12 Pretty Crochet Flowers to Brighten Up Your Life

Crochet flowers are quick to make and amazingly versatile. They can be added to hair accessories, blankets, pillows, home decor, and gifts for a splash of color and a festive finishing touch.

This roundup includes patterns for both beginning and intermediate crochet enthusiasts. If you need help deciphering the instructions for any of the featured projects, the Craft Yarn Council has a How to Read a Crochet Pattern tutorial that you might find useful.

1. Easiest Crochet Flower Ever

VIEW IN GALLERYEasiest Crochet Flower Ever

If you’re a beginner, this is the perfect place to start your crochet flower collection. This simple pattern makes small flowers that can be strung together for a cute party garland.  Everything Etsy has the details.

2. Easy Crochet Rose

VIEW IN GALLERYEasy Crochet Rose

This pattern for an easy crochet rose uses crochet hook size I and worsted weight yarn to make a flower that’s perfect for a hat or headband. Visit Skip to My Lou to learn how to make your own DIY crochet roses.

3. Simple Six Petal Flower

VIEW IN GALLERYSimple Six Petal Flower

This simple six petal flower is a quick beginner level project that can be added to everything from hair accessories to throw pillows. Get the complete instructions at Yarn by Yarn Obsession.

4. Flower Cleansing Face Pads

VIEW IN GALLERYFlower Cleansing Face Pads

Here’s a super cute and practical idea: make crochet flowers that double as cleansing pads for washing your face and removing your makeup. Snappy Tots shows you how.

5. Never Ending Wildflower

VIEW IN GALLERYNever Ending Wildflower

The never ending wildflower stays flat instead of growing taller as you add the petals. This makes it perfect for adding to afghans & pillows. Visit All Free Crochet for the details.

6. Textured Flower with Button Center

VIEW IN GALLERYTextured Flower with Button Center

This reversible texture slouch and crocodile stitch flower is part of a hat that can be made in just a few hours. Head over to Bonita Patterns for the complete project instructions.

7. Sunflower Applique

VIEW IN GALLERYSunflower Applique

These unique sunflower appliques can be used to decorate a wide range of fabric or crochet items. Each flower uses four different yarn colors, giving you lots of opportunities to create a customized look for your project. Visit Zooty Owl to learn more.

8. Package Topper Flowers

VIEW IN GALLERYPackage Topper Flowers

Make your gifts stand out from the crowd by decorating them with pretty crochet flowers. This pattern is ideal for Christmas, but could be used year round with a few minor color tweaks. Drops Design has the details.

9. Blue Bellflower Bookmark

VIEW IN GALLERYBlue Bellflower Bookmark

A pretty crochet flower makes a wonderful bookmark for the reader in your life. Be A Crafter has the instructions for this clever crochet project.

10. Spiral Flowers


These pretty spiral flowers are a little more abstract, but the free pattern lets you make them in small, medium, and large sizes to expand your creative possibilities. Head over to B Hooked Crochet to learn more.

11. Puffy Flower Blanket

VIEW IN GALLERYPuffy Flower Blanket

If you’re obsessed with crochet flowers, why not try making an entire blanket from pretty blooms? This puffy flower pattern would be a wonderful gift for someone special or a cozy coverup for your late night Netflix binges. Get the pattern over at The Whoot.

12. Crochet Flower Valance

VIEW IN GALLERYCrochet Flower Valance

This cute valance would be the perfect compliment to a room decorated with crochet blankets and flower embellished pillows. Visit Once Upon a Pink Moon for the pattern.

Dainty DIY Crochet Flowers With Free Pattern

If you’ve been looking for a wonderfully pretty crochet flower project that’s every bit as rewarding as it is simple, we think we’ve found just the pattern for you! Perfect for adding a touch of elegance and charm to anything and everything around the home, these Dainty Crochet Flowers take no time to craft and make a great project for first-timers.

VIEW IN GALLERYDainty Crochet Flower Free Pattern 1


Liven up that cell-phone case, breathe new energy into that scarf or perhaps create your own unique range of hair accessories – armed with a supply of these amazing crochet flowers, you’ll soon find yourself bringing the magic of spring to everything you own!

A Perfect Project for First-Timers

As we mentioned already, this project is so simple that it makes a great choice for those with no real experience in the art of crochet – a few easy stitches and you’ll be well on your way to wonderful results! In terms of supplies, you’ll need just a few bits and pieces to get going which include:

Just as soon as you’ve mastered the basics, you’ll be able to have so much fun choosing from a whole world of embellishments and added extras to make the result one that’s all unique to you. In the example here you’ll see a pretty little pearl has been added, but there’s really nothing to say you cannot decorate your own flowers with anything you can think of.

And of course, feel free to go as wild and wonderful and you like with the color choices on offer – they don’t all have to be as pure white as these!

VIEW IN GALLERYDainty Crochet Flower Free Pattern 3VIEW IN GALLERYDainty Crochet Flower Free Pattern 2


1. These lace rose crochet flowers are beautiful in purple and peach. They can be easily added to crochet hats or what not. Did I mention the pattern is free?

VIEW IN GALLERYgorgeous 3D LACE Flowers-wonderfuldiy

2. Crochet buttons flowers to make yourself.

VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet-button-flower1

Triple Layer Crochet Flower – How to Make it Yourself

Just a few simple crochet stitches are all that stand between you and a whole batch of these amazing triple layer flowers! Whether you’re a newcomer to the world of creative crochet or you’ve known your way around a hook for years, you’ll still have a brilliant time making these and even more fun putting them to good use!

VIEW IN GALLERYTriple Layer Flower F

The best craft projects are always those that leave you with a final result you can actually use. In the case of these flowers, chances are you’ll find a thousand and one great places to use them and probably a whole army of people to share them with! Add a touch of color to a hat, spruce up an old bag, create your very own range of colorful hair accessories or transform those old slippers into something truly amazing – anything goes when you’re armed with these gorgeous little creations! [Full Tutorial by Attic24]

VIEW IN GALLERYTriple Layer Flower0000

Fabulous Flowers

As you can see in the guide we’ve put together here, there’s really very little to it at all! It’s just a case of mastering a few of the simpler crochet stitches and injecting a little of your own creativity into the mix! Stick with a single block color of your choosing, mix it up with a nice two-tone effect or go wild with as many colors as you can lay your hands on – every one’s a winner!

VIEW IN GALLERYTriple Layer Flower00

We also love to see these flowers being used as decorative touches around the home. Mounted as decorative wall art, added to cushions or simply scattered around to create an amazing springtime ambience the whole year round, trust us when we say there’s no such thing as having too many crochet flowers around the home!


See the tutorial below:

VIEW IN GALLERYTriple Layer Flower1

VIEW IN GALLERYTriple Layer Flower2

Check them one by one!

Wonderful DIY Crochet Flower Granny Squares

VIEW IN GALLERYFlower Granny Squares0 VIEW IN GALLERYFlower Granny Squares2 VIEW IN GALLERYFlower Granny Squares1 VIEW IN GALLERYFlower Granny Squares3

YouTube video

These crochet Primavera Flower Granny Squares look so beautiful! it can also be worked into many other projects like table runners, tote bags, cushion covers, blankets, storage jar covers and many more projects. VIEW IN GALLERYFlower Granny Squares F

Free pattern:  https://bit.ly/1rS7mVT

VIEW IN GALLERYFlower Granny Squares crochet pattern

You might like this Crochet Daisy Blanket with free pattern:

VIEW IN GALLERYCrochet-Daisy-Blanket-free pattern-wonderfuldiy

Click here for the FREE PATTERN from Colorncream

VIEW IN GALLERYFree-Bobble-Crochet--blanket-wonderfuldiy

Crochet-bobble-stitch-rainbow-blanket — Check here

Bright and Beautiful Homemade Crochet Flower Curtain

It’s one thing to have a beautiful valance in any room of the home, but it’s another entirely to be able to say “I made that myself!”

When it comes to brightening up a room with a much-needed splash of color, there’s really nothing out there that can do the job quite like this incredible Crochet Flower Curtain. Bursting with brightness and fresh as a springtime morning, you’ll feel that gorgeous summery vibe day in and day out. But what’s even more remarkable about this curtain is that even with looks as wonderful as these, it’s a breeze to make at home with just a few basic supplies.

VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet  Flower-Power-Valance

Even if you’re far from a master with a crochet needle, this could be the kind of project that’s right up your street!

Fashioning Flowers For Fun!

The secret to success with this cute curtain is first whipping up a whole bunch of crochet flowers, in order to then be joined together to create the color combination of your choosing. You’ll need nothing but a crochet hook and a few balls of colored yarn to get started. Simply arm yourself with a good pattern (available via this page) and get to work – it won’t be long before things start taking shape before your eyes!

VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet flower valance 2

Along with an amazing curtain covering, these little crochet flowers can also be used for a thousand and one other decorative purposes. From plant pot stands to table runners to cushion covers to pillow to bedspreads and more, anywhere your home could do with a dash of color is the perfect place for these flowers.

And when it comes to choosing that perfect gift for a friend or family member…well, let’s just say you might never have to consider a store-bought present ever again!

VIEW IN GALLERYYou can make any number of gorgeous things with this Crochet Flower Tutorial. Valances, blankets, table runners, pillows, anything you like.

Alternatively, you can check our website for more crochet flowers patterns to change the style of your valance.

Or check this crochet teddy bear blanket, if you feel like doing more projects.

VIEW IN GALLERYTeddy Granny Square Blanket

Perfectly Pretty DIY Crochet Flower Blanket

Would you believe us if we told you that this amazing crochet flower blanket is a perfect project for beginners? We didn’t believe it either – until we tried it out for ourselves and discovered just how incredibly easy it is to make. It may look complicated and of a professional standard, but really it’s a case of using just a few simple stitches to create a final result that’s way beyond the efforts required.

VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet flower blanket F

The creative types behind this amazing crochet creation called it a baby blanket, but to be honest we think it’s quite simply a stunning piece of art for any purpose or occasion. Not only would it make the perfect blanket for a newborn, but we really can’t think of anything more fantastic for adding a splash of color to a bed, a couch or even a table. What’s so incredible is the way in which just a few of the most basic crochet stiches are needed to come up with these amazing results, which means that even if you’re still something of a beginner, this really could be just the project for you!

Crochet Keepsakes for Life

One of the things we adore about projects like these is the way in which the results represent genuinely important and treasured keepsakes for life. Whether given as gifts or kept within the family, these are far from just the standard throwaway blankets bought for next to nothing in stores. Every crochet flower blanket you make is a genuine labor of love which is guaranteed to inspire and enchant anyone lucky enough to receive one.

Just as soon as you get an idea for the basic stitches and techniques involved, you’ll have a fantastic time getting creative with your own choices of colors and added decorative touches. The example you see here is undoubtedly one of the prettiest, but there’s nothing quite like a wholly unique creation that’s unlike any other.

VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet flower blanket 1 VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet flower blanket2 VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet flower blanket3 VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet flower blanket4 VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet flower blanket5 VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet flower blanket6 VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet flower blanket7 VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet flower blanket8 VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet flower blanket 9

It’s what great craft projects are all about!

Wonderful DIY Crochet Flower Baby Sandals

VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet-flower-baby-sandal F

VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet-flower-baby-sandal 1VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet-flower-baby-sandal F3

VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet-flower-baby-sandal 2
So cute baby sandals for summer! Homemade baby sandals for baby gifts are easier than you think! What better than a one of a kind handmade pair.This tutorial will set you down the path to making some adorable baby sandals! Baby sandals are a great gift for a newborn, especially when they’re handmade.
Crochet hook

Wonderful DIY Crochet Flower Cushion

VIEW IN GALLERYBlooming Flower Cushion

Crocheted flowers have bunches of uses; they’re useful for beautifying .
If you are looking for a bit of spring or beautiful ways to embellish your world, this crochet flowers will do the trick.
Here is a short tutorial on how to make a pretty crochet flower pillow. The trick is to start from the smallest of flowers and work your way up to the larger ones. Using a lot of colors will make it pop even more from the background and liven-up the entire decor of the room you place it. Use it as a pillow or a rug, either way it will make you smile a lot more often than before.


Click her for the FREE Pattern from ‘Attic 24′

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Wonderful DIY Crochet Flower Necklace

VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet Flower Necklace m
Here is tutorial for simple and pretty crochet necklaces.These crocheted necklaces are absolutely dazzling and sure to be an instant hit with everyone! Why not to try ?

slip stitch
treble crochet
half-double crochet
double crochet
single crochet

Simple DIY Crochet Hydrangea – Fabric Flowers Made Fabulous

Here’s a perfectly pretty project you might like to try your hand at this weekend – an elegant and surprisingly simple crochet hydrangea. We came across this extraordinary idea over at Where is the Wonderland, where you’ll find a whole bunch of inspiring ideas for getting busy with a crochet hook. What caught our eye about these lovely hydrangeas is the way in which each individual flower is so simple and delicate, yet when combined together with others produces and absolutely outstanding result.


Fabric flowers are all the rage these days as an eco-friendly and longer-lasting alternative to fresh flowers. But the way we see it, why shell out for generic store-bought fabric flowers when making them at home is not only fun, but also means so much more than purchased flowers ever could?

One Simple Flower, So Many Uses

As can be seen in the pictures here, these completed crocheted hydrangeas look absolutely wonderful when displayed in a vase as a decorative touch for the home. They can of course also be arranged in the form of a tied bouquet, in order to be offered as gifts for any occasion.



These hydrangeas recreate the most common pink and white color variants, though the sky’s the limit for your own fabric flowers. From fresh whites to brilliant blues and wonderful springtime yellows, we highly recommend experimenting with a variety of color combinations. The individual flower itself is easy to crochet and takes no time at all, making it the perfect project for newcomers and those in need of practice.

VIEW IN GALLERYHortensia crochet flower

You’ll find dozens of other crochet flower ideas across the pages of our website and we highly recommend combining several to create a uniquely captivating bouquet. These hydrangeas really are the essence of springtime – perfect for adding a splash of color and life to the home at any time of year.

Fabulous Crochet Button Flowers – Bright, Beautiful and Easy to Make

These crochet button flowers are the kinds of bright and beautiful treasures you’ll find a thousand and one uses for. There’s nothing better than a burst of color courtesy of a fabulous flower to bring out a feeling of spring – anywhere you use them, you’re sure to feel the same! From hats to bags to scarves to wall art, add a few of these flowers to bring about a real transformation you simply will not believe!

VIEW IN GALLERYbutton Floral Fantasy crochet-wonderfuldiy

What’s really amazing about these little wonders however is just how easy they are to put together! Even for those with no real experience with a crochet hook, it’s easy as pie to pick up the basics and you’ll soon be stitching like a pro!

Crochet Button Flowers: Easy Level

Just as soon as you’ve learned to make these beautiful little flowers by heart, you’ll never have to work to a pattern again! That’s why we think it’s more than worth investing in the pattern you’ll find by clicking the link on this page – it’s just $5.50 and will help you build amazing skills for life! It’s easy to follow and features the following patterns, all in the same package:

  1. Large 3-Layered Flower
  2. Large Tropical Flower
  3. Medium 2-Layered Flower
  4. Rose
  5. Small Flower
  6. Single Leaf
  7. Double Leaf

VIEW IN GALLERYbutton Floral Fantasy crochet-wonderfuldiy1

VIEW IN GALLERYbutton Floral Fantasy crochet-wonderfuldiy2

Share your new talents with your friends or concentrate on breathing new life into your own home and clothes – we guarantee you’ll never get tired of making these great little flowers! You won’t need much to get started, just a great pattern and the following essential supplies:

Get started today – you’ll love your crochet button flowers! Take our word for it.

VIEW IN GALLERYbutton Floral Fantasy crochet-wonderfuldiy3

VIEW IN GALLERYbutton Floral Fantasy crochet-wonderfuldiy4

VIEW IN GALLERYbutton Floral Fantasy crochet-wonderfuldiy2

New pattern (free) for mini-hoop-flowers

VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet mini hoop button flowers-- wonderful diy2

VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet mini hoop button flowers-- wonderful diy1They are cute and easy to make, too

DIY – Button Flowers Tutorial

VIEW IN GALLERYButton-Flowers-wonderfuldiy

The tutorial is available from Lifewithstyles

Wonderful DIY Crochet Cherry Blossom Flower with Free Pattern

VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet Cherry Blossom  -wonderfuldiy f2I fall in love with these beautiful pink crochet cherry blossoms. The winter is here now , it’s still a little bit cold in North California . But you can make your pink blossoms and remind yourself that spring is just around the corner.

This is a simple pattern shared by Sarah, I like her blog where is full of wonderful crochet projects and crafts . These crochet cherry blossoms have five petals and decorated with buttons . They are nice home decor and you can use these cherry blossoms as a hair clip, brooch, or decorate your hat, bag, shoes…anywhere you wish .

Materials you will need :
– Size G crochet hook
– Worsted weight yarn. I used Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice in Pink.
– Dark pink button for the center
– Tapestry needle

VIEW IN GALLERYCherry Blossom Flower Crochet freePattern-wonderfuldiy4

Click here for the crochet cherry blossom flower Free Pattern

These cherry blossom purse and hat patterns are not free,  you can check the paid pattern if you like , or make the cherry blossom with free pattern to decorate you original purse and hat. We featured many crochet hat free patterns, you can check HERE .

VIEW IN GALLERYCherry Blossom Flower Crochet freePattern-wonderfuldiy2

Crochet Cherry blossom hat– Paid Pattern Here

VIEW IN GALLERYCherry Blossom Flower Crochet freePattern-wonderfuldiy3 Crochet Cherry blossom hat — Paid pattern Here VIEW IN GALLERYCherry Blossom Flower Crochet freePattern-wonderfuldiy1 You also can make pretty cherry blossom flower using tissue paper, it’s a great kids craft .

VIEW IN GALLERYtissue paper Cherry Blossom Flower  -wonderfuldiy

DIY cherry-blossom-tissue-paper-flower — Check here

VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet-button-flower1

Easy-crochet-button-flowers — Check here

Wonderful DIY Crochet Spring Flower Baby Booties with Free Pattern

VIEW IN GALLERYspring flower baby booties free crochet pattern-wonderfuldiy

Welcome the spring babies with these cute spring flower baby booties , how sweet and joyful ! These corchet baby booties decorated with flowers ,they are so cute . What better than these handmade gift for baby ? They are perfect for baby shower .

This pattern is totally free , it’s very easy even a beginner can make it . The pattern is for 0 to 3 months sizes, but it can easily be changed by adding a few rows at the cuffs. You can make them in many more colors to match the baby’s dress . Free pattern shared by Annoocrochet, thanks ! Happy crocheting ~~

VIEW IN GALLERYspring flower baby booties free crochet pattern-wonderfuldiy1 VIEW IN GALLERYspring flower baby booties free crochet pattern-wonderfuldiy2 VIEW IN GALLERYspring flower baby booties free crochet pattern-wonderfuldiy3Click here for the spring flower baby booties Free Pattern

You might also like this Vintage Mary Jane Baby Booties . Any little baby girl will look adorable sporting this Mary Jane Slippers. There are cute crochet flowers for decoration ,and the button strap closure is great for keeping the slipper booties on and helpful for when you need to take it off. The pattern is free.

VIEW IN GALLERYMary Jane Baby Booties  crochet pattern-wonderfuldiy1Crochet-mary-jane-baby-booties-with-free-pattern — Check here

VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet snow boots pattern-wonderfuldiy

Make this Crochet baby booties and 8 FREE crochet booties PATTERNS — Check here

Wonderful DIY Crochet Daisy Flower Square with Free Pattern

VIEW IN GALLERYDaisy flower Crochet pattern-wonderfuldiy

How pretty are these crochet daisy squares ! They are really easy and quick to make. You can make ton of them and use it as a blanket, cushion, scarf, cowl… It will be bright up your room and would be a nice handmade gift too  !

Thanks a lot to Annette for sharing the free pattern with us .I do love these brighten colors and I feel like the Spring coming when I saw these beautiful flowers in this season. You know it’s very very cold these days in North California , unfortunately, our heater doesn’t work …..Anyway, let’s check the link below for the free pattern, learn how to make these gorgeous daisy flower squares , Happy crafting !

Click Here for the FREE   Pattern from Myrosevalley

Make a pillow with these crochet daisy flower squares:


 Click here for making this daisy-square-pillow

VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet baby blanket

Crochet 6 Petal Flower Baby Blanket   — Check Free Pattern

Wonderful DIY Crochet Hawaiian Flower With Free Pattern

VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet Hawaiian-Flowers

I love these bright and cheerful Hawaiian Flowers. Sarah London’s intensely colorful crochet work always makes me smile. I think these crochet Hawaiian Flowers would be nice to make a shawl for this season. You know it’s getting cold in North American now .Also, with this free pattern, you can make blankets, cushions, all sorts of lovely things that you like.

VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet Hawaiian-Flowers1 VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet Hawaiian-Flowers3Click here for the Free Pattern from ‘Sarah London’ VIEW IN GALLERYMonster-Shawl-

Click here for the Details from ‘Monster Crochet’

VIEW IN GALLERYRainbow-Ripple-Blanket free pattern diy F


Simple Yet Stunning Crochet Button Flowers

The very best crafts are all about making something amazing from little to nothing at all. That’s why we’re so excited to share these easy crochet flower buttons which transform just a few basic bits and pieces into the kinds of gorgeous goodies you won’t believe you have made yourself!

VIEW IN GALLERYCrochet Button Flower

Whether looking to spruce up a hat, bring a little joy to a bag or perhaps brighten up a dull blazer, there’s really nothing these little beauties cannot do. Make them into brooches, hairpins, badges or stick-on patches – you won’t need any skills or experience to get started and boy will you be amazed with the result!

It’s hard to believe these designs are made with just a few strips of yarn and a bunch of old soda-can openers, isn’t it? Perfect for adults and kids alike, these easy crochet flower buttons are ideal for those that have never tried crochet before and would love to see what they’re capable of! Just as soon as you pick up the basics, you can let your imagination run wild and come up with anything and everything your heart desires.

Give them away as gifts or just hold onto the little treasures for your own little treasures – it’s all up to you!

So why not make best use of a few old recyclables and come up with something truly remarkable? The patterns and guides below will help you get started and then the sky’s the limit!

YouTube video

Our genuine thanks to Craft And Fun for helping us out with these — check out what’s on offer right now!

More Designs

VIEW IN GALLERYCrochet-Tab-Pop-Ring-Flower F1[Crochet Soda Tab Flowers]

VIEW IN GALLERYbeautiful triple layer crochet flowers.[Crochet Triple Layer Flower]

VIEW IN GALLERYCrochet Button Floral fantasy[Crochet Button Floral Fantasy]

VIEW IN GALLERYCrochet-Panama-Hats-for girls DIY[Pretty Panama Hats to Crochet For Your Little Girl]

Wonderful DIY Crochet Daisy Flower Blanket For Baby

VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet-daisies-flower-blanket F

This Crochet Daisy Granny Squares would make an adorable blanket. It’s a great handmade gift for baby ! With this crochet daisy flower, you can make a handbag, table runner,valance, coast, hairpin and so on…Wonderful !VIEW IN GALLERYcrocht daisy blanket

Click here for Instructions from “Theflowerbed-shr”and 

crochet daisy flower granny square Free pattern from “Daisycottagedesigns “

VIEW IN GALLERYCrochet-Baby-Blanket-with-Free-Pattern-wonderfuldiy

Make this crochet-daisy-afghan baby blanket– Free pattern from RepeatCrafterMe

VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet baby blanketClick here for crochet-6 Petal-flower-baby-blanket

Wonderful DIY Crochet Irish Rose Button Flowers

VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet irish rose FVIEW IN GALLERYIrish Rose copy revA really quick, easy and fun way to use buttons is to make them the center piece of a crochet flower. I love these crochet Irish rose flowers . Use them as hairpin, baby headband, brooch…or decorate handbags,shoes,hats…any where your want ! Free Pattern here if you’d like to make your own flowers.

Click here for Free Pattern from “Lionbrand “VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet-button-flower1Click here for easy-crochet-button-flowers

Wonderful DIY Crochet Diaper Cover and Flower Headband Set

VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet diaper cover and flower headband set F How adorable is this crochet flower diaper cover and flower headband set ! Make your baby’s pictures memorable with this cute set ! Sure it would be a great gift for baby ! The white crochet diaper cover features a pocket full of crochet posies in pink and green. The triple layer crochet flower has been made with baby pink, hot pink, and green and attached a white headband. SO….BEAUTIFUL !

Click here to buy it from “Etsy”

Click here for paid pattern at $3.99–diaper cover and headband setVIEW IN GALLERY

Crochet African Flower Blankets – Free Pattern and Video Tutorial

There’s simply no denying how the blanket you see below is an absolutely outstanding work of art. The highest quality materials, incredible colors and a thousand and one purposes, it’s little wonder blankets and throws like these fetch rather heavy prices when sold in designer stores and boutiques.


That’s why we simply had to share with you this amazing instructional video and pattern, which when used together will guide you through the process in a wonderfully easy step-by-step manner. These pretty little African flowers are so easy to make with just a few basic crochet stiches.

Even if you’re not yet up to speed with the ins and outs of professional crochet, you’ll have no trouble throwing a whole bunch of these together. And as you do, it’s simply a case of joining them to create the shape and pattern of your choosing – the final result will quite literally blow you away!

Beautiful Blankets, Gorgeous Gifts

VIEW IN GALLERYAfrican-Flower-Crochet-Blanket

You’ll of course want to lavish yourself with a good few of these amazing blankets for your home, but at the same time they’re about as wonderful as any gift could ever be! From baby blankets to furniture coverings to simple table runners and so on, it’s no secret that handmade gifts are irresistible on a level that’s totally unique!

All you’ll need to get started on your own beautiful blankets is a few balls of yarn, basic crochet tools and the help of the video and pattern you’ll find right here. And as they’re free, why not team up with a friend or family member and learn a new talent together?

Believe us when we say this is one craft project you’ll be coming back to again and again – just as we do!

YouTube video

Share your comments and thoughts below – we’d be thrilled to hear your ideas!

Wonderful DIY Crochet Baby Sandals With Flower

VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet baby flip flops sandals

Here is  a free pattern for Crochet Baby Sandals With Flower, they are so adorable ! How could you not love them? Handmade crochet sandals are perfect gift for baby !

You will Need:

Crochet hook : 3.50mm .
Tapestry Needle
Dungarease Yarn in Cream and Taupe
Martha Stewart Hemp Cotton in Bright Red

Check pattern: annoocrochet

Wonderful DIY Crochet 5 Petals Cluster Flower

VIEW IN GALLERY5 Petals Cluster Flower0 VIEW IN GALLERY5 Petals Cluster Flower1 VIEW IN GALLERY5 Petals Cluster Flower2 VIEW IN GALLERY5 Petals Cluster Flower3 VIEW IN GALLERY5 Petals Cluster Flower4 VIEW IN GALLERY5 Petals Cluster Flower5 VIEW IN GALLERY5 Petals Cluster Flower6

This crochet 5 Petals Cluster Flower is so pretty ,and easy ,fun to make ! Change it up with different colors for the headband , hair pin,brooch , other fashion accessories , or any decoration . Enjoy !

Stitches and abbreviations used:
– magic loop
– ch: chain
– sc: single crochet
– cluster of 8 double crochet (explained in the pattern)
– yo: yarn over
– slst: slip stitch

Aran weight yarn in 2 colors (color A for the center ring and color B for the petals) (You can use also other yarn weight and appropriated hook size)
4,5 mm crochet hook
Tapestry needle for weaving in loose endsVIEW IN GALLERY5 Petals Cluster Flowe FFree Pattern: https://bit.ly/1lqp0Hw