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Wonderful DIY Lace Painted Furniture

VIEW IN GALLERYlace furniture-wonderfuldiy3This is a wonderful idea to dress up drawers or any piece of furniture at all. Pop lace over the area to be sprayed for this stunning effect. It ‘s a great way to make your unsightly old dresser shine and different than it was before. The tutorial is simple and easy, please check the link below to learn how to use lace and spray paint to do a stunning makeover for your furniture.

Directions :

1. Lay a strip of lace on top of your drawer.
2. Spray-paint right over it and let it dry a bit.
3. Remove lace from insert dresser drawer, let it dry some more and insert it back into furniture.

VIEW IN GALLERYlace furniture-wonderfuldiy4 VIEW IN GALLERYlace furniture-wonderfuldiy5 VIEW IN GALLERYlace furniture-wonderfuldiy6 VIEW IN GALLERYlace furniture-wonderfuldiy7 VIEW IN GALLERYlace furniture-wonderfuldiy8 VIEW IN GALLERYlace furniture-wonderfuldiy9 VIEW IN GALLERYlace furniture-wonderfuldiy10More details @ Kjohnson88.blogspot

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