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Renewed Nostalgia: Fun Ways to Repuropse Old Board Games

We’ve all come across those old board games in our cupboards that were well loved when we were young, but that are now missing bits and pieces. Perhaps the board ripped down the middle or the dice have gone missing. Before you throw those board games out, think about how many neat DIY projects they can be turned into!

Check out this list of re-purposed board game ideas that are almost as fun as the games themselves!

1. Board game bags

VIEW IN GALLERYBoard game bags

(Source: About Abbie)

Get really “punny” and take a board game bag full of snacks or games to your friends’ next board game night!

2. Clue piece wine glass charms

VIEW IN GALLERYClue piece wine glass charms

(Source: Instrutables)

Help your friends keep track of their drinks when you host (and also guess who committed the crime with the candlestick in the library)!

3. Board game wall art

VIEW IN GALLERYBoard game wall art

(Source: Instructables)

Is there a particular board game that you’re just a really big fan of? Make it into a bit of pop art on the wall!

4. Board game lamp shade

VIEW IN GALLERYBoard game lamp shade

(Source: Elisabeth James Custom)

Paper money and playing pieces are versatile tools when it comes to custom DIY decor.

5. Twister rain coat

VIEW IN GALLERYTwister rain coat

(Source: Craftster)

People won’t be able to believe it whe you say you made this hilarious Twister coat. They’ll think you got it from a novelty store, and they’ll probably want one too!

6. Board game diary

VIEW IN GALLERYBoard game diary

(Source: Instructables)

Remember those ripped boards we were talking about earlier? Those are perfect for making a board game diary or notebook!

7. Board game tabletop

VIEW IN GALLERYBoard game tabletop

(Source: My Repurposed Life)

Does your decor have a kitschy, spooky feel? Your old Ouija board will make a perfect addition to that side table you’ve been meaning to upcycle.

8. Board game clock

VIEW IN GALLERYBoard game clock

(Source: Instructables)

Clocks are surprisingly easy to make once you’ve got the motor and the hands. All you need now is the board game you like best to hang on your wall!

9. Board game money wallet

VIEW IN GALLERYBoard game money wallet

(Source: Instructable)

How much more hilariously ironic does it get than a wallet for your real money that’s made out of Monopoly money?

10. Domino clock


(Source: The Art Stack)

Let the dots tell the time! A simple wooden backing makes sure the domino pieces stand out.

11. Game card notebooks

VIEW IN GALLERYGame card notebooks

(Source: One Charming Party)

Use a playing card from a board game as the cover for al little notebook. These are perfect for setting by the phone.

12. Board game picture frames

VIEW IN GALLERYBoard game picture frames

(Source: Babble)

An old board came and a hinder clip are all you need for this novelty picture hanging technique.

13. Upcycled board game chair

VIEW IN GALLERYUpcycled chair

(Source: They Very Best Top 10)

Have you ever used wall paper or an old map to give old furniture a face list? You can do the same thing with paper board game money or the sticker on the face of the board!

14. Board Game Shelves

VIEW IN GALLERYBoard game shelves

(Source: The Very Best Top 10)

The hard cardboard that board games are made of makes perfect shelving for light knick knacks. It’ll perfectly suit your kitschy of pop art decor.