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Seductive and Playful Ombre Lips Tutorials 

We don’t know if the ombre trend is ever going to run its course, but we know that we plan on enjoying every single second of its popular time. Back in the olden days, all you needed to fix up your lips was a good lipstick, but nowadays the lips get their own special makeup treatment. You can still fall back on a lipstick if you’re in a rush, but when you’re feeling super creative and artistic, channel your inner beauty guru by trying out some of these ombre lips tutorials! 

1. Plum Ombre Lips 


Let’s be honest here for a second and just admit to ourselves that the biggest reason why we spend so much time fixing up our lips is for seductive purposes. We’ve all desperately wanted to impress a special someone and these plum ombre lips by Alexadndra’s Girly Talk are the perfect first date makeup option!

2. Red Velvet Ombre Lips 


There’s nothing classier than a bright red lip but if you are an edgy and adventurous spirit, chances are you find classy a bit boring. Makeup and Art Freak shares a great idea on how you can keep the elegance of the red lip but bring something modern and youthful to the look as well!

3. Soft Purple Ombre Lips 


Purple is becoming a very popular color to wear on your lips. As a mix of blue and red at its core, it has a cold undertone but makes a powerful impact. If you want to wear a soft purple in ombre shades on your lips, you can find the tutorial at Heavenly Modest.

4. Glistening Ombre Lips 


Lip makeup isn’t just about choosing the right color anymore. It’s also about the texture! Even when you find that perfect color your have to decide if you prefer a glossy texture, a glittery one, a matte one … with so many options it’s hard to choose the right one, but we’re voting for Vivian Harry‘s glistening ombre lips!

5. Classic Red Ombre Lips 


Maybe you don’t want to stray too far from the classic red lip, because after all it’s a timeless look that will never go out of style and is appropriate for any occasion, big or small. Visit Sonjdra Deluxe to learn how you can make ombre lips in a traditional red color!

6. Kat Von D’s Pink Ombre Lips 


The main inspiration we usually look to for makeup ideas are celebrities. We see their pictures every day and naturally feel compelled to try a few makeup hacks they’ve brought to our attention. Now you can learn straight from the source, with Kat Von D being your guru!

7. Brown Ombre Lips 


Your ombre lips don’t have to show off rosy or red shades at all – you can choose darker tones that naturally emphasize your best features and make the lips the center of attention. There’s a certain depth to the dark lip that other shades simply don’t have. See for yourself at Ronkeraji!

8. Purple and Gold Ombre Lips 


Regular ombre usually involves one color’s journey from a dark shade to the light one, but if you’re ready to push the limits and try something new, you can opt for bi-colored ombre lips! Start with Queenii Rozenblad‘s tutorial for outstanding purple and gold ombre lips!

9. Matte Ombre Lips 


If you spent most of your youth glued to the TV screen watching America’s Next Top Model, you’ve surely found yourself wishing that Tyra Banks was your style BFF and you could ask her for beauty advice. Some dreams really do come true, because today she’s going to tell you the secrets of her ombre lips at Tyra Beauty!

10. Vampire Ombre Lips 


Your ombre lips can be very subtle and natural or they can be spotted from miles away for their daring style and appearance. Steal a page from Halloween makeup’s book and wear vampire-looking ombre lips every time your goal is to stun and impress! Pinup Doll Ashley Marie has the perfect tutorial!