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Wonderful DIY Stylish Handbag without Sewing

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The key to a successful outfit lays in the accessories. Not only fashionable, but also practicle, a handbag allows you to bring along your most needed or loved items.
If you want to have an original handbag then you will love our idea: no sewing handbag. Just follow the steps bellow and you will have in no time your matching “creation”.


1. Place a piece of leather on a round plate and mark the circle made by the plate. Then, using a pair of scissors, cut the piece of leather that was marked previously.
2. Fold a piece of paper, same size as the leather, do first a semi circle, then a pie and so on, for 3 or 4 times. Perforate the paper in the middle of the pie with margins of 1 to 2 inch.
3. Place the unfolded paper on the piece of leather and mark all the perforations done. On all the marks, you will perforate the leather piece.
4. Pass a ribbon through the perforations as seen in the pictures.
5. For shaping the handbag, extend the ribbon from the ends and then neatly knot the ends of the ribbon.
6. Your handmade handbag will be ready to wear as soon as you complete the last step, which is putting a belt on the sides in order to create the handle. Enjoy!VIEW IN GALLERYhandbag without sewing F