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Shades of Copper: Fantastic Ideas for Repurposing Old Pennies

Do you happen to have some old pennies lying around and a crafty itch that needs to be scratched? It’s time to look for some penny crafts that will breathe new life into the old copper coins! From jewelry to house décor, you will love them without a doubt! Here are some fantastic ideas for repurposing old pennies!

Penny Ring


Transform your pennies into fabulous accessories! This penny ring we found at TiB is absolutely gorgeous, but what really makes it outstanding is its total uniqueness. They don’t sell these at fancy boutiques! You’ll have to make this one yourself and wear it proudly, knowing that it’s one-of-a-kind!

Penny “Eat” Sign

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With pennies, you really have a multitude of possibilities. They can be incorporated into almost anything, for example a nifty sign for your kitchen. Round up, foodies! This is the sign you have always wanted! You can see the whole project at Crafted Sparrow and be amazed by its simplicity!

Penny Photo Frame

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Money can’t buy you love, but it can make you a frame for photographs that capture the moments you shared with your loved ones! It’s a nice sentiment to always remember that the most valuable things in life really cannot be bought! Peek at Oh So Lovely for a tutorial!

Penny Coasters

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By now you already know how many different ways there are to make coasters! You should also have more than just one style of coasters at hand, so do try out this brilliant idea by Seriously, I’m Thrifty who found a way to make pennies into coasters! Talk about a useful repurposing!

Penny Mirror

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A wonderful decoration idea, especially if you have a mirror you’re not particularly fond of. Dress it up in pennies and watch as the copper transforms your mirror into a total piece of art! This idea comes from Honey Sweet Home and while it is but time consuming, it is also the most stunning thing you’ll ever see!

Penny Ombre Wall Art

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Not even pennies can escape the ombre craze! This rustic and unique wall art is a must have for anyone who wants to decorate their house with something very special and totally outside of the box! We love this project by I Heart Naptime and encourage you to try it!

Penny Pendants


These pendants will blow you away! We can barely believe they’re made out of pennies! Call up your best friends and have a crafty girls’ night in, because making these is so addictive you won’t be able to stop at one! Sharing is caring, so share this with your friends as Just Something I Made shares the instructions!

Penny Bird House

VIEW IN GALLERYpenny bird house

Another amazing craft, this time for the little birds that are coming into your back yard! Surprise them with a new house, shining in the glow of its copper penny roof! We’re sure the birds won’t need much convincing to call this one a home! Get the tutorial at Dream A Little Bigger!

Penny Charms


Sometimes we need a little reminder of how lucky and blessed we truly are. Use these penny charms as a constant reminder of the blessings in your life. They also make pretty good lucky charms and, as Intimate Weddings will tell you, a great anniversary gift too! What’s not to love?!

Penny Table Top

VIEW IN GALLERYpenny table top

Last but not least, this penny table top is a really charming way to bring some copper into your living room! It’s a very specific choice of a table top and will surely be appreciated by anyone who lays eyes on it! Remove and Replace will show you how to make it and take your coffee table game to the next level!

Ready to repurpose those pennies? Hell yes!