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Fun and Functional DIY Novelty Keyholders You’ll Adore

Everyone knows that losing your keys is the kind of small disaster no one needs to start their day (or end a holiday on!). If you’re anything like us, however, you’re definitely guilty of coming in and throwing them onto the side table without a care in the world. One of the best ways to solve this is to have a key hanger and get into the habit of putting them there every time you come in. Do you know what’s better than buying a key rack, though? Making yourself one, of course!

Check out these 15 great ideas for unique DIY key racks that you’ll want to hang up immediately!

1. Vintage frame key rack

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY Vintage frame key rack

The Purple Carrot walks you through the process of creating your own key rack using screw hooks and a cute vintage frame. You don’t have to ruin an antique to make this one; a simple, old decorative frame from the thrift store or a garage sale will work perfectly.

2. Phone jack key rack

VIEW IN GALLERYPhone jack key rack

This idea from Instructables gets you a key ring and a key rack all in one! Each day when you come home, you’ll be able to “plug” your keys in and leave them there for safe keeping until the next time you need them.

3. Magnetic light switch

VIEW IN GALLERYMegnatic light switch

This tutorial from Instructables shows you how to remove the plate of your light switch, place a magnet safely next to the switch, and replace the plate so that you can simply stick your keys right to the wall near the door when you walk in!

4. Old door knob key rack

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY old door knob key rack

Design Sponge suggests using a wooden board with door knobs attached for hanging things, but the part we really love here is the locks and keys! Choose an old key to put on your key ring and attach the corresponding lock to your board as well. Insert the old key into the old lock to hang them up and keep them safe.

5. Driftwood key rack

VIEW IN GALLERYDriftwood key rack

Restoration House shows you how simple screwing hooks into a beautifully worn piece of driftwood is when it comes to creating your own key rack. This project looks great in a front hall way or a cottage home.

6. Fun painted key rack

VIEW IN GALLERYFun painted key rack

We love this adorable, colourful key rack idea by What About Orange! If you’re skilled with a paint brush and can get your hands on a wooden base and some screw hooks, you’re all set for this project.

7. Hotel inspired key rack

VIEW IN GALLERYHotel inspired key rack

Here’s a project for the very crafty and creative! All you need are some wooden boards, some screw hooks, and some metal tags or labels if you’d like to get especially accurate. We love the vintage feel this design from Meridian Road gives the front hallway.

8. Canvas art key rack

VIEW IN GALLERYCanvas art key rack

Whether you’ve already painted awesome, modern canvas art that you’d like to display more prominently or you’ve been looking for an excuse to paint more, this idea by Home Edit is a great way to show off your skills and hang your keys safely!

9. Kitchen utensil key rack

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY kitchen utensil key rack

Bent forks and spoons are no excuse for throwing old utensils away! Instead, follow in Design Sponge‘s footsteps and turn them into awesome kitschy key racks that are perfect near the back or side door right at the kitchen.

10. Bird house key rack

VIEW IN GALLERYBird house key rack

We’re not sure we’ve ever seen a cuter key rack design than this one by Torie Jayne! Whether you use washi tape, scrap booking paper, or paint to cover them, these mini bird houses arranged in a row are the perfect adorable hangers for all your keys.

11. Paper flower key holders

VIEW IN GALLERYStylish Paper flower key holders

This gorgeous DIY flower key rack makes for a delicate, crafty touch in your front hallway that your friends will rave about. Find the tutorial for making it on Fiskars.

12. DIY decoupage key rack

VIEW IN GALLERYDecoupage key rack

Paints and washi tape are fun ways to customize an otherwise simple key rack with a small hook, but decoupage might be even more fun! We love this bold, brightly patterned design by Pretty Prudent.

13. Buckle up key rack

VIEW IN GALLERYBuckle up key rack

Home Edit has an awesome “punny” (and also totally practical) idea for hanging your car keys where you’ll never loose them! Affix the release button side of a seat belt to your wall and attach the buckle to your keys. Buckle them up every time you come in the house!

14. Lanyard key rack

VIEW IN GALLERYLanyard key rack

Bright, colourful lanyards are cheap and easy to come by, which makes them perfect for hanging up and organizing your keys! Hang several from the wall and clip each set of keys to a different lanyard so you know which is which, just like Fiskars did.

Time to give your keys a safe and stylish rack!