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Wonderful DIY Cute Marshmallow Ballerinas

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These sweet Marshmallow Ballerinas are perfect for a little girl’s birthday party and you’ll love them. These are so easy even the kids could help you.

To make these cute marshmallow ballerinas first you have to dye some granulated sugar. For that fill a zip lock bag with one cup of granulated sugar and drip a drop or two of red or pink food color. Then keep on spreading and coating the color on sugar crystals with the help of your fingers until all the sugar is dyed evenly. Then poke toothpicks in marshmallows. Dip the top part of each in water, dry any excess and coat with the pink sugar. Add a pale pink cupcake liner to each marshmallow skewer to become the skirt and voila. These are going to be a guaranteed hit for a little girl’s birthday bash.VIEW IN GALLERYMarshmallow  ballerina f2