Wonderful Butterfly Cake Recipe: Butterfly Cake Ideas and Designs for Your Celebration

If you’re looking for an easy and classic dessert to serve at your next party, look no further than a butterfly cake. With its light, fluffy texture and sweet vanilla flavor, this cake is perfect for any celebration. It’s simple to make with minimal ingredients, but looks impressive when decorated with colorful frosting or edible flowers. Whether you choose to decorate it with a buttercream frosting or dust it with powdered sugar, this delightful cake is sure to be a hit.



Easy Butterfly Cake Recipe

Butterfly cakes are a wonderful way to brighten up any celebration. Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary or other special event, these charming little treats are sure to be a hit with all your guests. To make the perfect butterfly cake you will need: one box of your favorite cake mix, one can of ready-made frosting, assorted edible decorations (such as sprinkles and candies), and several buttercream piping bags. One last thing, if you have a Barbie fan at the house try this Barbie butterfly cake (pictured in here), they will sure be surprised.

Butterfly Cake Ingredients:

Butterfly Cake Instructions:

  1. Preheat oven to 350°F and grease and flour 2 9-inch round cake pans.
  2. In a medium bowl, whisk together the flour, baking powder, baking soda, and salt. Set aside.
  3. In a separate large bowl, using an electric mixer, beat the eggs and sugar until light in color.
  4. Slowly add in the oil, vanilla extract, and buttermilk or yogurt, mixing until just combined.
  5. Gradually add the flour mixture to the wet ingredients until everything is just combined – don’t overmix!
  6. Divide the batter evenly into the prepared pans.
  7. Bake for 25-30 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean.
  8. Once cooled, remove from pans and transfer to a platter or cake stand. Spread a layer of frosting over each cake and begin to create two identical wings for one butterfly cake by piping a hand-drawn design on either side with buttercream.
  9. Pipe a line of buttercream along the edge of each wing for definition before decorating with edible decorations such as sprinkles or candies.
  10. Place the two wings together, then repeat the same process for the other butterfly cake.
  11. To finish your butterfly cakes, pipe some decorative touches around the edges or on top using colorful buttercreams and more edible decorations if desired.

Serve immediately after completing these steps, or store in an airtight container at room temperature for up to 3 days.

How do you cut a round cake into a butterfly cake?

The butterfly cake is a unique and eye-catching dessert that can be cut from a round, store-bought or homemade cake. To make the cake, you’ll need to use a butterfly-shaped cookie cutter or cake mold. Start by cutting out shapes with the cookie cutter or frosting the molded shape onto your cooled cake. If you are using a cookie cutter, add some of the extra pieces back into the empty spaces in the middle of your butterfly wings for an interesting look. Once you have your butterfly shapes ready, use clear piping gel to glue them together on top of the round cake. Then finish off with colorful sprinkles and other decorations for added effect.

What is the difference between a fairy cake and a cupcake?

Fairy cakes and cupcakes are small cakes, baked in individual portions and often served at parties or celebrations. Both are popular desserts that can be enjoyed on their own or decorated with frosting and other toppings. The main difference between a fairy cake and a cupcake is the ingredients used to make them. Fairy cakes typically contain less butter, sugar, and eggs than cupcakes, making them lighter in texture and milder in taste. Cupcakes tend to have more of these ingredients, resulting in a richer flavor and denser texture. Additionally, decorating styles differ – fairy cakes usually have simple decorations like sprinkles or icing sugar while cupcakes may be embellished with intricate frosting designs. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference.

How do you decorate a butterfly cake?

When decorating a butterfly cake, you can use either fairy cakes or cupcakes as the base. You can also make your own from scratch using cake mix or any recipe of your choice. Once the cakes are baked and cooled, start by cutting them in half so that each piece looks like two wings of a butterfly. Place one half-cake on each side of the plate or cake stand, and fill the middle with a layer of buttercream frosting. You can then use various decorations like sprinkles, edible glitter, fresh flowers, candy pearls or any other decoration of your choice to create a beautiful butterfly pattern on top. Finish it off by adding some extra details such as a fondant butterfly or other edible decorations


Picture source : Koduhaldjas


VIEW IN GALLERYbutterfly-specialty-cake-wonderfuldiy

Click here for the Butterfly Cake Tutorial

VIEW IN GALLERYButterfly-Pull-Apart

Make amazing-butterfly-cupcake — Check here

Colorfully Charming: Lovely DIY Butterfly Decor Projects

Every once in a while, however, our kids will fixate particularly on a specific creature as their favourite, so we find ourselves doing a lot of crafts featuring that one critter for weeks at a time before they read a story or encounter a different thing that steals their hearts. That’s how we found ourselves looking for as many butterfly themed decor projects as we could possibly find this summer! We’ve been looking for fun ways to add personality and colour to certain spaces in our home while they’ve been chasing butterflies in the yard, marvelling at the colours in their wings and begging us to make every craft we sit down to do have something to do with the flying friends they met outside.

Just in case you’re as interested in making some butterfly themed projects with your kids as we were, if not more, here are 15 of the best ideas we’ve come across so far!

1. DIY dual layer paper butterflies


The idea of making paper butterflies might sound incredibly easy and not all that exciting, but we think you’d actually be surprised by just how many things you can make out of them! Leanne DG shows you how to make pretty double layered butterflies step by step, putting one colour, pattern, or texture on the top layer and another on the bottom, then bending the layers so that the butterflies look like they’re actually flying away. We love the way they scattered them simply across their wall like a beautiful cluster of butterflies flying into the wind!

2. Vertical butterfly garlands


Are you actually a huge fan of the idea of making cute, double layered paper butterflies but you think you’d rather turn them into something a little different than the simple wall stickies we showed you above? Then we’d urge you to check out how Trahu DIY made their butterflies (which they made in a similar way to those you saw above) into a series of adorable vertical garlands that will hang down your wall or from a window or doorway just like a set of beaded curtains might.

3. Butterfly silhouette candle


If you’re going to make something that’s butterfly themed, would you rather have it be a little more subtle within your decor scheme, rather than being full of bright colours and loud patterns? Then we think perhaps this whimsical looking candle silhouette design from Architecture n’ Design might be a little more up your alley! They show you how to make it happen using a mason jar, some malleable crafting wire, some crafting card, and some string. If you don’t like the idea of having actual lit flames around paper in your home, try putting one of those faux battery powered tea lights inside instead!

4. Gossip Girl inspired DIY butterfly clock


If you were an avid fan of the TV show Gossip Girls in its prime then you’ll know exactly what this tutorial is themed after but even if you weren’t, we have a feeling you’ll appreciate just how lovely this abstract butterfly clock idea featured on By Alenka is! They show you how to affix the clock hands to the wall and create a negative space clock “face” framed by scattered crafting butterflies all around the outside edge.

5. Butterflies made from folded ribbons


Are you absolutely interested in making hand crafted butterflies that you can use for all kinds of projects from scratch but you’re already tried the layered paper technique several times before and now you’re interested in trying something a little different? Then we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Art Daniela created these adorable, colourful little butterflies out of twisted ribbons! We can think of almost unlimited lovely projects to transform these into.

6. Butterfly and tree branch 3D art


Have you actually been scrolling through our list so far and wondering how you might use those paper butterflies you love making so much to create a piece that’s a little bigger, or that will looking like more of an impressive statement wherever you put it? Then we think you might get along rather well with this idea and tutorial outlined by Tenshi! They guide you through the process of hand crafting an impressively realistic looking branch and scattering your brightly coloured butterflies across it like leaves.

7. Ombre dispersing butterfly canvas


Are you actually still thinking about how much you adore the whole “scattered butterfly” concept in general because you love how it looks like they’re flying across the surfaces in your home, but you just haven’t quite settled on a particular project that holds your complete attention yet? In that case, here’s another idea for your consideration! Baci di Sapori walks you through the process of making paper butterflies in a colour gradient and arranging them in a heart shape across your canvas, scattering one corner so they look like they’re either flying away from or joining the group.

8. Folded paper butterfly wall fans


Have we perhaps got you feeling very intrigued indeed by the idea of folding paper butterflies in different ways, but you’ve already made the other folding kind we’ve shown you before a number of times before so you’re looking for something a little bit different? Then we think you might feel interested in this paper fan butterflies idea outlined step by step on Meaningful Mama! They show you how to make a traditionally folded circular fan, which you might not need much guidance on, but they also show you how to create a contrasting little butterfly in the middle.

9. Patterned butterfly shadow box


Have you actually already made yourself a beautiful paper butterfly project but you got a little bit carried away when it came to actually creating the butterflies themselves, and now you have a whole bunch left over even though you’re already finished your project? Don’t throw them away just yet! Petit Republic suggests using those butterflies to fill a framed shadow box, scattering cut outs in different colours and patterns all together to create a very visually interesting piece.

10. DIY butterfly corner


If you’re going to create a butterfly themed decor piece that looks as thought they’re scattering and flying all over the place, would you rather do so in a way that’s a little more of an illusion, rather than just sticking paper butterflies to your wall or a canvas? In that case, we have a feeling this fantastic fishing line and faux butterfly mobile featured on Instructables might be just what you’re looking for! We can’t get over how stunning the “floating” butterflies look, as though they might land lightly on our shoulder any second.

11. Printable butterfly push pin boards


Are you the kind of person who is very organized in your daily life, but your favourite thing is actually to combine that organization with your creative skills, so that at least your neat, tidy work space has some colour and personality to it? Then you sound like the perfect person to give these awesomely delicate looking butterfly push pins featured on We Are Scout a try! Each time you pin a photo or a reminder to your cork board, it’ll look like a pretty little butterfly landed there to hold it in place for you.

12. Shrink plastic and embroidery hoop butterfly mobile


Do you love the idea of the fishing line butterflies we showed you earlier on our list that look as thought they might actually be floating through the air, but you’re just not sure you’re ready to take on a project quite as large as that idea? Then maybe you’d prefer to make this more simplified mobile featured on My Printly instead! They show you how to custom design cute butterflies on craft store shrink plastic and then attach them to am embroidery hoop base using the same deceivingly clear line.

13. Fabric origami butterfly


Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about different origami based ways to fold little butterflies but you’ve been working with paper a lot lately and you’re just not sure that’s the kind of craft you feel like guiding your kids through right now? Then maybe it’s time to try your hand at some fabric based projects instead! Check out how Mollie Makes folded a double layer of fabric over to look like a butterfly, with one colour or print showing on the inside of the wings and another showing on the outside.

Colorful Transformation: DIY Butterfly Crafts 

When you see the first butterfly of the year, you can tell that spring has finally arrived. The patterns and colors of the butterfly’s wings are something we never get tired of admiring and it’s no wonder children and puppies love to chase them around the yard! Butterflies are also a symbol of transformation and perseverance. Celebrate these tiny but majestic creatures with these colorful DIY butterfly crafts! 

1. Origami Butterflies 


Origami is one of the best ways to create with paper, because it shows you how much can be achieved by simply bending the paper in a right way. Red Ted Art shares a tutorial for origami butterflies that you can make together with your kids on a rainy afternoon!

2. Paper and Wire Butterflies 


You’re going to have to do a double-take when you see the butterflies we found at You Are My Fave because they look incredibly realistic! Draw the pattern of the wings on the paper with a permanent marker and then use wire to create the body that connects the wings!

3. Butterfly Costume 


We all go through different transformations in life and if this year has felt super transformative for you already, you can honor that with a magnificent butterfly costume that is going to blow everyone away at the next costume party! Natalina shares the instructions!

4. Butterfly Tree Centerpiece 


We all spend a lot of our time indoors and sometimes it’s easy to feel a bit detached from mother nature. Thankfully there are decoration ideas that help you channel the beauty of nature within your living space. Visit Rhythms of Play to learn how you can set up this gorgeous butterfly tree centerpiece!

5. Butterfly Luminary 


Creating a warm and magical ambiance in your home should be your top priority as a home owner. Luminaries are always a good idea if you’re aiming for an enchanted and romantic atmosphere. Find out how Magical Daydream created this breathtaking butterfly luminary!

6. Tulle Butterflies 


Is your little toddler totally obsessed with fairytales and constantly daydreams about the magical creatures? Invite them to help you make these charming tulle butterflies by Bird’s Party! The pink tulle has a gentle and fairytale-like appearance, turning your homemade butterflies into a very special magical beings!

7. Butterfly Sensory Bottle 


Sensory bottles are loved by kids because they never get boring and gazing into them has a calming effect, which is also why they are loved by parents, because they help their kids focus and relax. If you want to make a butterfly sensory bottle, check in with Rhythms of Play!

8. Butterfly Chandelier 


Becoming a parent is definitely one of the biggest life transformations one can experience and in this fashion, along with the fact that butterflies represent pure bliss, you can create a beautiful butterfly chandelier for your nursery! Oopsey Daisy will show you how.

9. Butterfly Wings 


Children absolutely adore butterflies. They love to run after them and chase them, trying so hard to catch them and admire their wonderful wings. Because you are the coolest parent ever, you can sew these lovely butterfly wings by Crazy Little Projects and turn your little munchkin into a butterfly for the day!

10. Butterfly Hand Puppet 


When you have kids, you finally remember how good it felt to play all day long! Kids love to create imaginative worlds and lend their voice to different characters on a daily basis. Check out an amazing tutorial at Easy Peasy and Fun for a butterfly hand puppet that could be a part of your kid’s newest make-believe adventure!

11. Butterfly Wreath


We’ve already said that seeing the first butterfly of the year usually means the arrival of spring, but you can amplify that feeling by making a wreath that’s full of butterflies! This is a lovely way to welcome in a new season and you can get the details at Up To Date Interiors.

12. Butterfly Lantern 


When you buy a simple lantern lamp you can sometimes already feel that it’s going to need some additional decorating, but you might wonder how can you decorate a lamp without covering it up too much. The Happy Housie added tiny butterflies to the lantern and the result is absolutely perfect!

Wonderful DIY Pretty Butterfly Chandelier Mobile

I fall in love with this stunning Butterfly Chandelier Mobile every time I look at it. It is not only a cute product, but it would make for a great handmade gift, perfect for any room (including your nursery or little girl’s room).

More to it, it can be perfect for any occasion you could think of. Imagine hanging it outside for a cool party with friends, with the wind blowing nicely into all those sweet butterflies?

VIEW IN GALLERYButterfly-Mobile-Chandelier-720x598

VIEW IN GALLERYButterfly-Chandelier

Butterfly Chandelier via ‘Etsy’

VIEW IN GALLERYButterfly-Chandelier-Mobile-wonderfuldiy

Butterfly Chandelier Mobile Tutorial via ‘Megity’s Handmade’

VIEW IN GALLERYbutterfly-mobile

Felt butterfly mobile via Bugs and via Fishesbugsandfishes, Click HERE for the Tutorial

VIEW IN GALLERYButterfly-Origami-Tutorial

Origami Butterflies Tutorial

VIEW IN GALLERYButterfly-Wall-Art-Tutorial

Pretty butterfly wall art

VIEW IN GALLERYEasy Folded Paper Butterflies F

Super easy folded butterfly

VIEW IN GALLERYButterfly-Made-with-Plastic-Bottles-F

DIY pretty butterfly from plastic bottle

Easy-to-Make Crochet Queen Butterfly With Video Tutorial

If you’ve been looking for an introductory project to get used to the art of crochet, we think we’ve found the perfect pattern for you! Not only are these crochet butterflies simple stunning to look at, they’re also quite unbelievably easy to make. A perfect introduction to the most important crochet stitches and guaranteed to have you finding your feet in no time, you’ll have as much fun making them as you will finding new homes for them!

VIEW IN GALLERYSimply-Crochet-Butterfly-wonderfuldiy

Along with an incredibly easy-to-follow video tutorial and picture guide, you’ll also find the written pattern via the link below to help you get to grips with understanding classic crochet. There’s really no better starting point you could wish for – master the basics with these and the sky’s the limit for your newly-discovered skills!

Crochet Butterflies: A Million Marvelous Uses!

It’s not until you find yourself with a whole swarm of these amazing crochet butterflies that you’ll see just how many uses they have. Add a clip and transform them into unique hair accessories, pin them to hats for a brilliant burst of color or simply use them to decorate baby’s bedroom – they’re safe, simple and superbly stunning to look at!

VIEW IN GALLERYCrochet butterfly free pattern-wonderfuldiy

VIEW IN GALLERYcute crochet butterflies

(Free pattern from Ravelry)

We’d also highly recommend checking out the other cute crochet patterns and project ideas we’ve pulled together across our collection. Combine these amazing butterflies with a few crochet daisies or perhaps a homemade baby hat and you have yourself something quite spectacular in the making!

If it’s your very first time with a crochet needle, we highly recommend arming yourself with a fair bit of yarn in several colors and practicing on a bunch of these babies – they’re perfect for mastering the basics! It won’t be long before you’re ready to spread your wings and fly into more complex projects – the fact that you’ll have made dozens of adorable crochet butterflies in the process is also a bonus!

Crochet Butterflies [VIDEO Tutorial]

YouTube video


It’s summer and you’re a crochet addict? How about a set of crochet butterfly baby sandals. They are so cool, no?
VIEW IN GALLERYCrochet Butterfly  baby Sandals F


Or these cupcake liner butterflies which — take our word for it — look amazing as accessories in the bedroom.VIEW IN GALLERYCupcake-Liner-Butterfly

Wonderful DIY Beautiful Fabric Butterfly

VIEW IN GALLERYMake-Beautiful Butterfly-wonderfuldiyThese butterflies are so beautiful that made of silk, satin or organza .They are nice decoration, and it’s a good idea to use those left over fabrics .

As you know, there are many ways for making butterfly, such as beads butterfly, plastic butterfly, crochet butterfly…Butterflies can be used as a gift tag, brooch, hair clip,decoration for hat or baby booties… I would like to create some for my daughter’s valance, that will be a fantastic addition for her room .

This fabric butterfly tutorial by Andrea is easy , please check the link blow, you can first learn how to make the simple petals, then the multi-layered petals for the prettiest handmade butterfly. For making these pretty butterflies, you will need :

-silk, satin or organza
-silicone glue gun
-a bit of felt
-a brooch pin, hair clip or any other accessory;
-a bun bobby pin for the antennae or some modeling wire;
-large scissors or a pair of tweezers.

VIEW IN GALLERYHow-To-Make-Beautiful-DIY-Butterfly-wonderfuldiyClick here for the tutorial

These crochet queen butterflies are very pretty and the pattern is simple that you can try it :

VIEW IN GALLERYSimply-Crochet-Butterfly-wonderfuldiyCrochet pretty queen-butterfly — Check here

VIEW IN GALLERYbeads butterfly-wonderful DIY

DIY pretty-beads-butterfly — Check here

VIEW IN GALLERYUpcycle Plastic Bottles into these gorgeous Butterflies and decorate with your favourite Nail Polish

DIY butterfly-from-plastic-bottles — Check tutorial

Wonderful DIY Spoon Butterfly

VIEW IN GALLERYspoon  Butterfly-wonderfuldiyRecycle those old spoons and forks to turn them into these fabulous butterfly arts, they are simple but beautiful decoration for your home .

VIEW IN GALLERY spoon  Butterfly-wonderfuldiy3

Spoon Butterflies from Garden Helping Information  VIEW IN GALLERYspoon Silverware-Butterfly-wonderfuldiySilverware Butterfly via Express your Creativity

VIEW IN GALLERYspoon  Butterfly-wonderfuldiy4Silverware Butterfly  from Express your Creativity

VIEW IN GALLERYspoon Silverware-Butterfly-wonderfuldiy1Spoon Butterfly Art 

VIEW IN GALLERYspoon Silverware-Butterfly-wonderfuldiy2 You also can turn old  spoon into these planter hooks. This will be a special addition for your  decoration !

VIEW IN GALLERYSpoon-Planter-HangersSpoon Planter Hooks Tutorial by Hutch Studio

VIEW IN GALLERYButterfly-Made-with-Plastic-Bottles-F

DIY butterfly-from-plastic-bottles — Check here

Wonderful DIY Pretty Beads Butterfly

VIEW IN GALLERYbeads butterfly-wonderful DIY

How pretty is this butterfly ! It’s made of beads and pearls . Make it as a brooch, hairpin, or decoration for hat, handbag… It would be a nice gift too ! Get the tutorial form the below link…Happy crafting !

Click here for the translated tutorial

You can also make  hearts decoration with the beads . it’s an amazing idea:

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY-Beads-Heart-Decorative-Tree-wonderfuldiy

Click here for the tutorial by Kolobok

Wonderful DIY Cute Cupcake Liner Butterfly

VIEW IN GALLERYCupcake-Liner-Butterfly

There are many things you can make butterflies from! Here a way to make cute butterflies is using cupcake liners. You can make different size butterflies by using mini, regular, or jumbo cupcake liners and use them as beautiful decoration. Learn how to make a cupcake liner butterfly using a clothespin, glitter, and glue! It’s a great idea for magnets.

Click here for the Tutorial from ‘BluePurpleandcarlett’

You can make Christmas Tree With Cupcake Liners ( image via Pinterest ):

VIEW IN GALLERYChristmas-Trees-With-Cupcake-Liners DIY

Tatertotsandjello— Make-cupcake-liner-christmas tree

VIEW IN GALLERYcupcake liner carnation F

Cupcake-liner-carnation-flowers — Wonderful DIY

Wonderful DIY Magical Floating Butterfly Lantern

VIEW IN GALLERYfloating-butterfly-lantern diy

Your kids will love this magical idea –Floating Butterfly Lantern. Lantern is a beautiful way to add atmosphere and depth to a space inside or outside .They contribute to the lighting and colour of an area and can give off a truly magical ambience. This is a super cute idea!  You can make this project with your kids to experiment the fun of light and shadow!

What you will need:


1. Draw the silhouettes of butterflies over a piece of paper and cut them.

2.Measure the paper around the jar and cut it. Turn it to a cylinder and glue butterflies to it.

3.make a curved shape from one end of the wire and attach butterflies to it with a thread. Wind it around the mouth of the jar.

4. Glue the cylindrical paper with butterflies to the jar.

5. Put in a candle and your lantern is ready.

Butterflies dancing now !  Happy crafting!

Photo from coolcreativity VIEW IN GALLERYHow-to-DIY-Butterfly-Wall-DecorationClick here for DIY wonderful-butterfly-wall-art


Wonderful DIY Beautiful Butterfly Frame Wall Art

VIEW IN GALLERYButterfly FramesF 1

This butterfly frame wall art is a cute home decor for your baby room or living room . It’s very easy to make . All you need are Premade Butterfly Ornaments , Floral Patterned Papers and a Frame. Before we posted some DIY butterfly projects, so you can make you own personalized butterfly .Enjoy !

Click here for Directions from “DIY Inspired”VIEW IN GALLERYButterfly Footprint ArtworkClick here for DIY butterfly-footprint-artwork

Wonderful DIY Amazing Butterfly Cupcake

VIEW IN GALLERYButterfly-Pull-ApartHow pretty is this Rainbow Butterfly Cupcake ! Regular and mini cupcakes frosted in a rainbow rosette swirl give this happy butterfly its wings. Sure it will flutter your party guests’ hearts.Perfect !

Click here for Recipe from “Bhg”

VIEW IN GALLERYButterfly-Pull-Apart-Cupcake-CakeClick HERE for directions from ‘CrystalGH’

DIY Kirigami Rose and Butterfly Card

We believe that there’s really no better gift in the world than a handmade greetings card – so much more thought and value than any gift bought from a store. However, when it comes to delivering that all-important ‘wow’ factor with a homemade card, we’ve never come across anything quite as amazing as this Kirigami Rose and Butterfly Card.

VIEW IN GALLERYKirigami  Greeting Card with Rose and Butterfly

The lucky recipient will find it impossible to believe that you managed to come with something the amazing with your own two hands. In fact, chances are you’ll be just as blown-away by the results too! Kirigami is the art of paper cutting, which in this case means you’ll need a sharp craft knife, a safe area for cutting and all the card you need to create as many finished cards as you like.

How to make it

Armed with templates and a sharp knife, it’s surprisingly easy to cut out professional-quality designs at home. You can use the templates of your choosing and get creative with patterns – all the decorative touches you fancy are also optional. This particular card is just wonderful for all special events and occasions across the board – anything from birthday cards to weddings to Christenings and more.

It’s a real labor of love you’ll be happy to put your heart and soul into. And just as soon as you see the results you’re capable of, chances are you’ll never look the same way at a store-bought card again!


VIEW IN GALLERYKirigami  Greeting Card with Rose and Butterfly1 VIEW IN GALLERYKirigami  Greeting Card with Rose and Butterfly2

Wonderful DIY Amazing Butterfly Feeder

VIEW IN GALLERYhomemade butterfly feeder F2

WOW !! ! It’s amazing idea —getting a butterfly garden with this DIY butterfly feeder !
Don’t underestimate the butterfly – it’s more than just a magical pretty garden addition! … to visit your garden and pollinate your plants by making a butterfly feeder. This feeder is easy to make, just be patient, it will take some time for the butterflies to find it. What are you waiting for ? Make a butterfly feeder to attract butterflies to your garden now !

Click here for instructions from “Ehow”

Wonderful DIY Beautiful Butterfly Nail Art

VIEW IN GALLERYButterfly-Nail-Art-wonderfuldiy

This butterfly nail are is   cute, gorgeous yet simple  that you will love it .Color scheme for this little cute butterfly: Black for the body, Pin for the wings, and fill the wings with glitter. Source here.

Directions :

    1. Draw the body
    2. Draw the wing
    3. Draw the other wing
    4. Fill the wings
    5. Outline the wings and add extra details
    6. Apply glitter
    7. Apply top coat

More nail art tutorials HERE

VIEW IN GALLERYGray-Smokey-Eye-Makeup

 40-amazing-smokey-eyes-makeup-tutorials — Check here

Bright and Beautiful Butterfly Wall Art

Why spend money on premium wall art when it’s so incredibly easy to make these beautiful butterflies by hand?

The way we see it, there’s nothing better than the simplest of craft projects that require very few materials and yet allow you to come up with breath-taking results. This simple butterfly wall art guide we came across illustrates the point perhaps better than any other – take a look at how stunning these little guys look in formation and you can’t help but be impressed!

VIEW IN GALLERYHow-to-DIY-Butterfly-Wall-Decoration

An amazing added touch to any room of the home, though even more magical for that special little girl’s bedroom, you can really let your imagination fly with a collection of these delightful DIY butterflies!

Creative Crafts for Kids

Of course, there are really no better craft projects than those you can get the whole family involved with. To make these bonny butterflies, all you’ll need is a bunch of paper sheets in the color of your choosing, a pencil to trace the outline of a butterfly and scissors to cut out the shape. It’s then just a case of choosing an appropriate adhesive to stick them to the walls — a little adult supervision and it’s a perfect creative craft project for kids!

VIEW IN GALLERYdiy butterflies wall art

VIEW IN GALLERYpaper butterflies wall art

With just a couple of hours put to one side, you and those helping you out could craft dozens of these cute little critters to create any shape, design or pattern you can think of. Stick with a single color or go crazy with a collage – any way you go, you’ll be blown away by the results!

The heart design pictured here is one of our favorites, but at the same time we simply cannot resist stars, flowers or even the name of the lucky lady!

Share your thoughts and ideas with the rest of our readers below – we’re always on the lookout for new and inspiring suggestions!

Wonderful DIY Pretty Butterfly from Recycled Bottle

VIEW IN GALLERYBeautiful-Butterflies-from-Plastic-Bottles-F

This is a fun craft project — make lovely butterflies from recycled plastic bottle. These butterflies look so gorgeous with colorful and translucent wings, and sparkling beaded body. You can make any kind of butterfly you want; real or whimsical! This project is also a good craft for children. Happy crafting !

What you will need:

VIEW IN GALLERYBeautiful-Butterflies-from-Plastic-Bottles-2

VIEW IN GALLERYplastic-Bottle-Butterflies


Wonderful DIY Pretty Crochet Butterfly Baby flip flops

VIEW IN GALLERYCrochet Butterfly  baby Sandals F

I fell in love when I saw this pretty butterfly baby flip flops  . They are soooo cute, How could you not love them? Is there anything cuter than sweet little baby feet? Maybe baby feet in some of these adorable crochet baby sandals! Handmade crochet sandals are perfect gift for baby !

– Lion Brand Bonbon Yarn in Orange, Pink, and Yellow
– Size G Crochet Hook
– Small button
– Tapestry needle

VIEW IN GALLERYCrochet Butterfly  baby Sandals1 VIEW IN GALLERYCrochet Butterfly  baby Sandals6 VIEW IN GALLERYCrochet Butterfly  baby Sandals7Free pattern:  repeatcrafterme

VIEW IN GALLERYSimply-Crochet-Butterfly-wonderfuldiy

Pretty-crochet-queen-butterfly — FREE pattern

Wonderful DIY Cute Chocolate Butterfly Decorations

VIEW IN GALLERYchocolate-butterflies-F

These cute edible chocolate  butterfly decorations are an impressive finishing touch for cupcakes or pie , they are actually much easier to make than most people would think.
Ingredients (Serves: 24) :

12 oz (about 2 cups) brown melting milk chocolate wafers
12 oz (about 2 cups) orange melting chocolate wafers
Butterfly wing and butterfly antenna templates
24 frosted cupcakes

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Ohnuts — how-to-make-chocolate-butterflies


Make this pretty -butterfly-cake — Check here

Wonderful DIY Butterfly Hairclip With Nail Polish, Glue and Wire

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DIY jewelry With Nail Polish, Glue and Wire, It is a great craft idea. You can make hair clips, hair pins ,earring, and decorations. The possibilities are endless. Hope it can encourage you to come up with some of your own ideas.
Materials you may need:

* A wire (0.3 mm)
* Nail polish (preferably not too thick and not much Jitka)
* Wire cutters


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Wonderful DIY Sweet Butterfly Dessert

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This butterfly dessert is very easy to make. Yesterday I did it , my kids and family loved them so much. And I put some peanut butter among the two doughs, so you can create some different favors , try it !

You will need:
– 100 g of sugar;
– 200 g margarine;
– 300 g sifted flour;
– 1 egg yolk;
– 1 grated lemon peel;
– 1 sachet of vanillin;
– pinch of salt;
– for the cocoa dough, you replace the vanillin and the lemon peel with: 5 g of cocoa powder.

1. Mix the softened margarine, egg yolk, powdered sugar add the flour and the other ingredients to get the white dough done and put it in the fridge to rest for 15 minutes. 2.Meanwhile prepare the secound dough, replacing the lemon peel and the vanillin with 5 g of cocoa powder, mix everything, then put the cocoa dough to the fridge for 15 minutes to rest.
3.Stretch the dough until it is about 1cm thick. Do the same to the cocoa dough, then place them one over the other and roll on.
4. Now the modeling part: cut 1.5 cm slices of the rolled black and white dough. Take two slices and put them aside, then tighten in the middle so that you get that butterfly look.
5. Set the cookie on a lined pan and put in the preheated oven at 200 degrees for 15 minutes. Enjoy!

Wonderful DIY Pretty Lace Butterfly


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Make your own pretty lace butterfly, then turn into fabulous jewelry, hair pin, or just decorate something you want … so wonderful !
You will need:
acrylic paint
butterfly template (Google it )

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