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7 Ways to Revamp a Vintage Sewing Table

Sewing tables are unique pieces of furniture to own, but you don’t have to know how to sew to make the most of them in your home. Instead, why not think of innovative ways to use them that will give them a fresh leash on life that is sure to get people talking about the latest addition to your home. Your creativity will come alive with the selections we have provided for you.

1. Lemonade Stand

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY Lemonade Stand from Sewing Table

This vintage sewing table has been given a new spin functioning as a lemonade stand that is super cute to look at. You can find out how to give your sewing table a second hand at life at All Things Thrifty.

2. Nightstand

VIEW IN GALLERYNightstand from sweing table DIY

VIEW IN GALLERYSewing table turned into DIY Nightstand

What better way to creating your own nightstand then with a vintage sewing table that you won’t find anywhere else? With a painted top you will transform your sewing table into your own personal bedside nightstand that just screams chic. You can follow the steps to creating your own at A Blossoming Life.

3. Multi-Purpose Desk

VIEW IN GALLERYMulti-purpose Desk

Who says that a desk has to be one-dimensional? These days it’s all about making the most out of the furniture that you own and using them for as many things as possible. In this case we have a vintage sewing table that has been turned into a table, a desk and as a vanity too. You can’t get more multi-purpose then that from a sewing table. Find out how to make your own at My Repurposed Life.

4. Potting Table


If you love gardening as much as me then this next sewing table revamped idea is certainly a gem to behold. A sewing table doesn’t have to have a home inside, it can have one outside too. Simply fit a can inside the opening and fill with soil and you’re set to get on with the gardening tasks. I know this is definitely one I’ll be tackling in the near future. Discover how to make your own at Lilacs and Longhorns.

5. Beverage Station


When it comes to BBQs and parties it’s important to have a beverage station with all your drinks sorted. What better way to solve this then with your own sewing table made into a beverage station? It makes for the perfect addition to your party and has plenty of space for your refreshments too. Discover how to make yours at The Weekend Country Girl.

6. Bathroom Vanity

VIEW IN GALLERYBathroom Vanity

When it comes to an instant conversation starter what is sure to get your guests talking is your own sewing table which has been turned into your own personalised bathroom vanity. This is such a striking piece of furniture that you’re so to get plenty of compliments. Find out how to make yours at Design Sponge.

7. Vanity Table


Just by looking at this vanity table you wouldn’t think it had started life as a sewing machine, but this is one design that has been completely revamped to give it a fresh leash of life as a vanity table. Providing style and functionality it proves that it is possible to get more out of a piece of furniture if a little imagination is used. See how you can make your own at Lovely Indeed.