav Crafts)

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