Paper Maché Easter Eggs for Colorful Holidays

Now that the sun is coming out a little more an the spring flowers are just starting to peek through as the snow melts, I’m already basically in the full swing of Easter!

There’s just something so cheerful and celebratory about this particular holiday that gets me excited for celebrating a new season that’s full of colour and life. On top of that, my kids absolutely love the whole concept of the Easter bunny and going on egg hunts! That’s why I’m always trying to come up with cute Easter egg based crafts around this time of year that we can make together.

I always get bonus points from them for projects that involve as much colour as possible, since they’re total brightness lovers who will take just about any chance for creativity as an opportunity to make rainbows. That’s how these super colourful little paper maché eggs came to be.



I’m the kind of crafter who has always adored following other people’s crafting tutorials but I also really get a kick out of making tutorials of my own so other DY enthusiasts can follow along if they want to try their hand at what I’ve made.

These brightly coloured tissue paper eggs were no exception since I had every opportunity in the world to document the process because my kids found them so fun to do and made so many. Check out these step by step instructions complete with photos!

If you’d rather follow along with a video tutorial instead of written words, scroll to the bottom of this post to find just what you’re looking for.

For this project, you’ll need:

Step 1:

Gather your materials!


Step 2:

Start with one colour of tissue paper (I started with blue) and turn it portrait-wise so the longer edges are at the sides and the shorter edges are at the bottom and bottom. Use your scissors to cut a strip from the righthand side that is about half an inch wide and the full height of the page, from top to bottom. Now, cut this strip into little squares. I tried to make mine as evenly sized as possible, but you don’t actually have to measure them to be precise. My squares were about half an inch tall each to match the width of the strip I cut them from. Brush these squares aside for the moment to be used later.


Step 3:

Repeat this strip and square cutting process with each of your colours of tissue paper! I used six colours in total- blue, green, yellow, orange, red, and pink- but you can use less, more, or different shades if you prefer. Scoop each pile of coloured tissue paper squares aside for the moment while you work on the next sheet until you’ve got squares in every colour.


Step 4:

Now you’ll cover the whole surface of your paper maché egg in tissue paper squares! The goal is to scatter, overlap, and alternate them to get a cool and eclectic rainbow effect, so feel free to choose your colours at random however you think looks best. First, apply some glue to the surface of your egg with your paintbrush, putting down enough to make the tissue paper stick well but not so much that it’s gooey; you want to work in thin layers.

Stick a tissue paper square where you just applied glue, positioning it however you please; the direction isn’t really important, so don’t feel like you have to make things look straight and even. In fact, I think it actually looks better if they’re a little wonky! Once you’re happy with how your square sits, use your paintbrush to apply more glue over the whole square, saturating it just a little and really pasting it into place. Make sure the square’s edges are all stuck down smoothly all the way around.






Step 5:

Repeat this gluing, sticking, and pasting process with a second square. Feel free to overlap, change colours, and alternate directions how you please! Remember the goal is to make the egg look scattered, fun, and creative. You can also use a square in the same colour to create larger patches in that shade if you like, which is how I started out. This gave me an almost striped effect!



Step 6:

Keep on with this gluing, sticking, and pasting process until your entire egg is covered in colourful squares! The goal is to overlap your pieces so that the entire egg is covered with no white spaces peering through. Feel free to go back and layered more pieces over if you catch a spot that you think needs more colour. You can also add more glue in places that have loose edges or are too dry to stuck smoothly and look like they might peel. Once you’re satisfied with the coverage and look of your egg, set the whole thing aside to dry.



Once your paper maché and tissue egg is dry, it’s ready to display! Make several and pile them in baskets or scatter them around the dinner table, mantel, and side table when you have company over on Easter.



Just in case you’d like to try this project out for yourself, leave us a comment to tell us how it went.

Cool Easter Eggs [Video Tutorial]

YouTube video

DIY Easter Bunny Party Hat to Celebrate

In my house, literally any holiday is a great excuse for the kids to play a little bit of dress-up! If I’m being totally honest, they don’t actually even need an excuse, but things are always a little extra fun when there’s a seasonal theme to work within their regular, rather crafty costuming endeavors.

That’s why I love coming up with ways to help them make their own pieces to celebrate different holidays, changes in season, and so on, and Easter is no exception.

One of my children actually has a birthday just before Easter arrives and making all kinds of fun things for the party, including birthday hats, got us all talking about how much fun it would be if there was a funny party hat to wear for every occasion. That’s how these adorable little Easter bunny-themed party hats came to be!



Naturally, I knew I just had to document the process of making these the moment I finished the first one and saw how much my kids loved it. That’s why I decided to create a tutorial for other crafters to follow along with when the kids started begging me to make more! Now we’ve made enough for everyone who will be coming to our Easter dinner.

Check out these step by step instructions complete with photos! If you’d rather follow along with a video tutorial instead of written words, scroll to the bottom of this post to find just what you’re looking for.



For this project, you’ll need:

Step 1:

Gather your materials!


Step 2:

First, turn your piece of pink cardstock landscape-wise so its long edges are the top and bottom and its short edges are the sides. Now, cut a piece of yarn that’s the same length as the long edge of your pink card page. Fold it in half so the two ends meet evenly and a loop form at the string’s halfway point. Hold those two ends tightly together, hold your pencil in your other hand and place it in the looped end, and stretch the yarn straight and taught between your hands.

Now, place the tip of your pencil in the top lefthand corner of your pink page and use your thumb to pin the yarn ends at the centre point along the page’s top edge (which should measure halfway between the corners). Carefully arc your pencil downwards, across the page in an arcing motion, and back up to the opposite corner; the tension and control of the piece of yarn will help you draw a well-measured and even semi-circle.




Step 3:

Cut the pink semi-circle out along the pencil line you just drew across your cardstock. This will be the base of your actual hat.

Step 4:

Holding your pink semi-circle so that the straight edge is at the top and the rounded edge is at the bottom, curl the corners towrds yourself, in towards each other, and down so that they meet up even with each other and the rounded edge at the bottom and make an open point at the top.

Then pass one corner over the other and start overlapping them, pulling one corner further along the bottom edge on the inside and one on the outside. This will close the opening in the top and make an actual point, while the bottom becomes a circular opening.

You now have a plain pink cone shaped party hat! Use your glue stick to apply glue to the outer corner and up its vertical edge to keep the cone shaped hat curled into place properly. Set it aside for a moment.




Step 5:

On your piece of white paper, draw the shape of a rabbit ear with a narrow, flat bottom edge and tall sides that widen towards a rounded top. Draw a second ear the same side. Now, take your piece of pink and white checkered paper and draw two more ears that are the same shape as your white ones, but this time smaller. These will layer on top of the first ones to make the pink inner ear of your Easter bunny. Finally, draw a heart shape about half an inch tall by half an inch wide on your pink and white checkered paper as well. Cut all of these shapes out.




Step 6:

From one of the short edges of your purple paper, cut two very thin strips from bottom to top, less than a centimetre wide each. Curl the ends of each strip by holding the paper tight between your fingers on one hand about an inch from the end and running your thumb nail down towards the tip, pressing hard enough to get the effect but not so hard that you just rip the end of the strip off. These two curled strips will be your Easter bunny’s whiskers!



Step 7:

Pick a central spot to anchor your Easter bunny’s face around and use your glue stick to apply a dot of glue there. Stick your whiskers down at their central point, crossing them slightly over each other like a small X so the curled ends stick out at cute angles on each side. Then stick your heart shaped nose down right on top of that central point where the whiskers overlap.


Step 8:

Apply glue to the backs of your pink and white checked inner ear pieces and stick them down in the centre of your larger white ear pieces, so the white peeks out around the pink edges like a border. Then curl the bottom corners of each newly layered ear in towards each other to make a point kind of like you did earlier with the pink hat, gluing them into place overlapping on each one. Your ears now have pointed bottoms instead of flat bottom edges.




Step 9:

Turn your pink hat around so you’re looking at the back, on the side with the seam opposite to where you just glued your nose and whiskers down. Apply a decently sized patch of glue closer to the top of the hat, just above the halfway point in its height. Glue your ears down here by sticking the front of each curled bottom into the glue with the pink inner ears facing the other direction, away from you and towards the other side of the hat. Angle them slightly diagonally so that they stick out the other side at a cute angle, like the bunny is very happy indeed.




Step 10:

Turn the hat back around and then apply glue to the backs of your googly eyes and stick them down above the nose but below the ears.



Step 11:

Starting at the tip of the heart shaped nose and drawing downwards to then curve outwards, use your black marker to draw the rabbit’s mouth, like a smile.


Step 12:

Cut a piece of elastic string that’s however long it needs to be to loop from the side of your child’s head (or your own, if you’re getting in on the fun too), down underneath their chin, and back up the other side to about their temple. Then turn the Easter bunny hat over so you can see inside the cone and apply glue on each side, about an inch or so higher than the circular bottom edge. Stick the two ends of your elastic string down there so it arcs downwards and can fit over a face easily but without being too loose.


Your Easter bunny party hat is officially ready to wear! Of course, you can feel free to play with colours, details, and embellishments if the pastel theme I opted for isn’t quite spring-like or bright enough for your tastes.


Just in case you’d like to try this project out for yourself, here’s a fantastic tutorial video to help you!

Easter Bunny Party Hat [Video Tutorial]

YouTube video

Easter Peep Cake Recipe with Colorful Bunnies

Need a creative Easter cake idea? Check out this beautiful Easter peep cake and read the recipe on how you can make it yourself.

It is bright and colorful, decorated with peeps and grassy hidden eggs. I could eat it all!

VIEW IN GALLERYeaster peeps cake-wonderfuldiy

The one thing that strikes you for this Bunny Easter Cake are all the colors.

But you should also know that it’s so easy and fun to make, it turned out more breathtaking and neat than I imagined. [via LivingLaVidaMommy]

VIEW IN GALLERYEaster-Peep-Cakes-and-Desserts-wonderfuldiy f

Colorful Bunny Easter Peep Cake [Recipe]

There is no special recipe for the cake itself. You can choose to make a homemade cake or use a box mix (any flavor you want).

The icing flavor is up to you as well. You will need to purchase several colors of Peeps and a bag of plain Easter M&M’s.

If you do not want to use plain M&M’s, you could try Whopper’s miniature Robin Eggs candy.

VIEW IN GALLERYeaster peeps cake-wonderfuldiy 1

If you’d rather follow video instructions, here’s the recipe

YouTube video

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Easter candy for grown ups peeps stuffed jelly shot egg via Endlesssimmer

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Easter marshmallow peeps via Pinkpistachio

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Recipe and Instructions via StockpilingMoms

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Easter chocolate chip crispy treats by Lovefromtheoven

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Easter peep cupcake by Sweetbakesofmine

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Easter peep cake by Chicagonow

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25 super cute bunny cake ideas and recipes — Check here

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DIY Easter birds-nest-cake — Check here

Child Faces Turned Little Easter Bunnies, Covered in Cottonballs

OMG, these little bunnies are so cute and creative they will melt your heart away this Easter.

Not only are they incredibly simple, but they’re also neat and adorable at the same time.

All you need are cotton balls, footprints, and a photo of your little one. Here’s how you do it.

VIEW IN GALLERYcottonball bunny-wonderfuldiy f2

Personal Easter Bunnies [Tutorial]

For making these personal Easter bunnies:

These bunnies are cute. They can be great gifts for grandparents or other family members that appreciate a creative gift.

And did we mention you can have your kids to help with this. Because it’s that easy. Don’t you think?

VIEW IN GALLERYcottonball bunny-wonderfuldiy

Not sure about you, but I would really like to make some family bunnies for home decoration this Easter.

For more details, please check the link below that shared by Thrivinghomeblog.

VIEW IN GALLERYcottonball bunny-wonderfuldiy f

On a side note, here are more Easter Hand and Foot Print Art ideas that you may like :

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VIEW IN GALLERYHoppy-Easter-Hand-and-Foot-Print-550x733

These fabulous Hand and Foot Print Art are great kids crafts ,   It’s a nice way to spend quality time with the kids.

VIEW IN GALLERYEaster-Hand-and-Footprints--550x742

Easter Hand and Footprint Art via ‘Keeper of the Cheerios’

VIEW IN GALLERYEaster-Hand-and-Footprint-Art-550x1413

Easter Hand and Footprint Art via ‘Keeper of the Cheerios’

VIEW IN GALLERYEaster-Hand-Print-550x794

Easter Hand Print via ‘Pinterest’

VIEW IN GALLERYEaster-Bunny-Hand-and-Footprint-Art-550x773

VIEW IN GALLERYPaper-Plate-Hand-and-Foot-Print-Easter-ARt-550x402

Paper Plate Hand and Footprint Art via Funhandprintartblog

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Fingerprint tree art tutorial — Check here

VIEW IN GALLERYKnitted-Bunny-wonderfuldiy

A bunny from a square tutorial — Check here

More Easter bunny ideas Here

Irresistible Treats: Yummy Fudge Recipes to Make This Easter and Beyond!

When it comes to making treats for Easter, fudge is a long standing family tradition. It doesn’t necessarily have to be springtime flavored or Easter themed, per se; making fudge around this time of year is simply what people do where we’re from! That’s why we always spent the beginning of spring with our eyes peeled for all kinds of awesome and unique fudge recipes that we’ve never tried before and might wow our families with.

Just in case you love the idea of making springtime fudge just as much as we do, if not more, here are 15 of the best recipes that we’ve come across so far in this year’s search for new kinds!

1. Cardamom cashew fudge


Just in case you’re as into the idea of making sweet fudge from seemingly savoury ingredients as we are, here’s a recipe that we’d never even heard of before until we stumbled across it by accident on Happy Go Marni! Their tutorial teaches you how to make a cardamom cashew fudge that’s just as sweet as any other kind but also full of a particularly different and unique flavour!

2. Purple yam fudge


That’s right, there’s such a thing as purple fudge! The best part is that it’s naturally coloured rather than being made purple by food colouring, so you can even feel a little bit healthier about eating it than you might otherwise. Goddess of Scrumptiousness is here to show you how the stunning colour comes from being made with yams, but how the flavour is still just as sweet and delicious as ever, losing none of its “treat” quality by being made with a vegetable.

3. Chocolate bacon fudge


Are you the kind of person who adores your sweets most when they’re a little salty too? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how I Sing In the Kitchen made this fantastic chocolate bacon fudge that’s so decadent you’ll hardly believe you made it yourself rather than getting it at some kind of speciality or gourmet store.

4. Pumpkin pie fudge


Perhaps, like us, you’re the kind of DIY enthusiast who loves to collect seasonal ideas for any holiday all year round, rather than just sticking to whatever the current season is, just to make sure you always have something saved to keep you busy? That’s why we’ve got a pumpkin pie flavoured recipe snuck quietly onto our springtime fudge list. Big thanks goes to The Cultural Dish for this one!

5. Chocolate cheese fudge


Yes, you really did read that right; this deliciously sweet chocolate fudge is actually made with cheese! Just like the fudge made with yams, however, you’d never be able to tell that one of the prime ingredients in your treat is something that isn’t actually really sweet at all before it’s prepared. Finding Zest shows you how to make it happen to get a fudge with a particularly delightful texture.

6. Cute peanut butter chocolate “tree ring” fudge


What if you’re the kind of kitchen creative who likes to play with the flavours of the things you make but also with how nicely they can be presented and made to look as well? In that case, we think you just might be the perfect person to give this peanut butter chocolate tree ring fudge from Handmade Charlotte a try! Their tutorial shows you how to carefully roll and texture the fudge until it looks just like the stump of a tree.

7. Rocky road fudge


Now, you’ve probably heard of rocky road ice cream before but have you ever heard of rocky road fudge? We hadn’t either until we came across this recipe from Ashlee Marie but, my goodness, are we ever glad we know about it now! Their tutorial shows you how to perfectly blend the chocolate, nuts, and marshmallow just right.

8. Unicorn fudge with sprinkles


Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about prioritizing how your fudge looks pretty highly along with how it tastes but you had something a little more whimsical in mind? In that case, we have a sneaking suspicion that you’ll get along much better indeed with this fantastic unicorn fudge outlined step by pretty pink step on Kara’s Party Ideas! We love the way they topped it with all kinds of fantastically shiny sprinkles to really make it look like fun.

9. Watermelon fudge


Speaking of fudge recipes that really do look just as good as they taste, here’s a fantastic idea from Yoyomax12 that’s perfect for spring and summer because it looks just like one of the best fruits of the season! Check out their tutorial to see how they made this fantastic watermelon fudge that’s just about as bright as the real thing and manages to taste like it too, despite being so much sweeter.

10. Raw red velvet fudge


Have we really caught your attention with all this talk of decadent, rich tasting fudge recipes that taste really great despite the fact that they’re made with slightly healthier ingredients than some of your more classic recipes might be? In that case, we have a feeling you’re going to get a real kick out of the way Desserts With Benefits made a wonderfully sweet and rich red velvet fudge that’s made entirely of organic raw ingredients!

11. Cake batter and sprinkles fudge


Did you get a real kick out of how bright and colourful the unicorn fudge was because you know it’ll be a huge hit with your kids and now you can’t help wondering what other kinds of rainbow, sprinkle clad fudge recipes there are out there for you to try together that they can help you decorate? Then we’re pretty sure this cake batter flavoured rainbow sprinkle fudge outlined step by step on Ashlee Marie might be right up your alley!

12. Easy candy cane fudge


Once again, we know we’re sneaking recipes onto this springtime tradition fudge list that are definitely intended for other times of year, but what’s the point in sticking to seasonal things if it means you have to miss out on some of your favourite flavours during the rest of the year? We adore the minty freshness of this easy candy can fudge from DIY Candy and we’d absolutely make it any time we please!

13. Orange creamsicle fudge


Just in case we really caught your attention with the idea of making fudge that tastes a little bit like fruit, here’s another idea for the citrus lovers in the room! We’re completely in love with the way Bru Crew Life outlines this orange creamsicle flavoured fudge because it really does taste like oranges, only a little creamier, just like the delicious ice cream treat it’s actually meant to emulate.

14. Cotton candy fudge


Are you actually still thinking about how much you loved the idea of the brightly coloured and liberally sprinkled unicorn fudge and now you’re feeling intent on adding more borderline obnoxious looking and super fun flavoured recipes to your springtime fudge list? Then we think you simply must take a look at the way Tastemade created this swirling blue and pink sprinkled fudge that tastes and smells just like cotton candy!

15. Pineapple fudge


Here’s another recipe that we’d never heard of before and didn’t know we needed until we came across it by accident, but that taste so darn good we have no idea how we ever lived without it! If you’re a fellow fruit lover, take a look at how Mom on Time Out made this intensely flavourful pineapple fudge that also smells just about as good as it tastes.

Hunting for Something Fun and Homemade: Easter Kids Crafts

When it comes to springtime, we find that we have to keep all kinds of awesome crafting ideas on hands at all times because the weather is so unpredictable! Sure, we might send the kids outside to play in the sun and a warm breeze one morning, but it could be pouring rain where we live by the afternoon, which means that we find we have lots of crafting time in the spring. That’s why we always keep Easter crafts on hand around this time of year!

Just in case you love the idea of having lots of Easter themed kids’ crafting options on hand this spring just as much as we do, if not more, here are 15 of the cutest and funnest ideas and tutorials we’ve come across so far in our bookmarking adventures.

1. Toilet paper roll Easter bunnies


Toilet paper rolls are the kind of classic craft that never gets old or tired! Even as adults, we’re always marvelling at just how many things you can transform them into. Our kids love them even more than we do, so we’re sure you can probably imagine how much of a hit these cute little toilet roll bunnies from The Craft Train were in our house.

2. Paper plate mother hen


Just in case you’ve got your place already scattered with bright Easter eggs and bunnies and now you need some other springtime creatures, here’s a lovely mother hen craft from Goody Foodies that will make it look like that’s who’s been laying all your eggs! Their tutorial shows you how to make one of your own out of a paper plate.

3. Yarn egg Easter wreath


If you’re going to put in the time and effort it takes to make an Easter craft from scratch with your kids this afternoon, would you rather work together to make something decorative so you can easily put it on display after? Then we have a feeling you’ll get along quite will indeed with the way While He Was Napping did a bit of yarn wrapping to make an Easter egg door wreath!

4.  Paper plate Easter bunny basket


Perhaps you really enjoyed the idea of making an Easter craft out of paper plates because you love upcycling crafts and you happen to have some of those already on hand? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at the way Fab Art DIY made this lovely little paper plate Easter bunny that has a basket opening for Easter egg hunting in the back!

5. Paper and handprint Easter chick


Just in case your kids are really hands-on craft lovers just like ours are,  here’s an idea that will let them get a little messier with their artistic process on a boring rainy afternoon. Take a look at the tutorial on Fun Handprint Art to see how these super fun little construction paper and painted handprint chicks were made!

6. Easter bunny eggs


Have you actually been specifically on the lookout for springtime and Easter crafts that let you use actual hardboiled eggs because your kids are still obsessed with that idea from the time you dyed eggs together but you’re looking for other egg techniques just to keep things interesting? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Little Red Window made these funny Easter bunny eggs using foam paper and markers.

7. Lace doily Easter eggs


Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about dying and decorating eggs but you’re convinced that your kids are still just a bit too young to be working with dye? Then we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how A Little Pinch of Perfect made these wonderfully decorative paper eggs using paper lace doilies and felt tip pens.

8. Q-tip lamb


Just in case you’re still looking for springtime and Easter crafts that will help your kids make something other than the classic seasonal bunnies, here’s a lovely tutorial from One Little Project! They teach you step by step how to make a little lamb using clothespins, cotton swabs, and a bit of paper.

9. Popsicle stick chicks


Just in case we caught your attention with the idea of using common crafting supplies that you probably already have at home but you don’t happen to have any paper plates lying around, here’s an awesome alternative! Crafty Morning shows you how to make cute little googly-eyed chicks out of crafting or popsicle sticks.

10. Tissue paper Easter egg sun catchers


Sun catchers are the kind of awesome craft that we love to make all year round in all different seasonal or holiday shapes and designs, and Easter time is no different! We’re in love with the way Kids Craft Room made these fantastic Easter egg shaped sun catchers using shredded strips of colourful tissue paper.

11. Sparkly chick and bunny candy jars


Are you actually still thinking of ways that you can make decorative piece crafts but you’re feeling pretty intrigued by the idea of upcycling old things into new pieces too? Then grab the nearest empty jam jars from your recycling box and take a look at how Crazy Little Projects used glitter and foam paper to make theirs into Easter chicks and bunnies!

12. Easy yarn wrapped Easter eggs


Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about yarn wrapping techniques and Easter eggs in one place but you’re not sure the glue drying technique you saw in the earlier wreath is quite right for your little ones unless you want a huge mess on your hands? In that case, we’d suggest taking a look at this simpler cardboard and yarn wrapped egg idea from Craft Create Cook!

13.  Bubble wrap Easter sheep


Here’s another idea for your list of other Easter animals and things made from unconventional materials! We’re completely in love with the way Crafty Morning outlines step by step how they made these adorable little painted bubble wrap sheep. Our kids adore bubble wrap and sat popping their bubbles for ten minutes before even starting the craft.

14. Illustrated tinfoil Easter eggs


Are you a little bit pressed for time and supplies right now but you also know that your kids have been feeling restless today and would really like to do some crafting this afternoon? Then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how I Heart Crafty Things made these super fun decorated Easter eggs simply by using Sharpies to draw on tinfoil!

15. Salt dough Easter egg ornaments


Maybe your kids are a little bit older and feeling slightly more hands-on and they’d really rather make something right from scratch, creating an entire decor piece themselves? Then we think this fantastic painted salt dough Easter ornament idea outlined step by simply step on Design Mom might be right up your alley!

Early, Fun and Festive Treats: 15 Delicious Easter School Lunch Ideas

It’s not everyday that there’s a holiday coming closer that lets us get crafty and themed with the food we make our kids. Every chance we get, however, we love to make their school lunches a little more fun than usual so that they actually enjoy doing things like eating their fruits and vegetables! That’s why, now that springtime is here, we’ve been on the hunt for cute ways to incorporate Easter bunnies and spring animals into their lunchtime routine in unique ways.

Just in case you love the idea of making fun Easter themed school lunches for your kids just as much as we do, if not more, here are 15 of the very best ideas we’ve come across so far in our search!

1. Easter lunch with cheese chicks


Are your kids absolute cheese lovers more than just about anything else? Well, ours certainly are, so this fantastic lunch from Bento School Lunches that turns their sandwich and snack cheese into a pair of little Easter chicks caught our attention right away! A bit of creative cutting as far as mini carrots and the crust of the sandwich are involved and you’re all set.

2. Easter carrot sandwiches


Perhaps you loved the idea of making a shaped sandwich with the cheese on top because you think your kids would be even more excited to eat their lunch’s main course if it was shaped like something fun? Then we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Meet The Dubiens made these funny little cheese and spinach ham sandwiches into carrots for an Easter bunny.

3.  Carrot sandwich and Easter salad with decorated hard boiled egg


Maybe you’d actually love to find a cute themed lunch box idea that your kids can actually help you make? In that case, we think you’ll feel very intrigued indeed by the way Murul made their kids a bright, spring-like lunch with a salad, a carrot shaped finger sandwich, and some Easter colour snacks and then used wax techniques to let their kids decorate their own hard boiled eggs!

4. Spring lamb bento lunch


Just in case you’re still totally enamoured with the idea of making adorably shaped finger sandwiches cut to look like all different things but you can’t help wondering whether your little ones might prefer springtime creatures, since they’re such animal lovers, here’s an awesome alternative from Eclectic Lamb!

5. Bunny bum bento box


Maybe you’ve actually been looking for Easter themed lunch box ideas specifically because, even when it’s not springtime, your kids are just completely obsessed with bunnies? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at the way Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons made this fully bunny themed lunch from the eggs right down to the funny little sandwich.

6. Bunny sandwich and chick hardboiled egg with carrots


Have you actually really liked several of the ideas you’ve seen so far but you’re just not sure which one your kids would like best of all? Well, who ever said you have to choose between, say, Easter bunnies and springtime chicks? We’re personally huge fans of the way Lunch Box Awesome included both in their lunch by making a bunny rabbit shaped sandwich and a half hatched hardboiled egg that looks just like a little chick.

7. Lamb sandwich and egg chick


Did you actually really like the little lamb sandwich ideas but your kids are bigger eaters and you think they’re going to need a bit more sandwich than that along with their other snacks to get them through the rest of the school day after lunch? Then you should definitely take a look at the way Super Healthy Kids made a larger sheep sandwich instead!

8. Easter bunny cutout sandwich and veggies


Are you actually a little more pressed for time and, even though you’ve picked up some cute treats to include in the lunch itself, you’re just not sure you’ll have time for things like cutting sandwiches into custom shapes? In that case, we think you’ll get along a little better with the way Made for School created a bunny shape in their bread like a cut-out instead! It’s shockingly easy to do.

9.  Baby chick sandwich


We’ve already shown you how to make a number of adorable Easter chick shaped snack foods but, like with the bunnies, we understand that some kids have bigger appetites and might need more of a full sized sandwich to get them through the day better. That’s why we liked this tutorial from Cute Food for Kids that teaches you how to make a hatching chick shaped sandwich without really losing most of the lunch.

10. Easter egg flatbread pizza lunch


Have you actually had your eyes peeled for Easter themed lunch ideas that aren’t sandwiches because that’s what your kids eat almost every single day and you’re kind of just hoping to change things up a bit for them? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at the wayRaising Whasians made their kids adorable Easter egg flatbread pizzas instead! Your little ones could even decorate the flatbread themselves while you help them make their lunch in the morning before school.

11. Easter egg hunt lunch


ARe your kids actually the kind of curious little hands-on youngsters who will eat just about anything so long as it’s got some element of interest or fun to it? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Mommy and Me Lunchbox turned their kids’ lunches into an Easter egg hunt by putting each snack inside the kind of colourful plastic Easter eggs you’d find at your local dollar store!

12. Edible Easter basket lunch


Do you actually have lots of time on your hands before tomorrow’s lunches have to be made and you’re feeling very crafty indeed right now? In that case, we think you just might be the perfect person to give this fantastic Easter basket sandwich a try! Bento School Lunches shows you how it was done by wearing cheese into a basket and getting a few sweet elements involved for topping decor as well.

13. Easter basket sandwich lunch


Are you very intrigued indeed by the idea of making an Easter basket themed sandwich for your child’s Easter week lunch but you’re just not sure they’d actually east something quite as decorated as the version we just showed you above? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look a the way Bentology made this slightly simpler version by getting creative with only their bread and cheese.

14. Bunny finger sandwich lunchbox


Just in case the sandwich is actually the only part of your child’s lunch that you’re able to get creative with because they like to choose the rest of their snacks from the cafeteria or tuck shop with their allowance throughout the week, here’s an idea from Veggie Bento that might work a little better for you! They show you how to make an awesome bread bunny from differently cut finger sandwiches.

15.  Easter egg hummus toast


Just in case you’re still looking at delicious Easter lunch ideas that aren’t just custom cut sandwiches but the pizza break wasn’t something you can see your kids wanting to eat, here’s an alternative idea from Fork and Beans! They guide you through the process of making all kinds of Easter shaped hummus toasts using lots of healthy veggies.

Love these ideas? Have more to share with us? Let us know below!

Spring Festivities: 13 DIY Easter Decorations

The coming of spring means Easter is just around the corner and because we know how much you love to decorate your home in tune with the seasonal festivities, we wanted to share some decoration ideas that honor Easter! They are all super joyful and colorful, just as this holiday is intended to be! Check out the most incredible DIY Easter decorations down below!

1. Easter Bunny Vase 


Flowers always make the best centerpiece and they’re a great option if you’re trying to keep things seasonal but simple. After a long cold winter, your home is practically yearning to be decorated with blooming florals and you can display them in an Easter bunny vase by Weekend Craft!

2. Rainbow Bunny Wreath 


You know that we are absolutely obsessed with wreaths, right? They are the loveliest way to welcome in a new season or decorate your home for a special celebration. If you have kids, you know their favorite part of Easter are the bunnies, so visit Tried & True to find out how you can make this rainbow bunny wreath!

3. Easter Egg Wreath 


Are bunnies a little too cutesy for you and you want something more traditional with a rustic touch? Make an easter egg wreath! They are a very popular decor choice and once you make one that completely fits your style, you’ll be holding onto it for years to come! Get the how-to at Meatloaf & Melodrama!

4. Easter Bunny Garland 


We love decorating with garlands because they are always so lively and spice up any room we put them into! They’re not exclusive to one space and can be moved around if you change your mind, making them super versatile and practical. Visit DIY Candy for the inside scoop on this Easter bunny garland!

5. Easter Egg String Lights 


String lights reign over December and its holiday season but if you want to keep the charming and enchanting ambiance created by these lights even in the spring months, you need to check in with Creative Ramblings and snatch the tutorial for Easter egg string lights!

6. Easter Placeholders 


Easter is a family holiday and like most family holidays, it usually results in big amounts of food and a whole house of relatives! To avoid confusion around the dining table, ask your kids to help you make these super adorable Easter placeholders by Crafts by Amanda!

7. Easter Egg Tree


Every homeowner has their own style of holiday decorating, but one thing is for sure: an Easter egg tree is a must! There are many different ways you can approach creating your own tree, but we love the one we found at Peanut Blossom because it’s a true embodiment of spring!

8. Paper Easter Eggs


Decorating with paper is definitely an underestimated art. It’s affordable and simple, making it the perfect craft to include your kids in as well! If you’re feeling crafty this Easter (of course you do!), Little Miss Celebration will help you make these paper Easter eggs!

9. Eggshell Candle Centerpiece


All it takes to create a romantic atmosphere is some candlelight. If you’re celebrating Easter with your significant other, you can make these colorful eggshell candles together and then enjoy eating the big Easter feast in the warm candlelight. You can find the tutorial at Little Inspiration!

10. Bunny Canvas Art 


When you’re decorating a smaller space, your wall becomes a very big asset. You can temporarily swap up your displayed wall art in order to make it more festive and seasonal. We love the idea for this bright bunny canvas art we found at Two Purple Couches!

11. Easter Egg Door Garland 


Here’s another garland that’s super simple to make and will instantly make your doorstep look like the most Easter welcoming place on Earth! The vibrant colors are going to amuse the kids and their laughter is the biggest gift! Get the tutorial at Honey and Fitz.

12. Easter Backyard Sign 


One of the reasons kids love Easter so much is because they get to search for Easter eggs in the backyard! This big bunny crossing sign is only going to make the egg searching party more interesting and fun, so head over to Confessions of a Serial DIY-er to get the how-to!

13. Easter Basket Centerpiece 


Once the kids find all the eggs, they bring their little baskets inside and you all admire the treasures they’ve found. This is a magical experience that we look forward to each year and you can honor it by making this Easter basket centerpiece by Mod Podge Rocks!

Children’s Favorite: 13 DIY Bunnies You Can Make This Easter

The arrival of spring means Easter is almost here and with it come the bunnies! (And loads of food and egg hunting … but mostly bunnies!). Children especially adore the bunnies and how could they not when they are so sweet, fluffy and adorable! This year, encourage your children to help you with the Easter decorations and check out these 13 DIY easter bunnies that will be the absolute stars of any Easter-themed celebration!

1. Reclaimed Wood Easter Bunny 


Show off your family’s love of Easter by putting a big wooden Easter bunny right on your porch! It looks absolutely dashing and all of the neighboring kids will want to come to your house for egg hunting! Get the tutorial at My Recipe Confessions and prepare for a house full of happy kids!

2. Sock Bunny 


Teach your kids a lesson about repurposing clothes by making these sock bunnies together with them! They get to pick a pair of socks that they’d like to turn into a bunny, then you and A Pumpkin & A Princess get to help the bunny come to life!

3. Bunny Bookmark 


Even on Easter, bedtime stories are a must! These themed bunny bookmarks by Easy, Peasy and Fun will be such a lovely addition to this special ritual! They are easy to make and you can make as many of them as there are books in the house! Let the bunny bookmarks take over the whole home library!

4. Fabric Bunnies 


When it comes to fabric, you have all the freedom in the world. Free up an afternoon and go fabric shopping together with your little toddler! Pick out the most colorful, diverse fabrics you can find, then settle at home, print out the pattern at The Little Fabric Shop and get busy making this fabric bunny family!

5. Pom Pom Bunny 


Who could pass up a cute little bunny like this one! Mom on Time Out will show you how to make a pom pom bunny that will make any fussy toddler happy during the long Easter Sunday! Plushy bunnies – always the saviors!

6. Burlap Bunny


A burlap bunny has a calming look to it and will certainly be such a great contribution to your Easter dinning table centerpiece. You can also put it out into the yard where it can blend in with the surroundings, due to its natural colors. Find the tutorial at Kimberly’s DIY!

7. Pudding Bunnies 


Whenever children get to eat dessert they are over the moon, but you can make the experience even better by dressing up pudding cups into little bunnies and create a unique Easter experience for the children as well! Passion for Savings will show you how!

8. Easter Bunny Box


This Easter bunny is meant to be given as a gift and as such, he is incredibly special! On the outside it looks like a normal paper bunny, but on the inside he is hiding little treasures that are the chocolate Easter eggs! Any child who gets this bunny as a present will be so joyful! Find out how you can make it at Little House on the Corner!

9. Rustic Bunny 


J-Man and Miller Bug made this amazing wooden bunny that has a striking rustic look! Place it on the porch of your countryside home and have it be a part of the beautiful outdoors! Rabbits thrive in the woods and this bunny definitely channels that natural energy!

10. Wooden Easter Bunny 


While some Easter bunnies are more realistic than others, we can all agree that these bunnies from Hometalk are meant to make you giggle at the sight of them! They have a colorful and goofy look and will bring good mood to any Easter celebration!

11. Adorable and Soft Easter Bunnies 


The bunnies we found at Tuts+ are so incredibly adorable we think we’ll keep them around all year long, thank you very much! Their convenient tiny size makes them very portable and whether you place them in your own home or give them away as a gift, they will steal a part of your heart!

12. Decoupage Bunny 


Isn’t decoupage one of those crafts we really enjoyed as kids and then slowly just forgot all about it? It’s time to get back to it with this decoupage Easter bunny by Little Birdie Secrets! Make sure to involve your kids and give them the chance to have their very own decoupage childhood memories!

13. Crochet Bunnies 


Sure, most of the Easter bunnies in this roundup have a purpose to be a neat Easter decor element, but don’t think that we have forgotten about a bunny whose sole purpose is to be cuddled! One Dog Woof has a tutorial for a bunny just like that, so why not give it a try and surprise your child with an Easter bunny that will only be their own!

12 Totally Unique Easter Egg Decorations

This Easter, surprise your loved ones with decorated eggs like they’ve never seen before! It’s time to let the creativity loose and explore what else is out there that you’ve never tried before! Include your children into the process as you all unlock your inner Michelangelo and try out these amazing, unusual and totally unique Easter egg decorations! Enjoy!

1. Robin Eggs


Do you like red cabbage? No? Well, after this DIY project, you’ll love it! It is exactly the thing you need to color the eggs in this beautiful robin color. See the magical process at Honestly Yum!

2. Moss Covered Easter Eggs


If you’re not impressed by paint or other classic egg décor, you can try out this fun and unique idea that will bring a little nature into your home. Cover the egg with moss! Find out how at Love Grows Wild.

3. Googly-Eyed Eggs


You may find them a little creepy, but your kids will find them funny! Forget the bunnies, try these cyclops-looking eggs instead! But do make sure you fill them with some candy, so that the creepy effect eventually wears off! Tally’s Treasury has the in-depth tutorial.

4. Sprinkle Easter Egg


Now it’s official: you really can put sprinkles onto anything! Studio DIY will tell you how to make this epic egg that can brighten up every Easter table. Any reason to buy sprinkles is a good reason!

5. Galaxy Easter Egg


It honestly doesn’t get any cooler than this. Our universe is vast and full of secrets, as is our own creativity! So put it into this breath taking project by Dream A Little Bigger and create these amazing, galaxy themed eggs that you’ll want to keep forever!

6. Mosaic Eggs


These cracked eggs by Say Not Sweet Anne are so easy to make, you’ll only need 4 things! They’re special and fun to look at, bringing dynamic to your Easter décor! They’ll also entertain the children, as they’ll wonder how the cracks came to be!

7. Gold Leaf Eggs


If you want your Easter eggs to stand out and look super special, just wrap them into some gold and you’ve already done the most important part! This is also a great last minute idea (you know, when relatives call to say they’re 10 minutes away but your table is still not ready), so head over to Little Inspiration to get a lot of inspiration!

8. Shaving Cream Easter Eggs


You’ll need to keep some pictures from the making-of this project, because once you’re done, nobody will believe you there was an actual shaving cream involved. This is another one of those last minute I-forgot-to-buy-coloring-essentials projects and you’ll be happy to read more details at Crafty Morning.

9. Silhouette Eggs


If you’re looking for something more sophisticated you definitely have to try out these silhouette eggs! The black and white combination is always a safe bet, so head over to Jennuine and see how you can make your own!

10. Marbled Indigo Eggs


For this project, all you have to do is let your favorite nail polish work its magic. Yup, it’s that simple. And you know very well that your precious nail polish has a strong game! These indigo eggs by Alice & Lois will enchant absolutely everyone!

11. Emoji Easter Eggs


Emojis run the world. Whether the younger generations can communicate without them is still up for debate, so surprise them this Easter with emoji eggs! You’ll definitely score some points with them. Maybe then they’ll actually remember your birthday! Find the tutorial at Studio DIY!

12. Typography Easter Eggs


Another idea for the cool kids, but one that probably isn’t too suitable for grandma. Decorate your Easter eggs with your favorite hashtags, or have your teenage kids do it for you. The funnier, the better. Lovely Indeed knows what’s up! #Blessed


We’re wishing you the happiest upcoming Easter holiday! May it be filled with uniquely decorated eggs and infinite amounts of chocolate rabbits!!

Must Try: 15 Adorable Easter Cookie Decorating Ideas

Easter, with its baby chicks, bunnies, and pastel colours, might be the cutest-themed holiday around. It’s the perfect opportunity not only for delicious treats, but also adorably decorated baked goods!

Check out these fantastic cookie decor ideas to get a little inspiration for your own Easter baking.

1. Message Easter cookies

VIEW IN GALLERYMessage Easter egg cookies

(Source: Glorious Treats)

Oval shaped cookies become Easter eggs very easily! Adding a little bit of text is easy enough and people will love having their own personalized cookie after Easter dinner.

2. Chicks, bunnies, and baskets

VIEW IN GALLERYChicks, bunnies, and baskets

(Source: Homicraft)

Use that easy oval shape to your advantage! Besides Easter eggs, it’s also easy to turn oval cookies into bunny rabbits, baby chicks, and baskets Easter baskets full of brightly coloured eggs.

3. Easter eggs with sprinkles

VIEW IN GALLERYEaster eggs with sprinkles

(Source: Big A, Little A)

Sprinkles give your cookies a little extra something, and they’re a great way to add fancy looking detail quickly and easily!

4. Textured icing and candy cookies

VIEW IN GALLERYTextured icing and candy cookies

(Source: Betty Crocker)

Shiny, smooth cookies are lovely, but sometimes leaving the icing textured so it looks like bird feathers or adding candies for a little bit of 3D detail is impressive.

5. Cookie birds’ nests

VIEW IN GALLERYCookie birds' nests

(Source: Illustrating Princesses)

Press down the middle of your favourite cookies, fill the indent with coconut shreds in green food colouring, and top it off with some chocolate mini eggs!

6. Edible marker cookies

VIEW IN GALLERYEdible marker cookies

(Source: Brit+Co.)

Cut your cookies into egg shapes, ice them with white for a clear background, and use bright edible markers to decorate them however you please! By the end, they’ll be edible works of art!

7. Piped icing cookies

VIEW IN GALLERYOrnate piping

(Source: Best Cake Ideas)

Thinly piped icing looks fantastic in swirling, curly patterns, especially in a bright contrast colour!

8. Hatching chick cookies

VIEW IN GALLERYHatching chick cookies

(Source: Past Princess and More)

These oval cookies are perfectly shaped for you to transform them into springtime hatchlings!

9. Peeking bunnies

VIEW IN GALLERYPeeking bunnies

(Source: The Decorated Cookie)

Are you finally tired of egg shaped cookies and looking for other cute Easter ideas? Squares and circles look cute with white bunnies peeking up from the edge!

10. Spring shortbread cookies

VIEW IN GALLERYSpring shortbread cookies

(Source: Sugary Winzy)

Coloured icing isn’t the only way to make your cookies bright! Food colouring and shortbread is a great way to create cute Easter cookies too.

11. Easter bonnet cookies

VIEW IN GALLERYAdorable Easter bonnet cookies

(Source: Hoosier Homemade)

Bake your favourite cookie, cut the top off a mini cupcake, and place it on the cookie upside down. Cover the entire thing with icing to make an adorable Easter hat!

12. Peeps cookies

VIEW IN GALLERYPeeps cookies

(Source: Sweet Sugar Belle)

Not everyone likes the taste of marshmallow peeps, but we can probably all agree that they’re festive and adorable! Try making peeps cookies instead by dipping your icing in coloured sugar or ground sprinkles right before it dries completely.

13. Layered pastel bunnies

VIEW IN GALLERYLayered pastel bunnies

(Source: I Sugar Coat It)

Make cookie dough in different pastel colours, roll it out very thin, and cut bunny shapes from each one. Layer the colours on top of each other so the bunnies are thick with striped layers and baked them so they stay that way!

14. Lemon cut out cookies

VIEW IN GALLERYLemon cut out cookies

(Source: Easy Baked)

Easter shaped cut outs, like butterflies and bunnies, lets you combine colours between the cookie layers and the icing. The delicious lemon taste is also an awesome surprise; people might not guess that a purple cookie would taste like citrus!

15. Lemon chick cookies

VIEW IN GALLERYFun lemon chick cookies

(Source: Diamonds for Dessert)

These cookies are a delicious lemon flavour, but they’re also an adorable novelty shape! Make these 3D chickies by rolling a ball of cookie dough on top of another flat circle of dough.

Have you made other deliciously unique Easter cookies that you don’t see here? Tell us how you made them in the comments section!



9 Clever Easter Craft Ideas

Whether your favorite part of Easter is attending worship services, enjoying a festive family meal, or decorating Easter eggs with your children, these adorable homemade decorations will help you get in the holiday spirit.

1. Paper Easter Lily

VIEW IN GALLERYPaper Easter Lily

If you’re not blessed with a green thumb, don’t worry. This potted paper Easter lily is easy to make and impossible to kill. Head over to The House That Lars Built for the full tutorial.

2. Yarn Wrapped Carrots

VIEW IN GALLERYyarn wrapped carrots

Yarn wrapped carrots make a charming addition to your Easter decor and are a clever way to use up scraps leftover from past knitting or crochet projects. Learn more at Lolly Jane.

3. Easter Candy Centerpiece

VIEW IN GALLERYeaster-centerpiece

Use colorful Easter candies and artificial flowers to make an eye-catching centerpiece for your holiday table. Two Sisters Crafting shows you how. (Just remember to keep a close eye on your project to avoid having curious little ones nibble on your handiwork!)

4. Easter Cross Centerpiece

VIEW IN GALLERYEaster Cross Centerpiece DIY

If you’d prefer a centerpiece that pays tribute to the resurrection, this cross under glass is a lovely choice. Display your finished centerpiece with candles on each side for an elegant look. Grandparents Plus has the details.

5. String Easter Eggs

VIEW IN GALLERYstring eggs

Easter eggs made from colored string are simple to make, yet have a surprisingly elegant appearance. They can also be used year after year, unlike traditional dyed Easter eggs. Head over to Yankee Magazine to learn more about this clever DIY project.

6. Fabric Easter Basket

VIEW IN GALLERYFabric Easter Basket DIY

A colorful Easter basket handmade from fabric scraps is sure to be a cherished keepsake long after the holiday has passed. Learn how to make one at All Parenting.

7. Easter Candlesticks

VIEW IN GALLERYColorful Easter candlesticks

Candlesticks embellished with plastic Easter eggs are a simple way to add a touch of seasonal color to your home. If you don’t like the bright look of purchased eggs, spray paint them a more muted color before you begin the project. I Dig Pinterest has the instructions.

8. Book Pages Bunting

VIEW IN GALLERYeaster bunting

This bunting made from book pages adds a rustic touch to your Easter celebration. Learn how to make it at Simple As That.

9. Bunny Jars

VIEW IN GALLERYchocolate bunny jars

If your favorite part of Easter is the candy, display these decorated jars all around your home so you’re never more than a few feet from a sweet treat.  (If you’re on a budget and don’t want to buy mason jars, simply substitute empty pasta sauce jars, jelly jars, or similar glass containers.)  NoBiggie has the instructions for this simple DIY project.

9 DIY Egg Cosies for Easter

Even though Easter is still far away with these ideas you need time to make them, so now is the perfect time to get started on your egg cosies ready for when Easter arrives. These cute creations can either be sewn or crocheted, so they’ll be something for someone depending on your skills. It’s also the perfect time to try something new that is simple and small to make and will add the perfect homemade charm to your home.

1. Viking Egg Cosy


This is a super cute egg cosy to make this Easter. Who ever thought a Viking egg cosy could look so adorable? Check out Baerbel Born for more information. Simply scroll down the page for the English version.

2. Felt Egg Cosy



VIEW IN GALLERYDIY Felt Egg Cosy for Easter


VIEW IN GALLERYMaking of Felt Egg Cosy

These felt egg cosies by Crafts couldn’t be any easier to make if they tried. Give your eggs some character this Easter with their own egg cosies that will delight your children and keep your egg nice and warm.

3. Chick Egg Cosies

VIEW IN GALLERYColorful Chick Egg Cosies

Add some spring time charm to your eggs this Easter with these delightful looking egg cosies from One Sweet Sugar Rush. They are easy to make and will make a wonderful addition to your dining table this Easter.

4. Crocheted Egg Cosies

VIEW IN GALLERYBright and bold crocheted egg cosies

These bright and bold crocheted egg cosies will certainly brighten up your kitchen this Easter with their delightful patterns. Check out Craft and Creativity for some inspiration to make your own this spring time.

5. Little Hen Egg Cosy

VIEW IN GALLERYLittle Hen Egg Cosy

VIEW IN GALLERYCute crocheted hen cosy

This cute crocheted hen cosy will keep your eggs nice and warm and will add a homemade charm to your home. To make your own crocheted cosy, go to Little Things Blogged for more information.

6. Spring Felt Egg Cosy

VIEW IN GALLERYDelightful Spring Felt Egg Cosy

VIEW IN GALLERYSpring Felt Egg Cosy

These delightful looking egg felt cosies are fun to make and a great way of making something unique in your home. What better way to add some charm to your kitchen then by making easy felt egg cosies that will be cherished time and time again. To make these wonderful creations, check out My Poppet for more information.

7. Easter Felt Egg Hats

VIEW IN GALLERYEaster Felt Egg Hats

VIEW IN GALLERYCreative Easter Felt Egg Hats

Why not put your creativity to use and let your imagination run freely with this amazing Easter felt egg hat design by Etsy Russian Team? These will instantly give your eggs character and charm that will delight those who see them. Make something different this year and go for these unique egg hats.

8. Easter Egg Beanies

VIEW IN GALLERYEaster Egg Beanies

VIEW IN GALLERYStylish Easter Egg Beanies

Just like human’s eggs need to keep their heads warm too and what better way to keep the warmth in then with these funny cute egg beanie hats? You can make your own unique egg beanie hats at Lulu Loves in different colours to give them a unique charm.

9. Colourful Egg Cosy

VIEW IN GALLERYFabulous and Colorful Easter Egg Cosy DIY

These delightfully colourful egg cosies will get your crocheting skills underway and are the perfect place to start if you are a beginner. Give your eggs a warm home to reside this year with their very own egg cosies. Check out Repeat Crafter Me for more information.

25 Wonderful DIY Easter Bunny Cakes

VIEW IN GALLERYBunny-Tail-Cake-Balls1-wonderfuldiyHow cute are these Bunny Tail Cake Balls ! You kids will love them and enjoy helping ,   they are very easy to make .  These bunny tail cake balls would be a fantastic  touch to your table  this Easter.   Tutorial by Rose Bakes.

VIEW IN GALLERYBunny Tail Cake Balls -wonderfuldiy1

Here are more 20 + Easter ideas and tutorials , hope you get inspire to give a try .

For making this quick bunny cake,  you will need :
2 baked 9-inch round white cake layers, cooled
1 tub (8 oz.) COOL WHIP Whipped Topping, thawed
1 pkg. (7 oz.) BAKER’S ANGEL FLAKE Coconut
Suggested decorations: licorice, gumdrops, jelly beans . photo credit Thefrugalfemale.
VIEW IN GALLERYMarshmallow-Bunny-Paws1-wonderfuldiy

Homemade Marshmallow Bunny Paws Tutorial by Hungry Happenings

VIEW IN GALLERYEasy Easter bunny Appetizer-WONDERFULIY

Easy Easter Appetizer , Recipe by The NEsting Corral .

VIEW IN GALLERYEaster-Bunny-Cupcake-Cake-wonderfuldiy

Easter Bunny Pull apart Cupcake  Tutorial by Land O Lakes

VIEW IN GALLERY15 yummy easter dessert-wonderfuldiyIheartnaptime —  15 yummy  Easter dessertsVIEW IN GALLERYCANDY bunny-cake

Party Pinching — Candy Coated Bunny Cake Tutorial

VIEW IN GALLERYEaster-Bunny-Sucker-wonerfuldiy1

DIY easy-Easter-bunny-suckers  — Check here

VIEW IN GALLERYBunny-Butt-Cakes-wonderfuldiy f

Easter bunny butt cake — Check here

VIEW IN GALLERYEaster-Bunny-Cake -wonderfuldiy

C oconut Easter bunny cake, Recipe and Instructions via Jenny Steffens

VIEW IN GALLERYMarshmallow-Bunny-Cake--wonderfuldiy

Easter marshmallow bunny cake

VIEW IN GALLERYTree Stump Bunny Butt Easter Cake

Chocolate  tree stump with bunny butt: Recipe and Instructions via My Button Cake

VIEW IN GALLERYEaster-Bunny-Cake -wonderfuldiy6

Funny Easter bunny cake: Recipe and Instructions via Staying Steyn

VIEW IN GALLERYEaster-Bunny-Cake -wonderfuldiy1

Cute Easter bunny cake: Recipe and instructions via Country Living

VIEW IN GALLERYEaster-Bunny-Cake -wonderfuldiy7

Gluten-free Easter bunny cake: Recipe and Instructions via Hold The Gluten

VIEW IN GALLERYEaster-Bunny-Cake -wonderfuldiy2

Bunny butt Easter cupcakes: Recipe and Instructions via Spend with Pennies

VIEW IN GALLERYEaster-Bunny-Cake -wonderfuldiy3

Bunny butt cake: Recipe and Instructions via Betty Crocker

VIEW IN GALLERYEaster-Bunny-Cake -wonderfuldiy8

Adorable Easter bunny cake: Recipe and Instructions via The Girl Who Ate Everything

VIEW IN GALLERYEaster-Bunny-Cake -wonderfuldiy9

Easter bunny butt cake: Recipe and Instructions via kidspot

VIEW IN GALLERYEaster-Bunny-Cake -wonderfuldiy10

Easter bunny butt cake: Recipe and Instructions via Sweet Eats Cakes

VIEW IN GALLERYEaster-Bunny-Cake -wonderfuldiy4

Adorable bunny butt cupcakes: Instructions via SugarEd Productions

VIEW IN GALLERYEaster-Bunny-Cake -wonderfuldiy5

Adorable Easter bunny cake: Recipe and Instructions via Bob’s Red Mill

VIEW IN GALLERYEaster-Bunny-Cake -wonderfuldiy11

Easter bunny cupcakes: Recipe and Instructions via Taste of Home

VIEW IN GALLERYBunny-Butt-Cupcakes-2

 Bunny Butt Cupcakes via ‘Buttercream Blondie’

VIEW IN GALLERYbunny-butt-easter-cakes

 Easter Bunny Cupcakes – Stock Image

VIEW IN GALLERYEaster-Peep-Cakes-and-Desserts-wonderfuldiy f

Super-cute-Easter-peep-cake — Check here

VIEW IN GALLERY10 easter egg tutorials-fb

12 Easter egg DIY tutorials – Check here

Wonderful DIY Hello Kitty Egg and More 12 Easter Egg Projects

VIEW IN GALLERYHello-Kitty-Easter-Egg-wonderfuldiy fb

This is an easy and quick way to decorate Easter eggs. If you love Hello Kitty or know someone who does, please create these easy and inexpensive Hello Kitty Easter Eggs! This idea is the perfect way to get involved your kids into Easter preparations. Especially if they are fans of “Hello Kitty” series …

These whimsically decorated eggs look just like Miss Hello Kitty herself. All you need is a handful of simple supplies to make them, and you don’t even need to be super crafty. This cute cartoon idea comes from a “Mommy Brain Reports” website. I really like it and am glad to have found it.

What you’ll need:

Permanent Markers in Black and Yellow
Ribbons, Flowers, or other little findings

VIEW IN GALLERYHello-Kitty-Easter-Egg-wonderfuldiy1

MommyBrainReports – DIY Hello Kitty-esque Easter Eggs Tutorial

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 Marbled Eggs Tutorial 

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Rainbow Eggs Tutorial Via Food Jimoto

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Glow In The Dark Easter Eggs Tutorial Via Lil Luna

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Natural Dyes For Your Easter Eggs Via The Oregonian

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Delicious Jello Easter Eggs filled with Vanilla Cream

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Easter Egg Cookie Boxes Tutorial Via Glorious Treats

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                          Decoupage Easter Eggs Tutorial via Craft and Creativity

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DIY Easter-marshmallow-rice-krispie-eggs — Check here

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                                       Rhinestone Eggs Tutorial via Crafty Cupboard

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Treat filled string egg tutorial  — Check here

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DIY Easter egg planter — Check here

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DIY Easter string egg /basket

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 Make super-cute Easter-peep-cake — Check here (video)

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25 Wonderful DIY Easter Bunny Cakes

Wonderful DIY Simple Easter Knitted Chicken

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Are you ready for your Easter decoration? Here is another Cute Easter craft for any beginners — simple knitted chicken . The chicken knit mainly, you can use a fabric with the same shape to instead of knitting , then fold and stuff ,sew it . And decorate the chicken using crochet ,don’t forget  the dark yarn embroider eyes. Please follow the picture tutorial .Happy crafty ~~

VIEW IN GALLERYknit-chicken-wonderfuldiy1 VIEW IN GALLERYknit-chicken-wonderfuldiy2 VIEW IN GALLERYknit-chicken-wonderfuldiy3 VIEW IN GALLERYknit-chicken-wonderfuldiy4 VIEW IN GALLERYknit-chicken-wonderfuldiy5 VIEW IN GALLERYknit-chicken-wonderfuldiy6 VIEW IN GALLERYknit-chicken-wonderfuldiy7 VIEW IN GALLERYknit-chicken-wonderfuldiy8VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet lacy beak- wonderful DIYCrochet lacy beak decoration — Check here

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DIY bunny from a knitted square

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                                  Crochet joyful chicken-with-free-pattern

Wonderful DIY Treat Filled String Easter Egg

VIEW IN GALLERYTreat Filled Yarn Eggs -wonderfuldiy fThis is an easy project for Easter . Easter egg made with different strings, which you can use to decorate a vase or bowl, on the table or under the mirror.Give a unique DIY touch to your home décor and have fun in the meantime!

• small balloons;
• colored string;
• glue;
• corn starch; (Sta-Flo liquid starch)
• (optional) chocolate eggs;

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Treat Filled Yarn Eggs Tutorial by Instructables

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Treat Filled Balloons via Spend with Pennies

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Treat Filled Balloons Video Tutorial

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Yarn Balloons Tutorial via Craftyendeavor

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DIY decorative-string-chandelier-with-yarn-and-balloon

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DIY glittery-snowball-ornaments– Check here

Wonderful DIY Rainbow Jello Easter Eggs

VIEW IN GALLERYJelly-Easter-Eggs-wonderfuldiyThese Rainbow Jello eggs make a great colorful addition to your Easter table. If you are looking for something different for your Easter, make these delicious rainbow jello easter eggs. They are a fun and colorful dessert that guests young and old will enjoy.
These rainbow jello eggs are very fun and easy to make that the kids can help, and they can get involved in actually creating the eggs.  (Photo source :Backyardchickencoops)

What you will need:
– boiling water;
– 7 pkg flavored Gelatin, each color should be different ;
– egg molds ;
– cooking spray;
– clean syringe and bowls.VIEW IN GALLERYJelly-Easter-Eggs-wonderfuldiy1


1. Take one bowl for each gelatin color and put the powder in each one separately.
2. Stir 1.25 cups boiling water into each flavor until completely dissolved (it should take around 2 minutes).
Don’t forget to take just one at a time.
3 .Take the syringe and fill it with the first color and fill the molds with a layer that should be around 1/4” – 1/2” thick.
4. Put it in the fridge for 10-15 minutes , just till they are firm enough so the next colour layer won’t run into the one below. and repeat the process for the other layers the same way. The rest of the flavors, until they are used, should stay at room temperature, lightly covered.
5. Once filled to the top, please in fridge to set completely! It will take at least 4 hours and before taking the eggs out put the mold in warm water, the gelatin will loosen a little and this way you can umold easier.

Happy Easter!

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These delicious Jello Easter Eggs filled with Vanilla Cream! They are perfect for your Easter celebrations. Recipe by Butteryum — Jello Easter Eggs Recipe .

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VIEW IN GALLERYHello-Kitty-Easter-Egg-wonderfuldiy fbDIY Hello Kitty-Easter-eggs

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DIY super-cute-Easter-peep-cake

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DIY Easter-marshmallow-rice-krispie-eggs

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25 wonderful Easter bunny cake tutorials — Check here

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Bright and Bonny Easter Bunny Gift Bottles

Anytime of the year is a great time to plan ahead for next Easter – especially with a craft project that’s as amazingly fun and simple as this! There isn’t a kid in the world that can resist the allure of the Easter bunny or a generous dose of candy, so why not combine the two together with these gorgeous DIY Easter bunny gift bottles?

And when we say it’s simple we really mean it – all you need is an empty water bottle, a cupcake liner and a little added dash of imagination!

VIEW IN GALLERYeaster-bunny-bottle gift-wonderfuldiy

We just love a project that transforms household waste into something truly wonderful! Chances are that once you’ve knocked together a few of these, you might find yourself never throwing out a plastic bottle again! They’re of course just the ticket for Easter, but that doesn’t mean they don’t also make awesome gifts and craft projects for kids at any time of the year!

Perfect Projects for Kids

These are just the kinds of goodies that never fail to light up a kid’s face when they first lay eyes on them, but at the same time we highly recommend getting your own kids involved in the process. There’s a bit of cutting and sticking involved of course, but most of it is all about simple creativity and decorative touches. And if you let the kids pick their own favorite candy to go inside, chances are they’ll be even more impressed with the results!

VIEW IN GALLERYeaster bunny bottles

VIEW IN GALLERYEasterBunnyBottleBasket_thumb1

So next Easter, why not give a gift that’s not only fabulous, but also brilliantly unique and exceptionally eco-friendly too? Of course, the fact that they’ll also save you a fortune on the usual store-bought gifts is a sweet-as-candy bonus too!

Get started today and you could have yourself a whole army of bunnies by the time Easter rolls around!


This super cute Easter peep cake

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Wonderful DIY Beautiful Easter Basket from Recycled Plastic Bag and Bottle

VIEW IN GALLERYEaster Basket - crafted from recycled plastic bag and bottle-wonderfuldiy

I can’t believe these Easter Baskets made from some recycled plastic bags and a plastic milk container. They are so beautiful ! This is an easy project to do and will cost nothing but some time, scrap plastic bags, a plastic container and a little hot glue.

Here is a video tutorial from Youtube to show you how to make these cute Basket from some recycled plastic bags and a plastic milk container. All you need to do are cutting the milk container and decorate it with plastic bags . Fill these baskets with some eggs , candies or anything else, that would be a nice Easter gift and will bring a smile. Enjoy ~~

YouTube video

VIEW IN GALLERYEaster Basket - crafted from recycled plastic bag and bottle-wonderfuldiy1VIEW IN GALLERYDIY-Roses-from-Plastic-Garbage-BagDIY pretty roses-from-plastic-bags  — Check here

Here is another Easter craft. Your kids will love  to make these easy and cute Easter Paper Plate Baskets. These bunny baskets  are  perfect for the Easter Egg Hunt , and also would to make a  homemade gift filled with Easter eggs or candy, chocolate…

VIEW IN GALLERYbunny basket-wonderfuldiy

DIY Easter-paper-plate-bunny-basket Tutorial here

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Wonderful DIY Easter String Egg / Basket

VIEW IN GALLERYEaster String Egg-wonderfuldiy

Easter was coming up soon so it’s time to do some really projects with the kids for it. This string egg is a really neat idea involving balloons. I thought that would be a really fun idea for the kids.
What you need to do is putting crepe paper over the balloon. Then let it dry, pop the balloon and make a small opening on the side so you can add some Easter grass , a bunny or anything else . You can make a bunny home to hang on the front porch. It is really easy to make and turn out so cute.

What you will need:
• a large balloon;
• some white glue;
• a can spray of hair fixative;
• a pair of scissors;
• some glitter;
• a brush;
• a roll of crochet string;
• some green crepe paper or cellophane;
• a small round box. photo source:Artesanatorevistasmoldesdicas

VIEW IN GALLERYEaster String Egg-wonderfuldiy1VIEW IN GALLERYEaster String Egg-wonderfuldiy10

With the same ways , you can make a string basket just by cutting different shape .

VIEW IN GALLERYEaster-egg-basket-feature

What you will need:

VIEW IN GALLERYEaster-egg-basket-tutorialEaster string egg basket Tutorial  via center street style

VIEW IN GALLERYTreat Filled Yarn Eggs -wonderfuldiy f

Make treat filled Easter egg  — Check here

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12 Easter egg ideas and tutorials – Check here

Wonderful DIY Easter Marshmallow Bunny Cake

VIEW IN GALLERYMarshmallow-Bunny-Cake--wonderfuldiyThis cute delightful Marshmallow Bunny Cake is perfect for your Easter celebration. Instead of frosting the cake, it just placed small marshmallows all over the cake. you will love this look and the taste . I think my favorite is the bunny decoration ,one is looking at the sandwich, another one holding a cupcake. How adorable are they . Tutorial by Pink Little Cake .

VIEW IN GALLERYMarshmallow-Bunny-Cake--wonderfuldiy1

Click here for the Marshmallow Bunny Cake Tutorial

VIEW IN GALLERYEaster-Marshmallow-Bark-wonderfuldiyThis is a quick and easy Easter Idea of making  Easter Marshmallow Bark.  They look  beautiful and tasty .  Tutorial by Butter with a side of Bread .

Click here for the Marshmallow Bunny Bark Recipe

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DIY Easter Bunny Tail cake — Check here