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Triple Layer Crochet Flower – How to Make it Yourself

Just a few simple crochet stitches are all that stand between you and a whole batch of these amazing triple layer flowers! Whether you’re a newcomer to the world of creative crochet or you’ve known your way around a hook for years, you’ll still have a brilliant time making these and even more fun putting them to good use!

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The best craft projects are always those that leave you with a final result you can actually use. In the case of these flowers, chances are you’ll find a thousand and one great places to use them and probably a whole army of people to share them with! Add a touch of color to a hat, spruce up an old bag, create your very own range of colorful hair accessories or transform those old slippers into something truly amazing – anything goes when you’re armed with these gorgeous little creations! [Full Tutorial by Attic24]

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Fabulous Flowers

As you can see in the guide we’ve put together here, there’s really very little to it at all! It’s just a case of mastering a few of the simpler crochet stitches and injecting a little of your own creativity into the mix! Stick with a single block color of your choosing, mix it up with a nice two-tone effect or go wild with as many colors as you can lay your hands on – every one’s a winner!

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We also love to see these flowers being used as decorative touches around the home. Mounted as decorative wall art, added to cushions or simply scattered around to create an amazing springtime ambience the whole year round, trust us when we say there’s no such thing as having too many crochet flowers around the home!


See the tutorial below:

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Check them one by one!