Make Your Own DIY Balloon Flowers for a Party

Are you looking for an easy and creative way to add a touch of color to your next party? Look no further than balloon flowers! With just a few simple supplies and some basic crafting skills, you can create colorful flower arrangements that will be sure to turn heads. Read on for an overview of how to make balloon flowers.

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Gather Supplies

The first step in making balloon flowers is gathering your supplies. You’ll need balloons in the colors of your choice, curling ribbon, scissors, and a balloon pump (which is optional). It’s best to stick with round balloons because they are easier to shape into petals. Once you have all the supplies, it’s time to start crafting!

Create Petals

To create petals, inflate the balloons with either your mouth or a pump. When using a pump, be careful not to overinflate the balloons as they may pop! Once the balloons are inflated, tie them off with curling ribbon. Then cut off any excess ribbon and use scissors or your fingers to gently shape the end of each balloon into a petal-like shape.

Attach Petals Together

Once all of your petals are made, it’s time to attach them together so that they form a flower-like shape. To do this, take two petals and tie them together at their base with curling ribbon. Repeat this process until all of the petals are attached together in one large bouquet. At this point, you can also add leaves by tying green balloons between two petals.

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DIY Balloon Flowers Tutorial

Making balloon flowers is an easy and fun project that will add some extra personality and color to any party or event! All you need is some colorful balloons, curling ribbon, scissors and a bit of creativity – no fancy tools required! Have fun experimenting with different colors and shapes – just remember not overinflate the balloons too much or they may pop! Happy crafting!

What kind of balloons do you need for balloon flowers?

For DIY crafters looking to makeballoon flowers, the best kind of balloons to use are Qualatex 260Q. These balloons come in a variety of sizes and colors and have a long-lasting helium capacity. The 260Q is also great for creating different shapes, such as flowers, hearts or stars.

How many balloons do you need for balloon flowers?

Generally, you will need 3-4 balloons to create a single flower. The number of flowers you need depends on the size of the decoration you want and how many people can fit around it. For larger arrangements, you may need up to 10 or more balloons.

What is the best way to inflate the balloons for balloon flowers?

The best way to inflate the balloons for balloon flowers is to use a hand air pump or an electric air pump. When using a hand air pump, you should ensure that it is properly attached and secure before you start inflating the balloons. An electric air pump will typically provide more consistent inflation throughout the entire batch of balloons, so it may be preferable if you are looking for more uniform results when making your balloon flower. To make sure that all of your balloons have been inflated evenly, consider measuring the circumference of each one once they have been filled with air. If any of them appear to be underinflated or overinflated compared to the others, then adjust accordingly until they are all at the same size.

How do you tie the balloons for balloon flowers?

To tie the balloons for a balloon flower, it is helpful to have some twine or string and a pair of scissors. Begin by evenly spacing out five balloons in a circle around the room. Cut two pieces of twine; one should be twice as long as the other. Tie the shorter piece around one of the balloons and then stretch.

What is the best way to cut the balloons for balloon flowers?

The best way to cut the balloons for balloon flowers is by using sharp, pointed scissors or a craft knife. This ensures that each cut is precise, allowing you to get the desired shape and size of your flower. When making balloon flowers, it’s important to take your time in cutting so that you don’t stretch the latex of the balloon.

How do you put the balloon flowers together?

The process of putting balloon flowers together is relatively simple. Firstly, begin with a long twisty balloon for the stem of the flower. Then, using a smaller twisty balloon, make five petals and attach them to one end of the stem. Finally, you can add leaves or other decorations to your creation if desired.

How do you make the leaves for balloon flowers?

Making the leaves for balloon flowers is relatively easy and can be achieved with a few simple steps. Start by cutting four circles from green cardstock. The sizes of the circles will depend on how large you want your leaves to be, but usually they are around 3-4 inches in diameter. Next, use a hole punch or scissors to make several small cuts all around each circle’s edge – this will give them a more realistic look as most real leaves have small jagged edges. Finally, attach the leaves together at their centers and secure them in place with glue or tape. Your balloon flowers now have lifelike foliage.

What are some tips for making balloon flowers?

To make successful balloon flowers, there are some tips to keep in mind. First, use quality balloons that will hold air for a long time. Second, try using multiple colors for the petals for added interest. Third, use floral wire or floral tape to secure the petals together and attach the stem of the flower. Finally, don’t forget to add creative touches like ribbons or streamers for a truly unique look

DIY Balloon Flowers Video tutorial 

Beautiful Projects Involving Felt Flowers and Succulents

Maybe because it’s because the summer weather outside is so beautiful and all our gardens are in bloom, but there’s just something with us lately that has us obsessed with making our very own faux flowers! We’ve tried all kinds of ways and loved each one, but we recently came across some tutorials that outlined how to make not only flowers but also succulents out of felt!

Just in case you’re as interested in the idea of making felt flowers and succulents as we were, if not more, here are 15 of the more creative designs we’ve come across so far!

1. Simple baby blue felt succulents

Are you a big fan of the way pastel colour schemes are trending in art, fashion, and interior decor all at once right now and you’ve been reflecting that a lot in your own projects? Well, we actually think this particular project would look great in any colour of felt, but there’s just something very cool and realistic about the baby blue version that you see here? Then check it out in even more detail (regardless of what colour you choose) on The DIY Mommy.

2. Succulents made with textured felt


If you’re going to make your very own faux succulents from scratch, would you actually prefer to make them as realistic looking as possible? Then perhaps using textured felt that’s a little more rough on the surface and a little more green is a better idea for you! This clear, simple tutorial featured on Creative Kin shows you how to make a lovely, realistic looking felt succulent in just a few simple steps.

3. Felt succulents with fern leaves


Now that you’ve practiced making the succulents themselves a couple of times, would you actually like to make a more complete looking plant that has a few other features as well? Then maybe it’s time to start learning how to make felt leaves to go along with your succulent cluster! This tutorial from Lia Griffith shows you how to make long, luscious looking green fern leaves in additional to another simple layered succulent, just in case you want to get all of your steps in one place.

4. Yarn wrapped felt succulent wreath


Now that you’ve actually created all kinds of different succulents in different colours and shapes, are you actually looking for a larger project that you can turn your bunches of succulents into? Well, if you’re a yarn enthusiast in any capacity and have even a small stash to work with, then we have a feeling you might get along very well with this lovely yarn wrapped and felt succulent door wreath outlined step by step on Think Make Share.

5. Mounted felt succulent decor pieces


Are you quite enamoured with the idea of making wall or door mounted felt succulent art but you’re not sure a classically styled wreath really speaks to the rest of your interior decor scheme? Then maybe something smaller and a little more rustic or natural looking would be a little more up your alley! We love the way fLOhRA Design gathered several felt succulents into bunches and mounted them onto stained wooden circles.

6. Felt succulent and flower bouquet


Okay, we acknowledge that this particular bouquet actually contains silk flowers and not felt ones, but there are, in fact, felt leaves in the mix and we actually made a felt bouquet of our own based of The DIY Mommy‘s tutorial. In our version, however, we added a few different styles, shapes, and sizes of succulents in amongst the flowers to give it a more earthy aesthetic. When we followed these steps to make our own flowers using felt instead of silk, however, they turned out even more beautiful than you see here!

7. Vertical felt succulent garden


Do you actually live in a very small apartment indeed so you’re looking for an idea that will help you add some low maintenance greenery to your place while also taking up as little space as possible? Well, we can’t possibly think of a more fitting thing to make for yourself than this vertical felt succulent garden outlined step by step on Lia Griffith! We adore the wide range of handmade succulent types they show you how to create in addition to “planting” and mounting them once you’re done.

8. Boxed felt succulents


Are you actually such a big fan of the boxed felt succulent garden idea we showed you earlier that you can’t help but wonder whether or not there’s actually a way to make it even bigger and better than the skinny ones you saw before? In that case, we have a feeling you would much much prefer this full sized square felt succulent garden idea featured on Apostrophe! Once again, this tutorial shows you how to make a stunning array of succulent types that will impress your friends so much they might not even realize they’re felt at first.

9. Felt flower and hanging leaf mobile


As tempting as the succulents are to make, are you actually still completely obsessed with the idea of felt flowers, since that’s what sparked your love for handcrafted faux plants to begin with? Then we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Lia Griffith created these stunning bell shaped flowers with accompanying leaves and then strung them to a hoop to create an absolutely stunning hanging mobile.

10. Modern felt succulent hoop wreath


Are you actually still thinking about the succulent wreath we showed you earlier because you do enjoy the basic concept but you can’t help but wonder whether there’s a slightly more modernized version you can try because that would suit your interior decor scheme a little better? Then look no further! We absolutely adore this golden hoop and scalloped ribbon wreath and the way Sarah Hearts embellished that with succulents in an asymmetrical way.

11. Artichoke style felt succulents


Are you actually feeling quite particular in your felt succulent making and you’d like to learn how to make the ones that look like artichokes because you think they’d look especially nice in your latest project? In that case, you simply must suggest the way fLOhRA Design created the ones you see in this photo! We love the way they created the same succulent in a few different shades of green because they think it would add depth to any project.

12. Sparkly felt succulent pumpkin centrepiece


Are you the kind of avid crafter who loves making your homemade seasonal decor in advance because you’re very busy with work and kids and you often have to stop projects half way through for a few weeks? Well, we’re much the same, which is why we’re suggesting a fall pumpkin design to you now, even though we’ve just been talking about summer! Lia Griffith shows you how to dip dye a white pumpkin in metallic gold paint, as well as how to arrange a beautiful selection of differently shaped felt succulents and some sparkling gold leaves across the top in order to make a stunning centre piece.

13. Felt succulent and rock garden


Have you actually been scrolling through our list wondering whether there might be another kind of complete faux succulent garden you might make that’s a little more mixed-material and perhaps a little smaller than what you’ve seen so far? Then we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Shaken Together made a stunning little rock “garden” in a singular pot planter! We love the way they nestled one large, well made felt succulent right on top of an array of stones and pebbles.

14. Felt succulent in a miniature leather wrapped planter


If possible, are you actually looking to go even smaller with your felt succulent planter than what we’ve already shown you because you’d really like to keep it on the corner of your desk at work in order to brighten the place up a little bit with greenery but without taking on a real plant that would be more high maintenance? Then perhaps this adorable miniature succulent in a faux leather wrapped planter would be a little more up your alley! See how it’s done in more detail on Lia Griffith.

15. DIY felt poppy flower


Have you actually been scrolling through our list and thinking about how you can’t wait to try some of these great felt DIY projects in the future but that you might need something a little simpler for now because you’re actually quite new to crafting in the grand scheme of things? Then perhaps starting with a simple, singular flower would be a better idea for you! Mommy Like Woah guides you step by step through the process of making a lovely layered poppy flower complete with a felt centre and leaves, and a stem made of green crafting wire.

Chasing the Sun: 11 Charming DIY Sunflowers

What is it about sunny days that makes us so happy? Maybe it’s the Vitamin D or the warmth we can feel on our skin, but whatever the true reason, there’s no denying that bright and warm days always bring happiness along with them. Who could blame sunflowers for always turning towards the sun? If you’ve always loved the manner of these charming flowers, check out a collection of 11 DIY sunflowers that embody the sun and never wilt!

1. Sunflower Burlap Wreath 


Wreaths are a wonderful way to decorate the front door and greet your guests with something uplifting. A burlap wreath representing a sunflower is a marvelous choice, not just for its uniqueness but also for its bright coloring! Grillo Designs shares the tutorial.

2. Coffee Filter Sunflower 


If you are fascinated by everything you can make from coffee filters, you’ll swoon over Aira Tran‘s gorgeous coffee filter sunflower. It looks so realistic and radiant, taking over the space with jolly energy. People might not even know it’s faux when they look at it from afar!

3. Tissue Paper Sunflower


Do you love creating with tissue paper? Add a bouquet of beautiful sunflowers to your tissue paper creation collection! They will make the most amazing centerpiece for your dining table and you’ll be able to enjoy in their sunshine energy for all meals of the day! You can find the tutorial at eHow.

4. Hanging Sunflower Pendants


If you’re thinking of redecorating your home, these hanging sunflower pendants from Always Order Dessert are such a wonderful idea for spicing up your living space! They are full of warm colors, always making sure sunshine is within your walls, even on the gray and rainy days!

5. Sunflower Pillow 


Throw pillows are a simple and effective way to bring variety into your living space. They can be aligned with your overall interior or perhaps be that one element that totally stands out – the choice is yours! This beautiful sunflower pillow by Simple Simon & Company will be a fantastic addition either way!

6. Sunflower Cookies 


If you are a baking enthusiast you know how important the decorating process is. The way your baked creations look like holds as much importance as their taste, because its the looks that draw people in. When you make these lovely sunflower cookies by Bake Love Give, everybody will be eager to try them!

7. Paper Sunflowers 


Those who love having flowers in their home know this can be an expensive taste – unless you figure out a more sustainable way. Faux flowers are the obvious choice and there’s nothing simpler and more affordable than creating flowers out of plain paper! Check out how Lia Griffith made these gorgeous paper sunflowers.

8. Sunflower Balls 


If you liked the sunflowers pendants we listed above, you’re going to go bananas for Sweet Teal‘s version of them! One sunflower already holds so much magical energy, imagine how powerful they can be when there are so many you couldn’t even count them! These sunflower balls will be your favorite decor piece, no doubt!

9. Sunflower Headband 


Headbands are the accessory that absolutely defines your hairstyle and can be worn out and about as a daily piece or to your favorite music festivals of the year. If you consider yourself a child of the sun, make a sunflower headband that will represent your cheerful personality! Follow the tutorial at The Chic Country Girl.

10. Sunflower Mirror


Sunburst mirrors are one of the hottest trends in home decor at the moment. They are the ultimate focal point of any room and are absolutely breathtaking! We love how Avanti Morocha played with this idea and turned it into a one-of-a-kind sunflower mirror!

11. Denim Sunflower Romper 


Are you in the process of refreshing your wardrobe? There’s no need to go on a shopping spree, you can simply upcycle some of the clothes you already own! Martina M will show you how a giant pair of denim pants can become a super cute denim sunflower romper!

Floral Perfection: 12 Breathtaking DIY Fabric Flowers

Flowers have a special way of bringing joy into our life. Maybe it’s their colorfulness or the gentleness of their appearance, but something about them affects our mood and how we feel. Natural flowers tend to wilt quickly but fabric flowers can stay with us for as long as we like! If you are feeling the itch to make some breathtaking faux flowers, check out these 12 DIY fabric flowers that will leave your speechless with their beauty!

1. Sweater Flowers 


Before you run off at the mention of the word “fabric”, thinking you will need big amounts of fabric to make these florals, let us assure you that Whipper Berry has totally different plans! All you need is an old sweater and you’re ready to start making soft and cozy florals!

2. Fabric Peonies 


Peonies are one of the most beautiful flowers. Their gentle rosy color radiates a feeling of serenity and love. They are perfect for creating a romantic ambiance and if you make them yourself using fabric, you can keep them around for many special occasions to come! The DIY Mommy has a tutorial!

3. Colorful Fabric Florals 


If you love to be surrounded by colorful flowers it pays off to invest your time into making a collection of fabric florals that you can always keep at hand. They are perfect for decorating any room of the house and infuse it with colorful hues! Visit Martha Stewart to see how you can make them!

4. White Blooming Fabric Flower 


A simple blooming fabric flower can be such an important decoration piece, its white color representing purity and innocence, suitable for many special occasions! The best thing about this flower by Owl Really is that it will never wilt and always retain the blooming look!

5. Rosy Fabric Flowers 


These marvelous rosy fabric flowers by Go Make Me may be tiny but they look absolutely grand! The sparkly decoration makes them an incredible addition to many accessories, such as headbands or wristbands! They can surely become one of your most valued fashion pieces!

6. Button Fabric Flowers 


Utilizing buttons in DIY projects is an age-old practice and it has never failed us so far! You can build adorable and chic fabric flowers around tiny buttons that have a charm of their own! If you need the how-to, Crafting Chic is the place to go!

7. Fabric Flower Garland 


The easiest way to decorate with fabric flowers is to turn them into a neat garland! The one we found at Making Joy & Pretty Things is made from beautiful linen fabric in neutral colors that subtly beautifies the interior without being over the top!

8. Satin Ribbon Flower 


Choosing to make fabric flowers gives you the freedom to make them look however royal and lush you want, this glistening satin ribbon flower by The Ribbon Retreat being the ideal example of how a faux flower can feel as glamorous as a jewel.

9. Felt Flowers 


The soft touch of felt gives the petals a high tactile quality while the rose gold buttons in the middle represent elegance. Together they create a flower with a strong vintage look that is an amazing decor piece for any old-fashioned setting. Get the instructions at Mrs Priss!

10. Ruffled Fabric Flower 


Thriving Home has a tutorial for a lovely ruffled fabric flower that is best made with a vibrantly colored fabric that truly brings out its bright and joyful nature! This flower can stay in your life for years to come but it can also be a very thoughtful gift for a loved one!

11. Lace Flower 


If you have any lace on hand it’s almost a crime not to turn it into a floral! You will also need an elegant white button and the instructions from Adventures of a DIY Mom. The end result is a wonderful lace flower that carries so much elegance and charm!

12. Mesmerizing Yellow Flowers 


These yellow flowers have such a mesmerizing appeal, thanks to their bold yellow color and dynamic design! They are incredibly uplifting and cheerful, great pieces to keep around the house or use to decorate a special event! You’ll find the details at It’s the Little Things!

15 Ways to Arrange Your Flowers Like a Professional Florist

Flowers are one of the most beautiful things nature has ever given us. They are so diverse, full of different colors and scents, growing in all parts of the world, each of them carrying a different symbolism. It’s not a secret that people are easily mesmerized by flowers and while there may be a general belief that flowers can only be bought on special occasions, we challenge this belief and say: let’s arrange our own flowers just because we can! Find some inspiration with these 15 DIY flower arrangements and beautify your interior!

1. Citrus Flower Arrangements 


A citrus flower arrangement carries the message of freshness. You’ll learn at Hello Glow that adding your florals to a water infused with slices of lemon creates an arrangement that feels clean and pure. To emphasize that feeling even more, stick to florals in colors of white or beige!

2. Hydrangea Flower Arrangement 


While some flower arrangements consist of a variety of different florals, there won’t be a need for that with Hydrangeas. They have the ability to stand out with their calming and gentle look, so you can truly make them the center of attention – just like A Practical Wedding did!

3. Fall Inspired Flower Arrangement 


Seasonal flower arrangements are all the rage! They are the perfect way to welcome in a new season, live by its principles and celebrate its uniqueness. When fall comes back around, remember this flower arrangement by The Budget Savvy Bride!

4. Paper Bag Flower Arrangement 


As people who eat, sleep and breathe DIY projects, we’re always on the chase for the next innovative idea! Pretty Prudent came up with a unique way to arrange your next bouquet of flowers! Switch the vase for something less predictable and use a paper bag instead!

5. Simple Peonies Arrangement 


A simple arrangement goes a long way when you just want to spice up your dining table with some colorful florals. Peonies are such a lovely choice! They look both calming and vibrant at the same time. Style Me Pretty will show you how you can arrange them!

6. Spring Flower Arrangement 


Here’s another seasonal arrangement of flowers, this one channeling the blooming season of spring! B-Loved selected florals in gentle colors that truly represent the nature’s time of slowly waking up from winter’s deep sleep!

7. Wide Vase Flower Arrangement 


A wide vase offers an inspiring flower arrangement that can easily be used as a centerpiece for your dining table! Special occasion or not, Something Turquoise will teach you how to properly arrange flowers to make the arrangement look big and brimming!

8. Colorful Flower Arrangement


If you can’t get enough of colors, this incredible arrangement by Earnest Home will make your heart skip a beat! It has a diverse selection of flowers but the Tiger Lilies surely steal the show! Their striking orange color is the focal point of the whole bouquet!

9. Mesmerizing Orange Flower Arrangement 


A unicolored arrangement doesn’t have to mean you only use one type of flower. eHow beautifully demonstrates how a variety of flowers, especially when they’re within the same color range, can create a mesmerizing arrangement that you’ll always be happy to replicate!

10. Dutch Inspired Flower Arrangement 


This dutch-inspired flower arrangement by Style Me Pretty plays around with cold color tones in combination with some very gentle warmer ones. It definitely radiates a strong and welcoming character, just like the Dutch themselves!

11. Kitchen Bowl Flower Arrangement 


If you want to bring a special element into your kitchen interior, a simplistic flower arrangement is always a good idea! You don’t have to worry about finding a proper vase, as the secret to The Chic Site‘s arrangement is a basic kitchen bowl!

12. Pink & Yellow Flower Arrangement 


Color contrasts are so compelling to work with! Experimenting to see which colors bring out the best in each other is a very creative experience! If you need some guidance, The Sweetest Occassion has the tutorial for a stunning pink & yellow flower arrangement!

13. Versatile Flower Arrangement 


Sometimes you love flowers so much you want your flower arrangement to hold as many as possible! Maybe you’re thinking you couldn’t possibly coordinate all of them yourself, but luckily you can find an amazing how-to at Brit + Co!

14. Silk Flower Arrangement 


Real flowers and artificial flowers have completely different personalities! If you are worried about arranging silk flowers, Afloral has a fantastic guide! The greatest thing about this arrangement is that you won’t need to redo it after a week!

15. Pumpkin Flower Arrangement 


A pumpkin can be a great place to set your flower arrangement in, according to Garden Therapy! If you are going for a unique arrangement that will leave people speechless, this one totally fits the criteria! It’s big, buoyant and eye-catching!

Gorgeous Crafts Made With Pressed Flowers

Few things look as delicate and gorgeous as pressed flowers. Even before you’ve transformed them into anything, their fragile appearance is simply beautiful. They’re also very versatile, since any type of flower can be pressed as long as you’re very careful.

Check out these 15 DIY projects involving pressed or dried flowers that make perfect wedding gifts and delightful home decor.

1. Mandala sun catchers

VIEW IN GALLERYMandala sun catchers

Twig and Toadstool shows you hhow to carefully place pressed flowers in intricate patterns, held between two pieces of clear film by needlepoint hoops. Hang these in your window so you can appreciate their beauty every time they’re lit up by the sun.

2. Bamboo and pressed flowers bookmarks

VIEW IN GALLERYBamboo and pressed flowers bookmark

These bookmarks are so pretty we’d almost hesitate to use them! This kind of DIY project is the type of gift that people keep for years and hand down until it becomes a simple little heirloom. Bamboo Needle shows you how to affix your pressed flowers carefully but firmly to the surface of a cut of smooth bamboo.

3. Real floral crowns

VIEW IN GALLERYReal floral crowns

Did your daughter spend her childhood cutting and folding paper floral crowns, her teens weaving daisy chains to put in her hair at the cottage, and her 20s wearing fabric flower crowns to music festivals? Follow in Young Maker’s Club footsteps and make her a crown of real dried flowers for her wedding day. Because the flowers are dried, she’ll be able to keep it forever.

4. Pressed flower monograms

VIEW IN GALLERYPressed flower monograms

People love monograms and gifts that are customized to them. These pressed flower monograms in frames are the kind of craft that will look absolutely gorgeous anywhere in your home. For each member of your family, try choosing a different type of flower! Get the tutorial from Kin Community.

5. Pressed flower phone case

VIEW IN GALLERYPressed flower phone case

The Etsy Blog shows you how to make a breathtaking phone case from pressed flower petals and stems, and it’s certainly a prettier accessory than anything you’ll find in a store. Just be sure to seal the surface thoroughly so the edges of the flowers don’t come loose and peel.

6. Pressed flower luminarias

VIEW IN GALLERYPressed flower luminarias

Picture it: these gorgeous little luminarias lining the walkway from the ceremony to the beach reception at a gorgeous outdoor summer wedding. The best part? DIY decor like these usually helps you save at least a little bit of space in the wedding budget! See how they’re done on A Practical Wedding.

7. Pressed pansy coasters

VIEW IN GALLERYBeautiful Pressed pansy coasters

Martha Stewart recommends colourful little pansies to create these darling coasters for your home. Using pansies of different colours and sizes and arranging them in different designs  and patterns will make your DIY set particularly beautiful.

8. Pressed flower pendants

VIEW IN GALLERYPressed flower pendants
Imagine how gorgeous one of these DIY pressed flower pendants would look resting right above the pearl or jewel encrusted bust of a wedding gown! Boho Weddings shows you how to press the flowers and place them behind a glass marble to create a pendant setting.

9. Pressed flower Easter eggs

VIEW IN GALLERYPressed flower Easter eggs

Are you looking for a more adult way to celebrate Easter and participate in annual traditions than drawing on eggs with crayons and dunking them in messy dyes? Try this gorgeous method of pasting pressed flowers to an egg’s surface instead. Get the details on Lauren Conrad.

10. Pressed flower candles

VIEW IN GALLERYPressed flower candles

Because wax becomes malleable when it heats up, the pressed flower candles are surprisingly easy to make! You’ll find a step by step guide to create your own on DIY Cozy Home

11. Paper and pressed flower bookmarks

VIEW IN GALLERYPaper and pressed flower bookmarks

Choose a decorative craft paper, or even a paper that is simple but thick and good quality, to serve as your backing. Arrange and stick down your pressed flowers and laminate them. Punch a hole in the top for a ribbon and voila! Learn more on The Garden Glove.

12. Pressed flowers in glass

VIEW IN GALLERYPressed flowers in glass

arranging pressed flowers in a frame that features clear glass on both sides will look absolutely gorgeous no matter where in your home you display them in your home. Your friends will be shocked when you say you made such beautiful art yourself. Check out the details on Garden Therapy.

13. Rose petal tea tray

VIEW IN GALLERYRose petal tea tray

Do you have a gorgeous vintage china tea set but nothing cute enough to serve it on? Pressed flowers are the perfect solution. xoJane teaches you how to make this delicte little tea tray that looks amazing even if you don’t spend a lot of money on the tray itself.

14. Pressed flower jewelry box

VIEW IN GALLERYPressed flower jewelry box

Once again, this is the kind of project that, if made well, is pretty enough to be passed down in years to come. Free People shows you how to arrange the flowers in the little window just right.

15. Pressed flower greeting cards

VIEW IN GALLERYPressed flower greeting cards

Martha Stewart reminds you that even the simplest pressed flower crafts look stunning. This is the kind of greeting card that people with save slipped in hard cover books rather than throwing away in a few weeks.

Have you made other breathtaking pressed flower art that we simply must see? Tell us how you did it or link us to pictures of your work!

How to Make Paper Flowers in 10 Different Ways

Real flowers wilt and fade, but paper flowers look pretty and vibrant all year long. If you’re looking for a simple and budget friendly way to add a pop of color to your home, why not try decorating with one of these paper flower projects?

VIEW IN GALLERYPaper Punch Flowers1. Paper Punch Flowers

If you’re a scrapbooker or card maker, you probably already have a large assortment of paper punches at your disposal. Use them in a new way by creating pretty flowers from circles and other basic shapes. Visit Damask Love for the complete tutorial.

VIEW IN GALLERYpaper roses2. Paper Spray Roses

You can make these gorgeous paper roses by curling a spiral cut circle, gluing it shut, and attaching the flower to floral wire. Learn more on the Apartment Therapy website.

VIEW IN GALLERYWhite Paper Roses3. Elegant White Roses

If you’d prefer roses that look a little more realistic, We Lived Happily Ever After shares a technique that works for almost any type of arrangement.

VIEW IN GALLERYAmaryllis_Christmas_Metallic_Paper4. Amaryllis Christmas Flowers

Make several of these paper amaryllis arrangements to give as gifts for family and friends during the holiday season.  Lia Griffith shows you how.

VIEW IN GALLERYPaper_Orchids_DIY-560x7555. Paper Orchids

Metallic purple paper gives these dendrobium orchids a bit of shimmer, adding to their visual appeal. Lia Griffith shows you how to make them.

VIEW IN GALLERYdiy-paper-dahlia-flowers6. Paper Dahlia Flowers

These stunning oversized flowers are perfect for use as wall art, especially when you make them in a rainbow of colors. Learn more at Craftaholics Anonymous.

VIEW IN GALLERYpaper flower backdrop7. Paper Flowers for a Photo Backdrop

This oversized flower tutorial makes paper blooms that are intended for use as a photo backdrop. However, you could use them for other purposes by scaling down the proportions of each individual piece. Head over to Ash and Crafts to learn more.

VIEW IN GALLERYPaper Origami Lilies8. Origami Paper Lilies

The origami lily is a traditional model that is relatively easy to fold. However, this version adds to the realism with yellow paper stamens in the center. Learn more by visiting The Pin Junkie.

VIEW IN GALLERYRoseIn-Nest-OrigamiSpirit9. Origami Nested Rose

Derived from the traditional “cootie catcher” paper toy you may remember playing with as a child, this pretty rose makes a lovely gift or decoration. Visit Leyla Torres at Origami Spirit to learn more.

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY-Origami-Lotus-Flower-210. Origami Lotus Flower

If you’re family with origami, there are many paper flower options you can try. This origami lotus uses 12 sheets of red paper and 6 sheets of green paper. It requires some patience, but the results are well worth the effort. Visit I Creative Ideas for step-by-step photos and a video tutorial.

Gorgeous DIY Felt Flowers for Every Occassion

Fresh flowers will eventually wilt and die, but felt flowers stay beautiful forever! This makes them perfect for home decor, fashion accessories, or special occasions like weddings and birthday parties. Our roundup of pretty felt flower projects is sure to leave you feeling inspired to get creative!

Felt Anemone Flower

VIEW IN GALLERYfelt anemone flower

You’ll need a bit of yarn for the center, but this felt anemone flower is just as pretty as the real thing when you’re finished. Wear it in your hair or add it to your favorite home decor project. Learn more at Delia Creates.

Felt Calla Lily

VIEW IN GALLERYfelt calla lily

Felt calla lilies look lovely when displayed as part of a larger arrangement. Learn how to make these elegant flowers at Something Turquoise.

Felt Carnation

VIEW IN GALLERYfelt carnations

Carnations are one of the simplest felt flower designs to make. Lia Griffith shows you how to create felt carnations in the color of your choice on her blog.

Felt Daffodils

VIEW IN GALLERYfelt daffodils

Add springtime cheer to your home with an arrangement of felt daffodils. This beginner level project is a great way to practice the techniques used to make more complex arrangements. Head over to Live Laugh Rowe to learn more.

Felt Dahlia

VIEW IN GALLERYfelt dahlia

The many petals on a felt dahlia flower are a little time consuming to create, but the finished design is nothing short of spectacular. Not Martha has the instructions.

Felt Mums


These felt mums will perk up your handbag or accessorize your favorite outfit with their cheerful colors.  Infarrantly Creative shows you how to make them.

Felt Poppy

VIEW IN GALLERYfelt poppies

Red felt poppy flowers are a perfect Memorial Day craft project, as it is customary to wear poppies to honor America’s veterans. DIY Network explains how to complete these simple felt flowers.

Felt Rose


This ruffled felt rose is added to a headband to make a stylish hair accessory, but you could easily use it to embellish a different project if desired. Head over to Little Birdie Secrets for the complete instructions. (Alternatively, you can check out the lovely felt rose wreath tutorial here on Wonderful DIY.)

Felt Sunflower

VIEW IN GALLERYfelt sunflower

This felt sunflower is embellished with seed and bugle beads to make a pretty springtime brooch. Nbeads has the full tutorial.

Felt Succulents

VIEW IN GALLERYfelt succulents

When displayed in stoneware bowls filled with river rocks, these felt succulents are a stylish addition to your home decor. Visit Shaken Together Life for a detailed tutorial.

Ever-Lasting Charm: DIY Paper Flowers for Your Home

Everyone loves flowers. There’s nothing better than coming home to a beautiful bunch of flowers that help to brighten up a room that will put an instant smile on your face. Unfortunately, as time goes by those beautiful flowers you have sitting in your kitchen will start to wilt and die leaving you with no option, but to throw them away. It doesn’t have to be that way though. Now you can have ever-lasting flowers in your home with these pretty paper flower designs.

1. Modern Rolled Flower


If you want to create an easy design that will be quick to make, then this design by The Casual Craftlete is the perfect solution. This will make the ideal centrepiece in your home and can be made from whatever supplies you have available. What a delight this will look like when it’s finished in your home.

2. Cupcake Paper Flower

VIEW IN GALLERYCupcake Paper Flower


If you love cupcakes and flowers, then you’re going to love this paper flower design we have in store for you. This design will also be a fun project that you and your children can get involved with without having to worry about watering them. Check out Skip to My Lou for a design by Lia Griffiths to make your own.

3. A Beautiful Rose





For an ever-lasting rose flower that will keep on giving you can make this beautiful design by We Lived Happily Ever After. The process might be a bit more difficult, but the end result of a realistic looking rose will certainly be worth it.

4. Watercolour Flowers

VIEW IN GALLERYWatercolour Flowers

VIEW IN GALLERYWatercolour Flowers

Add some beauty and colour to your home that will last a lifetime with this pretty display of watercolour flowers by Love Grows Wild. No water or maintenance required.

5. Daffodil Wreath




What better way to have daffodils that last a lifetime then by making your own paper daffodil wreath? This design is perfect for children too as they will love creating this delightful display. To make your own, check out Classic Play.

6. Coffee Flower Filter




To make your own colourful flower display why not make use of your coffee filers to do the job? Check out Doodle Craft to make your own bright display that will add colour to any room.

7. Paper Orchid



Usually orchids can be difficult flowers to look after, but you no longer have to worry about that with your very own paper orchid flower. To make this stunning flower for your home, check out Lia Griffiths for your handy tutorial.

8. Paper Dahlia Wreath




Paper dahlia wreaths have been a popular item for a number of years and there’s a reason for that: they make such stunning displays. To make your own, check out Love Pomegranate House for a step-by-step guide.

9. Tissue Paper Flowers

VIEW IN GALLERYTissue Paper Flowers

This design from We Can Make Anything uses tissue paper instead of crepe paper making it more affordable and easy to make. Check out the website for moving gifs which make this design super easy to follow.

10. Book Flowers



These book flowers are adorable and will make the perfect addition to any household. Add a bit of charm to your home with these flowers from Tiny Painter.

Spring Flowers to Grow in the Garden

As winter slowly fades away to make room for spring we can start thinking about the warmer months ahead of us. It also means thinking about our gardens and once again transforming them into beautiful spaces for us to escape to. If you’re thinking about getting your garden ready for spring, but don’t know what to put in your garden at this time of the year, we have that sorted for you. All you have to do is pick your favorite flowers for a spring time garden.

1. Pansy


Pansy’s prefer growing in cool weather, so it’s the ideal plant for gardener’s to turn to when they want to grow flowers in containers and window boxes where they will provide a wealth of color in their upturned petals.

Latin name: Viola x wittrockiana

Conditions: Sun or part shade and moist, well-drained soil.

Size: Up to 10 inches tall and 12 inches wide.

Zones: 4-8.

Buy your pansy’s here at Thompson & Morgan.

2. Lilac


For a sweet smelling spring flower there is no sweeter smell around then the smell of lilac, which is often a cottage favourite.

Latin name: Syringa vulgaris

Conditions: Full sun and well-drained soil.

Size: Up to 20 feet tall and wide.

Zones: 4-8.

Buy lilac here at Suttons.

3. Crocus


These flowers are the perfect flowers to plant in the spring time as they provide an abundant amount of colour that is pleasing to the eye.

Latin name: Crocus ‘Grand Maitre’

Conditions: Full sun and well-drained soil.

Size: Up to 6 inches tall and wide.

Zones 3-8.

Buy crocus flowers here at Crocus.

4. Daffodil


Spring time wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t see daffodils on the list. This bright, happy, spring time flower comes in a range of shapes and sizes, from trumpet to large and small cupped to double. Despite their pretty appearance they can produce harmful reactions if they are consumed, so they should be kept out of the way of animals.

Latin name: Narcissus

Conditions: Full sun and well-drained soil.

Size: Up to 1 foot tall and wide.

Zones: 3-9.

Buy daffodils here at Narcissus Flowers.

5. Tulip


The tulip is a cheerful flower that is often seen in many gardens during spring time. With its array of colours on offer it’s no surprise this pretty flower makes an appearance year after year.

Latin name: Tulipa

Conditions: Full sun and well-drained soil.

Size: Up to 2 feet tall and 1 foot wide.

Zones 3-7.

Buy Tulip flowers here at J Parkers.

6. Summer Snowflake

VIEW IN GALLERYSummer Snowflake

This beautiful drooping bell is easily distinguishable by its small blooms making it the perfect flower to have in your garden at spring time. When there are several of these flowers in a flowerbed they create the ideal focal point.

Latin name: Leucojum aestivum

Conditions: Full sun and well-drained soil.

Size: Up to 3 feet tall and 1 foot wide.

Zones: 4-9.

Buy Summer Snowflakes flowers here at Spalding Bulb.

7. Lily of the Valley


This delicate flower of snow-white, bell-shaped flowers has a powerful fragrant timeless smell that is set against a carpet of lush green foliage. It is a timeless classic that will look delightful at spring time in your garden. This is also a well-known poisonous plant and if ingested can affect the heart.

Latin name: Convallaria majalis

Conditions: Part shade in moist, well-drained soil.

Size: Up to 9 inches tall and wide.

Zones: 4-8.

Buy Lily of the Valley here at Naturescape.

8. Winter Aconite


Once the snow has melted you can be sure to see Winter Aconite bursting through the soil to emerge in its full glory. Its growth time is limited as it dies back once the transition from spring to summer takes place, but its pretty, open blooms make it a show stopping flower for your spring garden.

Latin name: Eranthis cilicica

Conditions: Full sun and moist, well-drained soil.

Size: Up to 3 inches tall and wide.

Zones: 4-9.

Buy Winter Aconite here at Plant World Seeds.

9. Iris


Iris flowers are as much a late winter bloomer as they are an early spring time flower making them a wonderful sight to see in the garden. They also make a welcome contrast to many of spring’s pastel petal colours that are often seen around this time of the year.

Latin name: Iris reticulata ‘Harmony’

Conditions: Full sun and moist, well-drained soil.

Size: Up to 6 inches tall and wide.

Zones: 4-9.

Buy Iris flowers here at Sarah Raven.

10. Grape Hyacinth


Grape hyacinth is a striking flower to have in a garden trumpeting the arrival of spring. Clustered flowers hang from sturdy stalks, resembling bundles of delicious grapes.

Latin name: Muscari armeniacum

Conditions: Full sun or part shade and well-drained soil.

Size: Up to 8 inches tall and 6 inches wide.

Zones: 4-8.

Buy Grape Hyacinth flowers here at Gardens 4 You.

10 DIY Vases For Your Beautiful Flowers

Flowers brighten up every room, but it is where we put them that essentially brings out the best in them. Sometimes you flip through a home décor magazine and see amazing vases holding the flowers, wondering where people even find them! Well … what if they find you? Because they just did! Here are 10 ideas for DIY vases that you can try out at home and make the loveliest place to put your flowers in.

1. Wine Cork Vase

VIEW IN GALLERYWine cork vase

This unique but classy idea will definitely add a special touch to any room! Perhaps you’ve been hiding away your wine cork collection this whole time? This use of them is judgement free – we promise! Design Improvised gives you the instructions!

2. Rope Vase


Nautical theme is always in! Julie Blanner shares how you can make this stunning vase that will remind you of the boat, the sea and the wind in your hair!

3. Light Bulb Vase

VIEW IN GALLERYLight bulb vase

When a light bulb goes out, a vase comes in! These are really great for a more discrete option or maybe for when your kids pick little flowers from the meadow and they’re just too small to fit into a regular, bigger vase. Visit Akamatra to see how it’s done!

4. Penny Vase

VIEW IN GALLERYGorgeous DIY Penny Vase

All those pennies rolling around in our wallets finally have a chance to shine! Decorate a vase with them and make a unique placeholder for all the flowers you receive from your loved ones! Go to NE Home Life to learn the details!

5. Library Vase

VIEW IN GALLERYOld books turned into a cool vase

This one is for all the bookworms out there! It doesn’t matter if you already have books lying around in literally every single room of the house – why not make a vase out of them too?! It comes especially handy if you have a bunch of old books you don’t know what to do with! Head over to Woman’s Day to see the incredibly simple instructions!

6. Sweater Vase


Major winter cozy feelings!!! Sweaters are one of the best things ever to happen to humans and now, they’re also one of the best things ever to happen to flowers! Ha! Stephanie Lynn knows exactly what we’re talking about!

7. Lego Vase

VIEW IN GALLERYColorful Lego Vase

How about we save your life and you never have to step on (or trip over) a Lego ever again? Sounds like a good idea? Of course it does! Gather up those evil Legos that pray upon your feet and make a stunning, creative vase out of them! Fab Art DIY shares the how-to!

8. Driftwood Vase

VIEW IN GALLERYHomemade driftwood vase

If you love all things outdoors, this vase is made for you! It makes the flowers seem so alive and brings mother Nature straight into your home! Simplicity in the South shows you how to make it in just a few quick and easy steps!

9. Beer Bottle Vase

VIEW IN GALLERYBeer bottle vase

We love this idea by Brit+Co! Maybe you’ve had some friends over for a football game and are now faced with empty beer bottles that are just waiting to be upcycled! Heal your hangover by being crafty and make some stunning vases from the beer bottles!

10. Pringles Vase

VIEW IN GALLERYPringles vase

Nobody could ever guess this vase is made from a Pringles container! It looks chic and natural, but once you know its secret it may cause cravings for chips! Don’t say we didn’t warn you! Fab You Bliss guides you through all the steps, so grab that Pringles container we know you have at hand and get cracking!


Hopefully you have found a match for your beautiful flowers! May your chosen vase brighten up the flowers as they brighten up your day!

Turn Trash into Treasure With These Pretty Origami Flowers

Instead of simply throwing paper scraps from your previous craft projects into the recycling bin, consider turning some of this scrap paper into lovely origami flowers that can be used as festive party decorations or gift toppers.

VIEW IN GALLERYCraft your own pretty Origami Flower

For this project, you’ll need origami paper, scrapbook paper, or a square of paper cut from a magazine, brochure, or old book page. The size of your square doesn’t matter, although squares of at least four inches are the easiest to work with if you have minimal origami experience.

1. Make a Waterbomb Base

This easy origami flower begins with a waterbomb base. Also known as a balloon base, this is a common origami form used in a variety of models.

To make a waterbomb base, start with the side of your paper you want to use for your flower petals face up. Fold the paper in half horizontally. Unfold. Fold the paper in half vertically. Unfold. You now have a cross shaped crease pattern.

Flip the paper over so the flower petal side is face down. Fold the paper in half diagonally so you have a large paper triangle. Unfold. Fold the paper in half diagonally from the other direction.

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY Origami Flower - Crafting the Base

Unfold the paper completely. Using the middle vertical folds, collapse the paper into a layered triangle shape. This is your waterbomb base.

2. Start the Petals of Your Flower

Turn your paper so the point of your waterbomb base is facing you. Fold your waterbomb base in half along the middle vertical crease. Take the first of the four layers and fold it towards the left side of your work space as shown in the photo below.

VIEW IN GALLERYShaping the petals of the gorgeous Origami Flower

3. Finish Creating the Petal Flaps

Flip the model over. Fold the top layer over to the right side, using the same technique as the fold in the previous step of the project. Flip the model over. Fold the top layer over to the left side. Flip the model over one last time and fold the last layer to the right side.

VIEW IN GALLERYEasy Origami Flower DIY

4. Open the First Petal

Hold your paper by the pointed end that will be the stem of your finished flower. Open one four flaps you’ve created. Push the bottom of the flap inward slightly and run your thumb along the crease. This will make the flap pop out into a petal shape.

VIEW IN GALLERYOrigami Flower DIY - Easy Upcycling Project

5. Finish Shaping Your Easy Origami Flower

Open the remaining three flaps using the same technique. This completes your easy origami flower.

VIEW IN GALLERYFinished Origami Flower

12 Pretty Crochet Flowers to Brighten Up Your Life

Crochet flowers are quick to make and amazingly versatile. They can be added to hair accessories, blankets, pillows, home decor, and gifts for a splash of color and a festive finishing touch.

This roundup includes patterns for both beginning and intermediate crochet enthusiasts. If you need help deciphering the instructions for any of the featured projects, the Craft Yarn Council has a How to Read a Crochet Pattern tutorial that you might find useful.

1. Easiest Crochet Flower Ever

VIEW IN GALLERYEasiest Crochet Flower Ever

If you’re a beginner, this is the perfect place to start your crochet flower collection. This simple pattern makes small flowers that can be strung together for a cute party garland.  Everything Etsy has the details.

2. Easy Crochet Rose

VIEW IN GALLERYEasy Crochet Rose

This pattern for an easy crochet rose uses crochet hook size I and worsted weight yarn to make a flower that’s perfect for a hat or headband. Visit Skip to My Lou to learn how to make your own DIY crochet roses.

3. Simple Six Petal Flower

VIEW IN GALLERYSimple Six Petal Flower

This simple six petal flower is a quick beginner level project that can be added to everything from hair accessories to throw pillows. Get the complete instructions at Yarn by Yarn Obsession.

4. Flower Cleansing Face Pads

VIEW IN GALLERYFlower Cleansing Face Pads

Here’s a super cute and practical idea: make crochet flowers that double as cleansing pads for washing your face and removing your makeup. Snappy Tots shows you how.

5. Never Ending Wildflower

VIEW IN GALLERYNever Ending Wildflower

The never ending wildflower stays flat instead of growing taller as you add the petals. This makes it perfect for adding to afghans & pillows. Visit All Free Crochet for the details.

6. Textured Flower with Button Center

VIEW IN GALLERYTextured Flower with Button Center

This reversible texture slouch and crocodile stitch flower is part of a hat that can be made in just a few hours. Head over to Bonita Patterns for the complete project instructions.

7. Sunflower Applique

VIEW IN GALLERYSunflower Applique

These unique sunflower appliques can be used to decorate a wide range of fabric or crochet items. Each flower uses four different yarn colors, giving you lots of opportunities to create a customized look for your project. Visit Zooty Owl to learn more.

8. Package Topper Flowers

VIEW IN GALLERYPackage Topper Flowers

Make your gifts stand out from the crowd by decorating them with pretty crochet flowers. This pattern is ideal for Christmas, but could be used year round with a few minor color tweaks. Drops Design has the details.

9. Blue Bellflower Bookmark

VIEW IN GALLERYBlue Bellflower Bookmark

A pretty crochet flower makes a wonderful bookmark for the reader in your life. Be A Crafter has the instructions for this clever crochet project.

10. Spiral Flowers


These pretty spiral flowers are a little more abstract, but the free pattern lets you make them in small, medium, and large sizes to expand your creative possibilities. Head over to B Hooked Crochet to learn more.

11. Puffy Flower Blanket

VIEW IN GALLERYPuffy Flower Blanket

If you’re obsessed with crochet flowers, why not try making an entire blanket from pretty blooms? This puffy flower pattern would be a wonderful gift for someone special or a cozy coverup for your late night Netflix binges. Get the pattern over at The Whoot.

12. Crochet Flower Valance

VIEW IN GALLERYCrochet Flower Valance

This cute valance would be the perfect compliment to a room decorated with crochet blankets and flower embellished pillows. Visit Once Upon a Pink Moon for the pattern.

Simple DIY Crochet Hydrangea – Fabric Flowers Made Fabulous

Here’s a perfectly pretty project you might like to try your hand at this weekend – an elegant and surprisingly simple crochet hydrangea. We came across this extraordinary idea over at Where is the Wonderland, where you’ll find a whole bunch of inspiring ideas for getting busy with a crochet hook. What caught our eye about these lovely hydrangeas is the way in which each individual flower is so simple and delicate, yet when combined together with others produces and absolutely outstanding result.


Fabric flowers are all the rage these days as an eco-friendly and longer-lasting alternative to fresh flowers. But the way we see it, why shell out for generic store-bought fabric flowers when making them at home is not only fun, but also means so much more than purchased flowers ever could?

One Simple Flower, So Many Uses

As can be seen in the pictures here, these completed crocheted hydrangeas look absolutely wonderful when displayed in a vase as a decorative touch for the home. They can of course also be arranged in the form of a tied bouquet, in order to be offered as gifts for any occasion.



These hydrangeas recreate the most common pink and white color variants, though the sky’s the limit for your own fabric flowers. From fresh whites to brilliant blues and wonderful springtime yellows, we highly recommend experimenting with a variety of color combinations. The individual flower itself is easy to crochet and takes no time at all, making it the perfect project for newcomers and those in need of practice.

VIEW IN GALLERYHortensia crochet flower

You’ll find dozens of other crochet flower ideas across the pages of our website and we highly recommend combining several to create a uniquely captivating bouquet. These hydrangeas really are the essence of springtime – perfect for adding a splash of color and life to the home at any time of year.

Fabulous Crochet Button Flowers – Bright, Beautiful and Easy to Make

These crochet button flowers are the kinds of bright and beautiful treasures you’ll find a thousand and one uses for. There’s nothing better than a burst of color courtesy of a fabulous flower to bring out a feeling of spring – anywhere you use them, you’re sure to feel the same! From hats to bags to scarves to wall art, add a few of these flowers to bring about a real transformation you simply will not believe!

VIEW IN GALLERYbutton Floral Fantasy crochet-wonderfuldiy

What’s really amazing about these little wonders however is just how easy they are to put together! Even for those with no real experience with a crochet hook, it’s easy as pie to pick up the basics and you’ll soon be stitching like a pro!

Crochet Button Flowers: Easy Level

Just as soon as you’ve learned to make these beautiful little flowers by heart, you’ll never have to work to a pattern again! That’s why we think it’s more than worth investing in the pattern you’ll find by clicking the link on this page – it’s just $5.50 and will help you build amazing skills for life! It’s easy to follow and features the following patterns, all in the same package:

  1. Large 3-Layered Flower
  2. Large Tropical Flower
  3. Medium 2-Layered Flower
  4. Rose
  5. Small Flower
  6. Single Leaf
  7. Double Leaf

VIEW IN GALLERYbutton Floral Fantasy crochet-wonderfuldiy1

VIEW IN GALLERYbutton Floral Fantasy crochet-wonderfuldiy2

Share your new talents with your friends or concentrate on breathing new life into your own home and clothes – we guarantee you’ll never get tired of making these great little flowers! You won’t need much to get started, just a great pattern and the following essential supplies:

Get started today – you’ll love your crochet button flowers! Take our word for it.

VIEW IN GALLERYbutton Floral Fantasy crochet-wonderfuldiy3

VIEW IN GALLERYbutton Floral Fantasy crochet-wonderfuldiy4

VIEW IN GALLERYbutton Floral Fantasy crochet-wonderfuldiy2

New pattern (free) for mini-hoop-flowers

VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet mini hoop button flowers-- wonderful diy2

VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet mini hoop button flowers-- wonderful diy1They are cute and easy to make, too

DIY – Button Flowers Tutorial

VIEW IN GALLERYButton-Flowers-wonderfuldiy

The tutorial is available from Lifewithstyles

Dainty DIY Crochet Flowers With Free Pattern

If you’ve been looking for a wonderfully pretty crochet flower project that’s every bit as rewarding as it is simple, we think we’ve found just the pattern for you! Perfect for adding a touch of elegance and charm to anything and everything around the home, these Dainty Crochet Flowers take no time to craft and make a great project for first-timers.

VIEW IN GALLERYDainty Crochet Flower Free Pattern 1


Liven up that cell-phone case, breathe new energy into that scarf or perhaps create your own unique range of hair accessories – armed with a supply of these amazing crochet flowers, you’ll soon find yourself bringing the magic of spring to everything you own!

A Perfect Project for First-Timers

As we mentioned already, this project is so simple that it makes a great choice for those with no real experience in the art of crochet – a few easy stitches and you’ll be well on your way to wonderful results! In terms of supplies, you’ll need just a few bits and pieces to get going which include:

Just as soon as you’ve mastered the basics, you’ll be able to have so much fun choosing from a whole world of embellishments and added extras to make the result one that’s all unique to you. In the example here you’ll see a pretty little pearl has been added, but there’s really nothing to say you cannot decorate your own flowers with anything you can think of.

And of course, feel free to go as wild and wonderful and you like with the color choices on offer – they don’t all have to be as pure white as these!

VIEW IN GALLERYDainty Crochet Flower Free Pattern 3VIEW IN GALLERYDainty Crochet Flower Free Pattern 2


1. These lace rose crochet flowers are beautiful in purple and peach. They can be easily added to crochet hats or what not. Did I mention the pattern is free?

VIEW IN GALLERYgorgeous 3D LACE Flowers-wonderfuldiy

2. Crochet buttons flowers to make yourself.

VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet-button-flower1

Simple Yet Stunning Crochet Button Flowers

The very best crafts are all about making something amazing from little to nothing at all. That’s why we’re so excited to share these easy crochet flower buttons which transform just a few basic bits and pieces into the kinds of gorgeous goodies you won’t believe you have made yourself!

VIEW IN GALLERYCrochet Button Flower

Whether looking to spruce up a hat, bring a little joy to a bag or perhaps brighten up a dull blazer, there’s really nothing these little beauties cannot do. Make them into brooches, hairpins, badges or stick-on patches – you won’t need any skills or experience to get started and boy will you be amazed with the result!

It’s hard to believe these designs are made with just a few strips of yarn and a bunch of old soda-can openers, isn’t it? Perfect for adults and kids alike, these easy crochet flower buttons are ideal for those that have never tried crochet before and would love to see what they’re capable of! Just as soon as you pick up the basics, you can let your imagination run wild and come up with anything and everything your heart desires.

Give them away as gifts or just hold onto the little treasures for your own little treasures – it’s all up to you!

So why not make best use of a few old recyclables and come up with something truly remarkable? The patterns and guides below will help you get started and then the sky’s the limit!

Our genuine thanks to Craft And Fun for helping us out with these — check out what’s on offer right now!

More Designs

VIEW IN GALLERYCrochet-Tab-Pop-Ring-Flower F1[Crochet Soda Tab Flowers]

VIEW IN GALLERYbeautiful triple layer crochet flowers.[Crochet Triple Layer Flower]

VIEW IN GALLERYCrochet Button Floral fantasy[Crochet Button Floral Fantasy]

VIEW IN GALLERYCrochet-Panama-Hats-for girls DIY[Pretty Panama Hats to Crochet For Your Little Girl]

Wonderful DIY Crochet Irish Rose Button Flowers

VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet irish rose FVIEW IN GALLERYIrish Rose copy revA really quick, easy and fun way to use buttons is to make them the center piece of a crochet flower. I love these crochet Irish rose flowers . Use them as hairpin, baby headband, brooch…or decorate handbags,shoes,hats…any where your want ! Free Pattern here if you’d like to make your own flowers.

Click here for Free Pattern from “Lionbrand “VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet-button-flower1Click here for easy-crochet-button-flowers

Pretty DIY Paper Flowers to Make For Home

Paper flowers are incredibly fashionable these days and often seen as a far more eco-friendly alternative to the real thing. As such, there’s never been a better time to try your hand at making your very own paper flowers at home, saving a fortune on the store-bought variety and coming up with even more amazing results, every time!

VIEW IN GALLERYPaper-Flowers-Tutorial

We’ve come across thousands of patterns and tutorials for making paper flowers over the years, but this is one of our favorites. As you can see in the images, you’re really only a few snips, rolls and folds away from creating the beautiful bouquet of your dreams. Go with the classic color choices like pink, white and red, or explore your creativity with neon colors, metallic paper finishes and all manner of glitters and sparkles – anything that takes your fancy is easy to pull off!

Paper Flowers: Great as Gifts

What’s really great about these simple paper flower is that once you bunch a few together and wrap them up with a now, you have yourself an amazing gift that means more than store-bought flowers every could. Spruce up your home, give a gift to that special someone in your life or just use it as a great excuse to get the kinds involved in something creative – it’s simple, satisfying and wonderfully rewarding from start to finish!

Take a look at the instructional images below to find out all you need to know. Then it’s just a case of arming yourself with a few basic craft supplies and seeing where your imagination takes you!

You might be pleasantly surprised!

VIEW IN GALLERYhow to make paper flowers

VIEW IN GALLERYpaper flowers tutorial

VIEW IN GALLERYpaper flowers guide

VIEW IN GALLERYpaper flowers

Click here for the Tutorial from ‘DRI’ ( translation required )

Wonderful DIY Wine Glasses Decoration With Flowers and Beads

VIEW IN GALLERYwine-glass-decorate

Decorate wine glasses with flowers and beads, It’s easy but looks great !
Wine glass decorations can help dress up your table for a party or wedding, or simply help guests keep track of their glasses throughout the evening. Make decorations for your own event or as a gift for a friend or loved one who entertains often. The wine glass decorations can double as party favors for guests to take home. For this idea, white petals forming a rose, with white dressing gown, so nice idea !


Beautiful Paper Hyacinth Flowers

Here’s another awesome tutorial to take you through the process of creating these amazing Paper Hyacinth Flowers – just the ticket to brighten up the rooms of your home! Unlike fresh flowers, these babies won’t wilt and fade in a matter of days and are guaranteed to hold onto their gorgeous looks and color for longer! Speaking of colors, you’ll have your pick of the rainbow when it comes to making your own bouquet – stick with the classic or make you flowers as bright and breezy as you like!

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Best of all, there’s really very little you’ll need to get started other than the basic paper itself and a few everyday crafting accessories! Get the kids involved and enjoy a family crafting project that produces genuinely mind-blowing results!

What You’ll Need

– Crepe Paper
– Scissors
– Toothpicks
– Thin Sticks
– Glue Gun

Paper Hyacinth Flowers Tutorial

  1. Step one is to take the crepe paper and cut it into strips, which should then be wrapped and ‘fringed’ using scissors (see image for examples)
  2. Use a toothpick to wrap the fringes around and create the curled effect. The idea is one that should leave you with a bottom part that hasn’t been changed and a top end with curls.
  3. Attach the curled paper to a thin stick using the appropriate glue, sticking with either one color or mixing it up.
  4. Finish off by adding more crepe paper to the ‘stems’ to give them a dash of color, along with a few added paper leaves.

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Wonderful DIY Decorate Candles With Dry Flowers

VIEW IN GALLERYflower candle diy f2VIEW IN GALLERYdiy-dried-flowers-decorated-candles-01 VIEW IN GALLERYdiy-dried-flowers-decorated-candles-02 VIEW IN GALLERYdiy-dried-flowers-decorated-candles-03 VIEW IN GALLERYdiy-dried-flowers-decorated-candles-04 VIEW IN GALLERYdiy-dried-flowers-decorated-candles-05 VIEW IN GALLERYdiy-dried-flowers-decorated-candles-06 VIEW IN GALLERYdiy-dried-flowers-decorated-candles-07 VIEW IN GALLERYdiy-dried-flowers-decorated-candles-08 VIEW IN GALLERYdiy-dried-flowers-decorated-candles-09 VIEW IN GALLERYdiy-dried-flowers-decorated-candles-10If you are candle lover you know that candles can make the most beautiful atmosphere for relax and enjoyment. The candles can be used for many different occasions. The easiest part of that is you can decorate the them specially for any occasion. Here is the most interesting and easiest way how to decorate candles with dried flowers . Look at them and make every day to be special.
What you will need:
Dried flowers
Another white candle to heat the spoonVIEW IN GALLERYdiy-dried-flowers-decorated-candles F

Directions: simply heat up a spoon and using a tweezers fix the flowers, herbs and leaves onto the candle and “glue” them with the heated spoon. See! It wasn’t so hard after all !VIEW IN GALLERYflower candle

Crafts for Kids  —DIY Dried Flower Candle

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