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Wonderful DIY Easter Egg Planters

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY Easter Egg Planters-wonderfuldiy1 This is a very creative idea for Easter — Plant wheat grass in egg shells . They are great for Easter decoration .If you prefer to have something that last longer, small herbs plants like
rosemary and thyme could be a better choice.  Tutorial by Craftpassion. Enjoy !

Tools & Materials:

Planting Wheat Grass
1. Wheat Grass Seeds
2. Organic Soil
3. Egg Crate
4. Gardening Scissor or Kitchen Shears

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY Easter Egg Planters-wonderfuldiy2

DIY Easter-egg-planters Tutorial

You might also like this bunny planter for Easter decoration .There are many ways of reusing plastic bottles . This is one more creative idea — Make bunny and bear planters using plastic bottles. These planters are so cute and very easy to make once you get the template , they will look adorable at your home . It’s a nice idea to recycle your plastic bottles , and your kids will love them and enjoy making …

VIEW IN GALLERYplastic bottle bunny bear planter-wonderfuldiy

DIY cute-bunny-bear-planter-from-plastic-bottle — Check here