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Wonderful DIY Yummy and Healthy Rose Flower Bread

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These steamed rose flower bread look so pretty ! They are yummy and healthy as well . The purple potato and pumpkin make them colorful , and as you know, these potato and pumpkin are not only add color to the table, but also they can be beneficial to your health due to their abundance of antioxidants.
Whatever for baking bread , or making pizza, I usually add some potato in the flour . My kids love it and we brought them to the classroom for the party , we saw the bread flying off the plate ~~~Sometimes I made other shaped bread, like lollipop, bunny~~~Anyway, Let’s share this rose flower bread now ~~


Flour (750 g)
Tomatoes (100 g)
Purple sweet potato (150 g)
Pumpkin (120 g)
Sugar (a little bit )
Dry yeast (6 g)


VIEW IN GALLERY1 1. Prepare materials.
VIEW IN GALLERY22 . Cut the pumpkin and purple potato to small slice, put them into steamed steamer .
VIEW IN GALLERY33. Peel the tomatoes and labeled as juice with blender .
VIEW IN GALLERY44. Add a little bit sugar into steamed pumpkin, beat it to mashed.
VIEW IN GALLERY55. Add a little bit sugar into purple potato, beat it to mashed.
VIEW IN GALLERY6 6. Make 3 doughs:
a. 250 g flour , 2 g dry yeast , 150 g purple mashed potatoes — mud and into the dough proofing 2 hours .
b. 250 g flour , 2 g yeast ,100 g tomato juice– mud and into the dough proofing 2 hours .
c. 250 g flour , 2 g dry yeast, 120 g mashed pumpkin– mud and into the dough proofing 2 hours .

VIEW IN GALLERY77. Fermentation to 1.5 times the size of the doughs . The board sprinkled with flour, knead the dough and cut into small .

VIEW IN GALLERY88. Take six small doughs and flat them , roll into a thickness of 0.3cm, 10cm diameter circle sheet , be sure make the edge thinner.
VIEW IN GALLERY99. Put six circle sheet stack. Push and make a central vertical center line with Chopsticks or spoon .
VIEW IN GALLERY1010. Slowly roll them from the first one into a cylinder shape.
VIEW IN GALLERY1111. Cut each into 2 segments along the middle indentation.
VIEW IN GALLERY1212. Put the  section side down on finishing petals. A rose on the well.
VIEW IN GALLERY1313. Make more roses with the other doughs, you will get 3 colors roses .
VIEW IN GALLERY1414. Brush a little oil on the steamer, fermentation 20 minutes again , put the roses into the steam drawer , open steam for 15 minutes, wait for 2 minutes to take out .


Now enjoy your pretty rose bread ! Yummy ~~~

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