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15 Ways to Include Copper Décor into Your Home

Copper is taking over home décor magazines and overall decoration trends! Everywhere we turn, chances are we’ll run into a fabulous copper DIY project! So why not pile the top 15 together and show you how you can include DIY copper décor into your living space?! Sounds good? You know it does!

1. Copper Coasters

VIEW IN GALLERYCopper coasters

Every household should have some neat coasters! You know your guests will judge you by them (harsh truth, we all do it!), so better be prepared and leave them in awe when the time comes! With these copper coasters it’s easy to impress! Claireabellemakes will tell you how to make them!

 2. Copper Vanity Bowls


Sometimes daily routines need a touch of chic! Whether you’re prepping for your day in the morning or getting ready to go out in the evening, these vanity bowls will be there to assist you by holding your most necessary items! See how Freutcakes made them happen!

3. Copper Shelves

VIEW IN GALLERYCopper shelves

Once you see these shelves you won’t ever settle for the regular ones ever again! These copper shelves are to die for! They are stunning and brilliant, leaving us wondering how we even managed without them for so long. Visit Vintage Revivals and take notes!

4. Copper Coffee Table

VIEW IN GALLERYCopper coffee table

Combine traditional with modern and give your coffee table a little coper upgrade. It’s just enough to set it apart from other coffee tables and make her feel special. You won’t ever regret this decision, so why not hurry over to For Me, For You and snatch the tutorial!

5. Copper Side Table

VIEW IN GALLERYCopper side table

From classic coffee tables to dynamic and unique side tables! This one is not for the souls who like plain furniture – unless you need something to bring you out of your comfort zone. The Home Depot Blog has a great tutorial for this modern and trendy copper side table, perfect for a youthful apartment!

6. Copper Ladder

VIEW IN GALLERYCopper ladder

Have you caught up on the latest ladder décor trend yet? Yes? Here’s our number one tip: if you’re already placing a ladder into your home for the purposes of decorating, you can might as well make it a copper one! If you are in doubt, check with Popsugar and see how amazing it turns out!

7. Copper Vase


Vases always make the list! They can hold our flowers, pens, brushes, you name it! Since we rely on them so much, it’s important that they look the part! The 36th Avenue will make sure that your vase of choice looks exceptionally well – copper theme above all else!

 8. Copper Towel Holder

VIEW IN GALLERYCopper towel holder

You can include copper into your décor with the smallest additions. This copper towel holder is the perfect example! Such a small change in the household, some would argue barely noticeable, but it brings a whole new energy to the room. Get your copper on at Squirrely Minds!

9. Copper Curtain Rod

VIEW IN GALLERYCopper curtain rod

Another rather subtle way of incorporating copper comes from Design Sponge! Throw your old and boring curtain rod away – we know you have one! Simply switch it with a copper one and notice how it immediately makes your home look neater and Instagram worthy! #HouseGoals.

10. Copper Magazine Rack

VIEW IN GALLERYCopper magazine rack

How does your magazine rack look like? Probably not as cool as this one by Pillar Box Blue! Now is the perfect time to upgrade it and enter the new year in style! As you’re reading your favorite interior design magazines you can look at your very own trendy piece, right next to you!

11. Copper Knobs


This clever way of using copper to decorate your home will leave you with so many ideas! Check all the knobs on your cupboards and see which ones you can replace! These copper knobs we came across at Emily Henderson have the power to absolutely transform the whole cupboard!

 12. Copper Jewelry Display

VIEW IN GALLERYCopper jewelry display

If you don’t have a jewelry display yet, it’s time to get one! While you’re at it, follow the instructions at eHow and bless your home with some neat copper vibes! It will even make your most casual jewelry look exceptional!

13. Copper Frames

VIEW IN GALLERYCopper frames

Does anyone else spend hours looking for the perfect frame or is that just us? Time to put an end to it! If you want a frame that makes any picture look outstanding and contribute to your home’s flawless interior, look no further! A Joyful Riot will amaze you with these picture perfect copper frames!

14. Copper Salt & Pepper Shakers

VIEW IN GALLERYCopper salt & pepper shakers

When you’re in love with decorating there’s no aspect of your home that isn’t premeditated. Nothing happens by chance! Why would you settle for boring and awfully-looking salt shakers if you can make your own? Brit + Co will give you all the details for these chic copper salt & pepper shakers – because even cooking should be done with a certain level of style, no?

15. Copper Mirror

VIEW IN GALLERYCopper mirror

Mirror mirror on the wall, who has the best décor of them all? Surely those who swear by copper. If you’re still looking for a way to include it into your home, our final suggestion is: make this mirror! Every time you pass it you will feel compelled to look at it – and into it! Self-love (and Makers Society) for the win!

What’s your take on copper décor? Like it or love it? We know it doesn’t leave you cold!