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Thoughtful DIY Gift Ideas for Your Tin Anniversary

In the world of traditional anniversary gifts, ten years is tin! To mark your tenth year since marriage, it’s customary to give your spouse a gift made of or related to tin. That might not sound very glamorous, but don’t stress! Here’s where your DIY skills save the day.

Check out these DIY or customizable tin gift ideas that will mean more to your loved one than anything fancy gift from the store!

1. A tin of notes and memories

VIEW IN GALLERYA tin of notes

(Source: Indulgy)

Find a simple tin container and fill it with special memories, cute notes, favour coupons, or simply kind words written on cue cards. When your spouse is feeling down, they can pull one out and smile!

2. Poem tin can


(Source: The Original Thread)

Write your own poem or borrow this common ditty to remind your love how great your 10 years together has been. Fill the tin can with their favourite treats or trinkets!

3. “Tin for ten” tin

VIEW IN GALLERY%22Tin for Ten%22 tin

(Source: Giggles Galore)

If poetry isn’t your strongest suit, put your decorating skills to the test instead! Inside the tin, place notes for your spouse to read when they miss you or simply on the morning of your anniversary.

4. Stamped dime keychains

VIEW IN GALLERYDime keychains

(Source: GemsbyJohhna)

Have dimes stamped with your wedding date and a little tin plate engraved with a cute quote about your decade together. The 10 cents will be a reminder of your 10 years!

5. Engraved wallet card

VIEW IN GALLERYEngraved wallet card

(Source: RameWorks)

Have a piece of tin cut to the shape and size of a credit card, sanded, and engraved with a message of your choosing! Your spouse can put it in their wallet for a quick reminder of how much you love them whenever they need it.

6. Woven tin art

VIEW IN GALLERYWoven tin art

(Source: Snappin Studio)

Whether you smith it yourself or design and commission it, creating quote-laden art from woven strips of tin gives your spouse a loving message and and gorgeous decorative piece to hang.

7. Cut license plate dates

VIEW IN GALLERYCut license plate dates

(Source: Recycled Art Co)

Collect old license plates and cut them (or have them cut) into strips between the different numbers you need to spell out your anniversary date! Mount them on wood and hang them on the wall.

8. Coin milestones

VIEW IN GALLERYPenny milestones

(Source: Wedding Photos)

Calculate how many days it’s been since each of your milestones together and mark each one with a dime fora bullet point! Frame the piece and hang it up.

9. “Still spooning”

VIEW IN GALLERY%22Still spooning%22

(Source: Spoon Tracker)

Find two tin spoons (vintage ones will look especially pretty) and have them stamped or engraved with this witty play on words!

10. Dime cufflinks

VIEW IN GALLERYDime cufflinks

(Source: PMR Graphics)

Dimes affixed to plain cufflinks are a great way to mark your special 10 year occasion!

11. Tin mugs


(Source: Penzer Online)

Paint, print, or otherwise personalize a set of tin camping mugs to mark your tin anniversary. Use them each morning to have coffee together, even when you’re home!

12. Tin flowers


(Source: Cherington Metalcraft)

If you have access to a metalworks studio that provides lessons, try creating simple tin flowers for your love one on your 10th anniversary. If not, collect tin recreations of all their favourite flowers and build your own gorgeously long-lasting bouquet.

13. Lock in a tin

VIEW IN GALLERYLock in a tin

(Source: Not on the High Street)

In a simple tin, place an engraved lock that you had personalized and perhaps a few extra treats. On the day of your anniversary, lock the padlock somewhere that means something to you both. Visit it whenever you need a reminder!

14. Tinfoil rose


(Source: I Gotta Create)

If you don’t quite have the budget for a bouquet of tinsmithed flowers, fold your own out of tinfoil! They’re the perfect DIY way to accompany other gifts or trinkets with a token tin element to mark ten years.

15. Tin can lanterns

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY tin can lanterns

(Source: Home and Heart DIY)

Are you and your spouse more concerned with experience and less with things? Instead of a tin gift, punch holes in tin cans and paint them to make cute lanterns. Have a nighttime picnic on the patio or curl up together and watch the sunset while these lanterns light your way and mark your ten years together.

Do you know someone crafty with a tin anniversary on the way? Share this post with them for a little tin-speration!