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Beautifully Colorful Rainbow Ripple Blanket – Free Pattern and Guide

Take a look across out crochet craft collections and chances are you’ll get the idea we’re pretty much bonkers for baby blankets. But while we come across thousands of patterns and examples while researching what’s out there, it’s rare we find any that are even in the same ball park as this rainbow ripple blanket.

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As far as we’re concerned, there’s simply no such thing as being too bright, colorful and generally joyful when it comes to baby blankets. As you can see, this rainbow ripple blanket ticks all of the right boxes in spades – a uniquely bright and beautiful blanket guaranteed to make baby’s day.

A gorgeous handmade gift that carried so much more thought and sentiment than anything purchased, you’ll be amazed by what you manage to produce with just a few basics and a little investment of your time.

Spreading Sunshine Throughout the Home

Of course, there’s really nothing to say these can only be used as baby blankets. Used as bedspreads, table runners or really anywhere else a splash of sunshine is needed, you’ll always find another great reason to whip up another rainbow ripple blanket. Best of all, not only is the pattern very easy to follow, it’s also free of charge.

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The colors the pattern recommends and those you see here are of course fabulous, but we highly recommend getting creative with the colors you choose for your own blankets. Go subtle with a few more neutral tones or add a bunch of neon colors to really brighten things up – unique results you’ll simply adore, every time!

VIEW IN GALLERYCrochet Rainbow Ripple Baby Blanket-- wonderfuldiyRainbow Ripple Baby Blanket – Free Pattern by Celeste Young

Pick up the basics with a few standard crochet stitches and you’ll find this is a great project for practicing your new skills and really getting the hang of handling a hook.

Share your comments and suggestions with the rest of our readers below – we’d love to hear how you get on with your own rainbow ripple blankets.