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An Overdose of Cute: 15 Pretty Baby Dresses to Sew Yourself

We’ve always been sewing enthusiasts, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t admit that we’re not the most skilled seamstresses in the entire world. Lately, we’ve been obsessed with sewing miniature garments because so many of our friends, family, and loved ones are having babies. Sure, we could go out and buy their shower gifts and congratulations presents at the store, but there’s just something so satisfying about watching them open a beautiful garment that we made ourselves.

Just in case you’re as interested in sewing your own adorable baby dresses as we were, if not more, here are 15 of the very best designs that we’ve come across so far.

1. Tiny tank dress


Have you actually found an absolutely adorable fabric that you really love and can’t wait to turn into a dress, but that you’ve been having trouble thinking of a dress style for because you want to make sure the pattern on the material actually gets centre stage and the construction of the dress doesn’t detract from it? Then perhaps this super simple tank top style dress featured on iCandy Handmade would be the perfect project for you! We adore the way the fabric gathers at the neck.

2. Simple reversible baby jumper


Perhaps you’ve actually found two different adorably patterned graphic fabrics you’d really enjoy working with but you only have time to make one dress and you’re really having trouble choosing between the two? Well, who said you have to choose at all? We love the way The DIY Mommy essentially created two dresses in one by making a reversible design in a simple, comfortable style that’s easy to pop right of Baby’s head and flip inside out when you want to change things up.

3. Adorable infant peasant dress


If you’re going to start sewing miniature garments from scratch, would you love to take that concept as an opportunity to learn different techniques and styles of all kinds? Then we think you might quite enjoy the way Sew Much Ado created these fantastic “peasant dresses” in a style that is very popular for younger kids, from babies to preschoolers. We love the way they added a dainty scalloped trim along the edge, as well as how simply the tutorial outlines that process along with the construction of the rest of the dress.

4. Vintage inspired Easter dress


Back when we were kids, our mom or grandma often sewed us a brand new dress for special occasions each year. That means that nearly every Christmas or Easter, we would receive a new seasonally coloured pinafore that made us feel very special indeed at our family dinner, celebrating the holidays with the people we loved most. That’s why this lovely vintage inspired Easter dress pattern, outlined step by step on The DIY Mommy, caught our eye so well! We had countless dresses like this in all different fabrics and patterns and we were very excited indeed to learn how to sew them ourselves.

5. Button shoulder baby dress


Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about using little baby garment sewing projects as opportunities to learn new techniques because you’re quite new to the sewing world and you’re interested in trying new stuff with every garment you sew? Then here’s an adorable idea for those people who want to try their hands at making button holes! Check out how Melly Sews made these simply adorable dress with a button at each shoulder.

6. Knit fabric baby dress


Up until this point, have you been working with specific fabrics, as called for by the patterns you’re following, that had no stretch to them, so now you’re feeling thrown off when you use other types of material, but you’d really like to learn how knits and fabrics with some comfortable stretch are used as well? Then we definitely think you should take a look at how DIY Network made this lovely t-shirt dress from a simple knit fabric, complete with tips for working with that kind of fabric specifically.

7. Tiny tunics


When your daughters were little, or perhaps still babies, did you actually prefer to put them in leggings no matter whether they were wearing a dress or a shirt, because they were so active and tended to be comfortable? Then perhaps little tunic shirts that are ever so slightly shorter than dresses but that are constructed in the same way would have been a lifesaver for you! Thanks to iCandy Handmade, you can help other expecting mothers out by making them these adorable t-shirt tunics that have a fun patterned bottom and a contrast colour up top in a more comfortable fabric.

8. Reversible pinafore dress


Were you very interested indeed in the idea of making a lovely reversible dress in a miniature baby size but you’re just not sure the simple, boxy tank top style of the one we showed you before is quite what you’re looking for, since you’ve been feeling very confident in your pattern cutting and shape constructing skills lately? Then we think you might actually get along a little better with this fantastically stylish reversible pinafore pattern outlined step by step on Pie Pie Designs.

9. Quick and easy play dress


Are you interested in learning how to use those comfortable knit fabrics we were telling you about before to make longer sleeves than what you’ve seen so far? Perhaps you’ve actually been scrolling through our list hoping to learn how appliques are made so you’re looking for a pattern that will walk you through a simple shape? Either way, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Make It & Love It constructed these adorable play dresses that give your little one full range of motion in a super cute way.

10. Baby dress with matching fabric shoes


Is it perhaps you that is now responsible for making your own little ones the very same seasonal special occasion dresses we were just talking about earlier on our list but you’d like to go one step further and make them an entire adorable outfit in matching graphic fabric? Then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Shwin & Shwin made not only a love little baby sized pinafore, but also a pair of matching booties from the same material. It’s never too early to start being a little fashionista!

11. Playtime tunic and leggings


Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about making DIY tunics because your little girl is the precise kind of active, playful child we were talking about before and you think a matching set with bottoms might be a little better than just a dress? Well, know you can definitely buy leggings in stores to match all kinds of tops, whether they’re store bought or homemade, but we’d personally rather make the whole outfit ourselves so we can custom choose fabric colours and patterns. That’s why we love this tunic and leggings pattern outlined by The DIY Mommy so much!

12. Easy t-shirt dress


Are you well aware that your daughters enjoy wearing dresses far more than they like wearing restrictive pants but you still meed something comfy and casual to put them in on the average summer day, since they absolutely will spend all day playing and being active until they’re totally exhausted? Then we’d certainly encourage you to take a look at how Auntie Tay made an awesome t-shirt dress that’s simple, casual, and still totally cute.

13. Simple baby dress with matching hairband


Did we almost convince you to make a pattern choice when we showed you the dress that had matching booties because you’re completely obsessed with the idea of making little kids matching sets until they’re old enough to protest the look, but you’re just not sure you’re quite ready yet for the challenge of constructing the finicky little fabric slippers? Well, don’t fret yet! You can still make a cute matching dress and accessory outfit by following this tutorial from DIY Clothes, which shows you how to sew both a dress and a hairband from the same fabric.

14. Cute winged peasant dress


Have you been rather intrigued by the peasant style dresses we’ve shown you so far, but you’ve seen ones in stores before that just seem to have a little more flare than the photos we’ve shown you so far, so you’re looking for a peasant tutorial with a little something extra? Then we’d definitely encourage you to take a look at how Taylor Made Creations added a stunning peasant dress with winged sleeves that look almost like a fancy collar.

15. Easy DIY baby skirts


Are you the kind of parent who knows your very small child will try to tear her dress off half way through the day and run around feeling a lot more free if you put her in a one piece, so you’re wondering whether an outfit that’s in two separate pieces might be a better choice? That way she can at least shimmy out of the skirt and nap in her t-shirt after your big family dinner instead. We completely adore this pleated slip-on circle skirt design outlined step by step on Delia Creates!