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Wonderful DIY Sweet Gumdrop Rose

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This pretty gumdrop rose is very beautiful, and it’s easy enough for children to do. The bud is a rolled-out, rolled-up gumdrop; stem and leaves are rolled-out, shaped gumdrops. It makes a very nice cupcake topper or lollipop, and also you can have this sweet alternative to roses for any flower giving occasion.
You will need:
Jumbo Gumdrops (red, green or colours of choice)
Rolling Pin
Lollipop Stick

VIEW IN GALLERYsweet rose treat8 VIEW IN GALLERYsweet rose treat9-1 VIEW IN GALLERYsweet rose treat9-2VIEW IN GALLERYgumdrop-rose-cupcakesVIEW IN GALLERYgumdrop roseMany thanks to Lucy , please check the full tutorial here
Check Video Tutoiral here 

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