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Bright and Bonny Easter Bunny Gift Bottles

Anytime of the year is a great time to plan ahead for next Easter – especially with a craft project that’s as amazingly fun and simple as this! There isn’t a kid in the world that can resist the allure of the Easter bunny or a generous dose of candy, so why not combine the two together with these gorgeous DIY Easter bunny gift bottles?

And when we say it’s simple we really mean it – all you need is an empty water bottle, a cupcake liner and a little added dash of imagination!

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We just love a project that transforms household waste into something truly wonderful! Chances are that once you’ve knocked together a few of these, you might find yourself never throwing out a plastic bottle again! They’re of course just the ticket for Easter, but that doesn’t mean they don’t also make awesome gifts and craft projects for kids at any time of the year!

Perfect Projects for Kids

These are just the kinds of goodies that never fail to light up a kid’s face when they first lay eyes on them, but at the same time we highly recommend getting your own kids involved in the process. There’s a bit of cutting and sticking involved of course, but most of it is all about simple creativity and decorative touches. And if you let the kids pick their own favorite candy to go inside, chances are they’ll be even more impressed with the results!

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So next Easter, why not give a gift that’s not only fabulous, but also brilliantly unique and exceptionally eco-friendly too? Of course, the fact that they’ll also save you a fortune on the usual store-bought gifts is a sweet-as-candy bonus too!

Get started today and you could have yourself a whole army of bunnies by the time Easter rolls around!


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