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Wonderful DIY Twist Double Rope Bun Hairstyle

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The Double Rope Braid Bun updo is very easy to do and super sturdy. It creates so much volume, and adds a fun look to a regular bun! It is a chic way to style your hair for dance ,party or any occasion.


1. Put your hair in two ponytails using the thin ponytail holders, not the thick ones. The thin ones will be easier to hide. Be sure they’re as close to your hair color as possible.
2. Make both ponytails into rope braids. (A rope braid, for those of you who don’t know, is just 2 pieces of hair twisted around each other.) Tie them off with the small clear elastics.
3. Loosen up the rope braids using your fingers. This will “fatten” up the braid and give the bun a lot more volume. If you find that little pieces start falling out, just twist them back in and spray your favorite strong hold hairspray.
4. Take the rope braid from your back right (as you see in the photo), lay it “up and over” going counter-clockwise, securing it with strong-holding bobbypins as you go.
5. Tuck the tail of that rope braid under the bottom of the next braid (as you see in the photo). This should completely conceal the tail of the first braid.
6. Now bring the tail of the next braid counter-clockwise, coiling it into the center. You’re essentially making a “snail shape”. Be sure to pin as you go.
7. Last, grab a hand mirror. Check the back to see if you need to loosen up any pieces to make it fuller– or maybe you’ll need to add bobbypins and tighten some pieces. Add an over all veil of hairspray to secure fly-aways.

VIEW IN GALLERYBraided  rope Bun-Hairstyle

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