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Small and Stunning DIY Topiaries You’ll Want In Your Home

Decorating your home with plants is a great idea if you want your interior to feel natural, fresh and outdoorsy. Even if you live in a super modern home, a little greenery never hurt nobody! Plants are a great way to spice up the interior, but take a step further from the regular house plants and give topiaries a try! They are stunning and sophisticated, ideal for people who prioritize neatness! Whether you opt for real or fake DIY topiaries, they will steal your heart and become a permanent piece in your home!

1. Dollar Store Topiary 


We know that topiaries can look very expensive, so we want to start with a project that immediately puts your worries to rest! AKA Design has a great tutorial for a topiary that you can create by only using dollar store supplies! The final result is so stunning nobody will be able to tell it was done on a budget!

2. Moss Topiary Balls 


If you are looking for that crucial decor piece for your mantel, you’ve just found it! We can’t imagine a better fate for these moss topiary balls (also from AKA Design because they sure know their topiaries!) and we are excited to see how they turn out in your home!

3. Boxwood Topiary 


Love boxwood? Bring it right into your living room! Crafts Unleashed has a detailed tutorial on how to make a stunning boxwood topiary that will steal the hearts of many! It looks totally magnificent and is the ideal eye-catching piece within a simplistic room.

4. Pink Topiary 


The tender gentle souls will rejoice at this project by Two Twenty One! Your home can now have a pink topiary and you can make it all by yourself! The enchanting pink peonies will grant you a great amount of admiration in the world of glamorous decor pieces!

5. Mason Jar Topiary 


It’s not a home-made project unless a mason jar is involved! Instead of spending money on a fancy planter, use a mason jar to secure your topiary, following Home Road‘s how-to! It’s a very organic way of decorating your home – upcycling is as green as it gets!

6. Topiary Centerpiece 


You can easily create a topiary by using up some old flower pots and creating a beautiful centerpiece that will bring a fresh element into your living space! We love projects that motivate us to repurpose things we already own and we’re glad we found this one at Vintage News Junkie!

7. Double Topiary 


Two is better than one, right? A double topiary is a dynamic piece that will fit into any room and instantly liven it up! Every corner of the house can benefit from some greenery, so don’t be afraid to place the topiary in unexpected places! Get the tutorial at Seeking Lavender Lane!

8. Affordable Topiary 


DIY projects are all about staying on a budget and not spending crazy amounts on money on fancy decor pieces when you can simply make them yourself at a reasonable price. Lolly Jane shares some really affordable topiaries that are too good not to try!

9. Lemon Topiary 


The refreshing aroma of a citrus is always a treat! Bless your home with a little lemon tree topiary that will infuse your living space with a great smell (no need for air fresheners!), and be the utmost charming piece of the room! Find out more at The Oregonian!

10. Hydrangea Topiary 


If you have troubles getting your hands on some fresh Hydrangeas, just make them out of paper! Paper flowers will never wilt so you can keep the topiary for however long you want to! Learn the secrets behind this sustainable topiary at Lia Griffith!

Small, convenient and stunning – topiaries are the best!