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Swing Nostalgia Away: 10 DIY Swings For Kids And Adults

Thinking about our childhoods, one of the most nostalgic memories has to be carelessly swinging in the back yard or a nearby park. If you miss those days, here’s your chance to relieve those memories! Make a DIY swing for your kids, or for yourself! Either way, joy and laughter are guaranteed! You’re never too old (or too young) to have fun on a swing, so check out these 10 amazing DIY swings you’ll fall in love with!

1. Skateboard Swing

VIEW IN GALLERYSkateboard Swing

There is nothing like upcycling an old item everybody says you should throw away. Are people side-eyeing you for still holding on to that skateboard? Well, just you wait until they see your new skateboard swing! Plot twist: You won’t need a helmet to use this one. Also, this project only takes 20 minutes to make, according to Little Bit Funky.

2. Tree Swing


Hello classic. This simple little swing might just stay in your family for a very long time. Just think about your kids making memories while swinging on it, then one day passing it on to kids of their own! Are you teary eyed yet? We are! Better read those instructions at The Merry Thought soon, before our vision gets blurry!

3. Round Rope Swing


Remember how much fun these round swings are? You even have to put in a little effort to get it swinging, which could probably count as a form of exercise. Anything to skip gym day! Your kids will adore this one, even more so if you let them be involved in the making-of process! Visit Bower Power to see the step-by-step!

4. Tire Swing #1

VIEW IN GALLERYHomemade tire swing

This tire swing, found at Ella Claire, has to be one of the simplest projects; you need very few supplies and it’s done before you know it! It is bound to bring playfulness into your back yard – kids of all ages will be lining up to use it, so here’s a fair warning, if you’re thinking of making just one!

5. Tire Swing #2


Here’s another take on a tire swing. This one is horizontal and therefore offers many different ways of swinging. It’s great because it can fit two kids at once, so it’s twice as fun (and keeps them both busy while you’re working in the garden). Visit Stately Kitsch for a tutorial!

6. Chair Swing


Well, why not? We’ve all had to say goodbye to some old chairs at some point, but whenever there’s a chance to upcycle something, do take it! This unique idea comes from This DIY Life and the best part about it is the fact that you can sit comfortably while you’re swinging!

7. Wood Planks Swing

VIEW IN GALLERYkindergarten

This subtle, wood plank swing from Momtastic reminds us of kindergarten days! They’re very comfortable and can adjust to any shape, so whether you have little toddlers, teenagers, or it’s just for your own amusement, there isn’t a soul who couldn’t enjoy it!

8. Swing Set


They say that two is better than one and HGTV knows that! A set of two swings definitely trumps having just one! Can you imagine? No more fighting over the one swing! A dream come true for every parent out there!

9. Colorful Swing


Sausage Jar decided to mix modern vibes with a traditional swing and the end result is absolutely stunning! Just look at that gorgeous fabric, making it look so lively and free! Just imagine how fun it must look when the wind ruffles them up!

10. Plastic Crate Swing


Sometimes, everything you need you already have – quite literally. Look around your house and surely you already have all of the supplies you’ll need to make this swing! Because it has so much space, the kids will adore it and won’t want to come out of it! You can find the details at Playtivities.