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40+ Amazing Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorials

It’s a dream shared by thousands of women and men alike – gaining the exquisite skills of a professional makeup artist and being able to achieve remarkable studio-quality results at home. Traditionally this would have meant a long-winded and hugely expensive course at a leading academy, but with a little help from our self-confessed makeup addicts, we’ve come up with something for more realistic!

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Using a variety of sources, we’ve put together a collection of no less than 40 of the very best smokey eye makeup tutorials on the web – each of which will show you how to pull off a professional-grade technique to perfection. Tried, tested and terrifically simple once you get the hang of them, you’ll soon find your makeup repertoire growing and expanding like never before!

Flawless Perfection

Perfecting that red carpet-worthy smoky eye isn’t something that’s only within the capabilities of the world’s elite makeup artists with million dollar studios. Quite the opposite in fact, as just so long as you have a few very basic tools, the right colors for the job and the willingness to learn something new, you’ll be wowing your friends and family in no time!

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Why knows – you might even turn it into a profession for yourself!

Below, you’ll find a bunch of images and links to the tutorials we’ve found to be the web’s very best – no more searching for hours on end for that perfect look for any party! And whether it’s brown, black, blue, pink, purple, grey or any other color that really makes your eyes pop, chances are we’ve got you covered with more than a few awesome ideas!

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Smokey Eyes Makeup [Gallery]: 45 Amazing Ideas