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Bright and Beautiful Butterfly Wall Art

Why spend money on premium wall art when it’s so incredibly easy to make these beautiful butterflies by hand?

The way we see it, there’s nothing better than the simplest of craft projects that require very few materials and yet allow you to come up with breath-taking results. This simple butterfly wall art guide we came across illustrates the point perhaps better than any other – take a look at how stunning these little guys look in formation and you can’t help but be impressed!

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An amazing added touch to any room of the home, though even more magical for that special little girl’s bedroom, you can really let your imagination fly with a collection of these delightful DIY butterflies!

Creative Crafts for Kids

Of course, there are really no better craft projects than those you can get the whole family involved with. To make these bonny butterflies, all you’ll need is a bunch of paper sheets in the color of your choosing, a pencil to trace the outline of a butterfly and scissors to cut out the shape. It’s then just a case of choosing an appropriate adhesive to stick them to the walls — a little adult supervision and it’s a perfect creative craft project for kids!

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With just a couple of hours put to one side, you and those helping you out could craft dozens of these cute little critters to create any shape, design or pattern you can think of. Stick with a single color or go crazy with a collage – any way you go, you’ll be blown away by the results!

The heart design pictured here is one of our favorites, but at the same time we simply cannot resist stars, flowers or even the name of the lucky lady!

Share your thoughts and ideas with the rest of our readers below – we’re always on the lookout for new and inspiring suggestions!