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Super Healthy Smoothie Recipes

If you ask us, there are few better ways to start your day than with some fresh, delicious fruit. When it comes to how the fruit is prepared, however, there’s certainly one way that outshines the rest. Nothing quite beats an invigorating smoothie in the morning!

Check out these 15 absolutely delicious smooth recipes that are packed full of healthy, nutritious ingredients and will have you feeling energized and prepared to take on the day.

1. Raspberry rhubarb bellini smoothie


When you enjoy a healthy drink, do you prefer that it taste like something delicious and enjoyable, almost as though you’re having a treat for breakfast? We always prefer that to having to force ourselves to drink something just because it’s healthy and we need the vitamins. That’s why we love this bellini inspired smoothie recipe from Half Baked Harvest! You’re obviously not going to start your day out with your favourite cocktail, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the same raspberry rhubarb flavour combination that you love so much.

2. Berry green smoothie


Everyone knows how important it is to “eat your greens”. Green fruits and vegetables are proven to have a whole range of vitamins, nutrition, and great health benefits, but when you’re very busy it can sometimes just be difficult to get a proper full serving into your day. Smoothies are a great help with that (and also the taste)! This berry green smoothie from Damn Delicious gives you all the flavour of your favourite berries but also all the health benefits of eating your greens.

3. Skinny banana oatmeal smoothie


Are you browsing this list and others hoping to find a delicious morning smoothie that can actually fill you up like your whole breakfast, rather than one that’s just a bit of a vitamin boost along side your breakfast? Then you need to check out this oatmeal banana recipe from Natural Chow! It truly is a full meal in a drink and it’ll leave you feeling full and content as you go about your day, without making you feel bloated or heavy.

4. Carrot pineapple smoothie


Have you always been a big fan of those premade juice blends that combine fruit and vegetables in one place? We quite like them because they tend to be a little less sweet than things made of many different fruits, and some days sweetness just isn’t what we’re looking for. That’s where veggie blend smoothies like this one from Gimme Some Oven save the day! This one combines carrot and pineapple for a perfectly balanced flavour.

5. Tropical fruit basket smoothie


Do you feel the complete opposite to what we described above and you’re actually obsessed with all-fruit smoothie blends? That’s fair too; the more the merrier! This tropical fruit blend harnesses the deliciousness of just about every fruit and berry you can imagine and puts it all in one place for your enjoyment. Check it out on Half Baked Harvest!

6. Orange stress buster smoothie


Have you been feeling a little bit down and under the weather lately? We get that way when it’s cold and gray outside and sometimes we need a bit of a pick me up that comes from within. A good dose of vitamin C can usually help us feel a little bit better! This mood-boosting recipe from Simple Healthy Kitchen is heavy on oranges and might even help you feel less stressed as you go about your day too.

7. Kale pineapple smoothie


We love a good kale smoothie. Call us weird, but there’s just something mild and refreshing about the taste and we love the thought of getting such a healthy boost in one simple drink. Well Plated suggests combining your kale with something flavourful and sweet like pineapple to make sure you still get lots of taste value, just in case greens really aren’t your favourite thing.

8. Holiday detox green apple smoothie


Did you try the delicious vitamin C smoothie we talked about earlier on our list but you still feel like you need a bit more of a pick-me-up health-wise? Then maybe you need a full on detox smoothie instead! Of course, health is an overall effort between fitness and every meal choice, rather than just breakfast, but this recipe from Pinch of Yum is a great way to start your day off on the right track and work on feeling good from there!

9. Glowing skin smoothie


Did you know that, along with all the nutrients that are good for your immune system, green fruits and vegetables are also chalk full of things that help to keep your skin healthy! Whether you’re still suffering from leftover winter dryness, lacking that particular healthy glow, or experiencing breakouts and trying to replace junk food options with healthier things, this delicious green smoothie recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction might just help you out!

10. Cocoa almond protein smoothie


If you’re not super smoothie enthusiasts like us, you might not have thought of mixing a smoothie with chocolate before. We’re here to tell you what you’re missing out on! Sure, adding chocolate or even cocoa powder to your smoothie makes it a little bit less healthy than some of the other green and vitamin rich recipes on our list, but if you are in need of a quick sweet fix, this is certainly a more healthwise way to get it than a big piece of cake or a doughnut! Get the details for making your own on Kristine’s Kitchen Blog.

11. Chocolate chia smoothie


Do you love the idea of a chocolate smoothie but you’re also looking for recipes that have a bit more fiber and protein than the average plain fruit smoothie? Then check out this deliciously sweet alternative from Gimme Some Oven instead! It’s got the added bonus of chia seeds along with chocolate and fruit.

12. Strawberry pina colada smoothie


Remember way up at the beginning of the list when we were talking about making delicious, healthy smoothies that mimic the flavour of your favourite cocktail? Well, just in case bellinis aren’t your thing, here’s a scrumptious pina colada version! We love that Natural Chow added strawberries to the mix to really keep things flavourful.

13. Beet berry apple smoothie


Have you been reading about the multitude of health benefits that come along with eating beets but, no matter how you prepare them, you just don’t really like eating them? Well, as weird as it sounds, maybe you should try drinking them instead! To mask the flavour of the beets (which can actually complement some other tastes quite nicely if you’re willing to try new things), The Roasted Root gives you a yummy recipe for a berry and beet smoothie. We don’t like beets either but we actually enjoyed this one very much and have made it more than once!

14. Banana peach green smoothie


Peaches are absolutely delicious. They’re undoubtedly one of the things we look forward to most when it comes to summer foods and fruits, but we find that they’re a little bit underrated in the smoothie world. We’re always adding them to recipes for ourselves just for the sake of it! A Simple Pantry, however, included them right from the get-go in this delicious banana and green smoothie that gets you all the nutrients of fruit and leafy greens in one place.

15. Banana chai spice smoothie


Are you used to enjoying a nice latte in the morning before but you’ve been trying to kick high calorie drinks and caffeine recently in favour of healthier, more natural choices? Well, that doesn’t mean you can’t still get that great Chai taste you love so much! Check out how Whole and Heavenly Oven put together this scrumptious healthy banana smoothie that tastes just like a Chai latte thanks to some key spices.