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8 DIY Spice Rack Ideas To Spice Up Your Kitchen

Countless little bags of spices are everyone’s pet peeve. Such disorganization usually results in little bits of every spice ending up somewhere on the counter and the ever time-consuming search for the right spice while in the midst of cooking. Because spices are so essential for virtually every dish that you’re creating, having an organized spice rack is an absolute must!

Here are 8 ideas for useful and creative DIY spice racks that will help you solve the spice problem once and for all!

1. Vintage Silver Trays

VIEW IN GALLERYVintage Silver Trays

Anything vintage always spices up any room; it makes it look orderly and sophisticated. Reach that look in your kitchen by turning some old, silver trays into shiny, unique spice racks! See how Mod Vintage Life made it all happen! We love the end result!

2. Test Tubes


Whether you loved chemistry in school or not, you will love this idea! It’s very cheap and simple, but the best part about it is that it doesn’t look boring or used-up! Dream Book Design tells you how you can make your very own spice rack made out of test tubes! After that, you’re free to have your own Dexter’s Lab in the kitchen, every day!

3. Magnetic Spice Jars

VIEW IN GALLERYbaby food jars

Magnets always come in handy! They will make your spice rack look like it’s floating! Plus, the storage is really simple and you can always see all of the spice names on display, so you don’t have to frantically look for the right one, when in the middle of cooking! One Lucky Pickle used baby food jars for this project, which is also a lovely, useful idea!

4. Pantry Door

VIEW IN GALLERYpantry door

If you don’t like to have your spices on display at all times, but don’t have enough room on your pantry shelves, there is a solution: put the spice rack on the door of your pantry! Yes, you heard that right! It saves you a lot of space and it looks pretty amazing! If you love working with wood, visit Shanty 2 Chic for instructions!

5. Vintage Crate

VIEW IN GALLERYVintage Coca-Cola Crate Spice Rack

Crates are always very useful, so why not upcycle one of them into a brilliant spice rack?! Discover Create Live used a Coca-Cola crate and the final result looks super tasteful! It really doesn’t take too much work to have your spices always at hand and neatly organized! This idea is also lazy-proof because with this crate rack in your kitchen it’s basically impossible to mess anything up!

6. TicTac Boxes

VIEW IN GALLERYTicTac Spice rack

There is no simpler idea than this one!! Seattle Sundries uses it for traveling, but you can just as easily make use of it in the kitchen! If you don’t like regular spice racks and love to stand out, but don’t like super complicated things, this idea is your best friend. Plus, it gives you a very adult reason to buy TicTacs!

7. Magnetic Chalkboard

VIEW IN GALLERYFramed spice rack

Another idea where magnets are involved, but this one has a twist called chalkboard paint!! Addicted 2 Decorating transformed a simple dry erase message board into a magnetic chalkboard spice rack! The idea is absolutely amazing – you never have to bother with making the spice labels, because you just write them up with chalk! And you always have beautiful colors on display! Win-win!

8. Built-In Spice Rack


Sometimes you don’t want anything too crazy and would like to opt for something normal, but special nonetheless. This idea from Thistle Wood Farms is perfect for that. It’s very subtle, yet it still provides the kitchen with a traditional and organized look that it deserves!

We believe you are now ready to spice up your kitchen! All you need is a bit of thyme and the will to curry on!!